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Question #1208525256Friday, 18-Apr-2008
Category: Typing Celebrities
What type is Britney Spears? -- Anonymous
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A1 -- Anonymous
A2 There's some controversy surrounding typing Britney Spears, or at least has ESFp. The fact that she appears to be mentally ill is at least one factor that probably complicates typing her. I would verify via pictures and interviews that she is at least E-p and go from there (she also strikes me as very S). -- econdude
A3 If she's not estp then i know nothing about socionics. Nothing. -- Anonymous
A4 Definetly not ESTP. ESTP is a thinker, she shows no sign of that. Madonna is probably an ESTP because as crazy as she seems to be, she ultimatly has a purpose in mind. Britney is just reckless. -- Anonymous
A5 ESFJ/P -- Anonymous
A6 I'd say Madonna is ENTj, strong, strategy, coolness and goal-oriented mixed with being innovative: pop music, the pictures, movies about sexuality and stuff. Britney Spears: ISTp or ISFp? I don't think she is extravert, hence the problems with always being out there for everyone to see. I think she has been forced into something when she was a kid, which she willingly let happen, because she at least wanted to please her parents, if not the urge to perform was strongest motivation. She has good talent I think, but not the strong nerves you need "out there". -- Anonymous
A7 A4 how do you know brittney does not have a purpose in mind? Perhaps her purpose is to get drunk? Or perhaps it is that you do not approve of her purpose -- Anonymous
A8 I agree with A7 & I would say she is estp & madonna is definitly a entj.. Ive thought that for years. -- Tricia
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A9 Either ESFJ or ISFP. -- Anonymous
A10 ESFP. I agree with the other commenter about the comparison to Madonna, who is a thinker, she's a lot more aggressive and thick-skinned than Britney. Britney comes off as more playful and vulnerable as well -- Anonymous
A11 A10 brittney is more playfull than madonna? What about the time when she smashed up that reporters car with a baseball bat while not keeping her hair bald. -- Bob
A12 @ A6, you give madonna credit for more intelligence than she deserves. she doesn't seem that intuitive, she goes for shock value & does it well. when she tries to seem more intelligent she makes a fool out of herself. -- ESTP
A13 lol, I meant she acts more childish "playful". Madonna comes across as an in-charge woman -- Anonymous
A14 esfp, but then again i don't know her well enough -- Anonymous
A15 I tried to VI Britney at Youtube and she looks a bit like an ESFp, but there isnt much Se about her. she doesnt make the down-to-earth impression like ESFps do, neither has she the "stone face" of ESFps when they are simply observing their surrounding-using their Se (compare with interviews with ESFps like Daniel Radcliffe, Scarlett Johansson and Matthew Perry). ESFps always have a mixture of sensitivity and physical confidence around them, while Britney looks only sensitive, and a bit unsure of herself. Notice how she leans towards the interviewer as if wanting to understand him/her better or to say "I am with you". ESFps never do that, their Se helps them to be with the interviewer without leaning towards him/her. She reminds me of my ENFp cousin a lot. -- ESFp
A16 I'm ESTP and can relate to her perfectly. The ESTP's philosophy tends to be "if it feels good, do it" & "if some is good, more is better." It's not that she's not thoughtful. It's just that she has a hedonistic philosophy. She's nearly always thinking about what would give her the most physical pleasure. -- Anonymous
A17 I'm an ENFp, and I think I get quantum mechanics better than I get Britney Spears - and trust me, I don't get quantum mechanics at all. I guess that makes her whatever type is totally incomprehensible to mine. -- pandapanda
A18 have they not said ESFP?...i thought that makes sense for me, as the present emotional crisis and the expressinons of blame she places is well in-line with the 'person and emo repertoire' of GAMMAs...(i.e. alpha-early life, beta- young person focused on strength, GAMMA - middle life...strength in life definition...what else is Britney doing now but this?..she bloomed in a phase more in line with a Betas strength phase in her career till now, and Delta..a consolidator..old age of life) -- @sirac
