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Question #1208684303Sunday, 20-Apr-2008
Category: Stereotype
What's your type and are you interested in changing the world for the better? -- deedeedee
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A1 INTP - Not interested in changing the world but would particapte in charitable events. INTPs are more conerned with the individual than the world - I think -- Anonymous
A2 ENFp (and ENFP). Hell yeah! When I can stop procrastinating, that is. But I do realise people sometimes make things worse by trying to change things for the better. -- pandapanda
A3 I keep trying but never get anywhere ISTP and p -- Anonymous
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A4 INTj - as I become older I realize that even someone like Bill Gates has a very limited capacity to change the world - it evolves on its own. But I am determined to change my own square meter of it - and me! - for the better, of course. -- econdude
A5 ISFp and yes most definitely. -- Anonymous
A6 I'm an infp and I am VERY interested in changing the world for the better. -- Anonymous
A7 I am INFp and I can see a better way. Unfortuantely, I also know people are too scared to ever see it realized. -- Anonymous
A8 I'm an INTp and if by world you mean collective human understanding, then yes. I want to improve art by giving artists more articulate ways for modifying sensate and intuitive information. I also think I can help science by using my wealth of concept association to bring depth to matters discussed lightly. -- Lord Java the 3rd
A9 I am, I try to reassure sad people and participate in charity and things like this. -- ESFp
A10 ISFp, and definitely yes. I wanted to do one this one thing for a long time, but I struggled with it a ridiculous amount because I couldn't reconcile it to my need to contribute to bettering the world. I finally figured it out, though, and I'm totally at peace and couldn't be more satisfied with my goals. -- Lena, ISFp
A11 ISFj and absolutely yes. Thinking about joining the Peace Core. -- Anonymous
A12 ENTp and yes. -- Woodrow
A13 yes ENFp -- Anonymous
A14 I hope I can influence people to be better or help make contributions but I can't see myself forcing my ideals onto the world. I think the main reason why there are so many conflicts is because everyone thinks they're right and will go about forcing that on others who may think differently -- An INFj
A15 I am an INTJ and I am very, very interested in changing the world. -- INTJ
A16 It can't be done. -- INFj
A17 yesss -- entp
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