A19 A12: that might be a point, but she has to be more than just going for shock-moments. Lets just agree, that she is at least smart, if you don't like the term 'intelligent'? She has the ability to win important ppl (producers and business guys), She appears to be too independent to be just a starlett. And even if there are big mogules in the background, my guess is that she actually instrumentalizes them more likely than they seize her fame. (sorry for my twisted english, I am not a native speaker) -- Anonymous
A20 Madonna is INTJ/ Britney ESFP -- Anonymous
A21 Question for A20 (and anyone else) - do you see evidence that the two are or are not in the same quadrable? -- econdude
A22 Madonna is an ESTP. -- Dustbunny
A23 "I don't like going out. I hate clubs. I hate being around too many people," -Britney Spears. ISFP -- scarletdragon
A25 Britney Spears is an ISTP and Madonna is INFp. -- Larry
A26 Britney Spears is definitely an ESTp. -- Anonymous
A27 ESTp -- Anonymous
A28 ENFP -- Appleteck
A29 A25 Madonna is not INFp -- infp
A30 ESTp... are people really debating over this? -- Anonymous
A31 ENFJ for Britney (as well as Sean Penn), ESTP for Madonna. -- Anonymous
A32 enfj most likely -- Anonymous
A33 Hahahah. She is ENFp!!! -- :-)
A34 Well Im sorry but madonna is to much about the senses, sex, fun etc and hedonistic to be an ENTJ. She is strong yes, but she definitely is a SP, thinking. So ESTP. Britney is a SP too, but too vulnerable to be a T. so she would be either esfp or isfp -- Anonymous
A35 my opinion the name of the ESFP profile, "The Performer", is what makes my decision that Britney Spears is ESFP. Look at their different styles...Madonna promotes (ESTP, The Promoter)[sex] and Britney performs. Among other [endless] reasons. -- Mandie Pandie, EIE
A36 A32. Female INTj's are appearing very similiar to female ISFP's. Let's say, alpha introverted females are having similiar appearence. They have understanding of each other. ISFp's are using INTj's systems, and INTj's are using ISFp's "methods". How one can confuse ESTp with INTj? They tend to DO similiar things, but they are very different as and is not the same. -- :-)
A37 One big mistake you are making in typing people is that you are percieving people _socially_. -- anti-social
A38 I see her more as the Performer ESFp. -- J
A39 Is not Britney Spears actually an ENTP with self-esteem issues? She is extrovert, not judger, not self-confident ESTP.

-- jgbr
A40 A39, She probably is an EP, but it's hard to imagine her being an NT. -- Anonymous
A41 A40 Why is it so hard to imagine? There are lots of female ENTPs out there. ENTPs with high neuroticism are one of the most vulnerable among all types. -- jgbr
A42 Britney is ESFJ. Her feelings are definitely extroverted. Madonna is INFJ. She's uber-controlling and wouldn't let her children watch tv... -- NiFeTiSe
A43 A42. Alicia Keys and Carla Bruni are ESFJs but not Britney Spears. (I am Sorry I have to hurt your feelings. Madonna is NOT an INFJ type.) -- jgbr
A44 just because madonna doesn't let her kids watch tv doesn't mean she's INFj. Madonna = ESTp. Britney = ESFp. -- Anonymous
A45 A43. No worries. My feelings are extroverted... and reflected outside of me. So in essence, *I* don't have feelings. Another reason why I think Madonna is INFJ is because she's very worried about health, so much so, that she wraps herself in plastic wrap at night. Eeeck! -- NiFeTiSe
A46 Britney Spears - ENTP, Explorer, Searcher, Outgoing, Innovative, Enthusiastic, Motivating, Non-conforming, Coping strategy: Moving Away. The individual distances themselves from anyone perceived as a threat to avoid getting hurt. The argument is, “If I do not let anyone close to me, I won’t get hurt.” A neurotic, according to Horney desires to be distant because of being abused. If there is no one around, nobody can hurt them. These Moving Away people fight personality, so they often come across as cold or shallow. This is their strategy. They emotionally remove themselves from society. (Karen Horney) -- jgbr
A47 Madonna- ESTP, Britney-ESFP -- Excellent Enfp
A48 she doesn't really do any of the things said in A46. she's a very impulsive ESFp. look at her first marriage, she did it in las vegas, it was annulled 2 days later. she has in her super-id block, more than likely as her suggestive. she is also more confident in than any SLE would be. -- Anonymous
A49 Madonna complains that her husband is "emotionally retarded" (Fi). An ESTP would never be worried about that. Guy Ritchie on the other hand, complains that his wife looks like a "granny", which is more characteristic of an ESTP (Se). ( -- NiFeTiSe
A50 I feel that she is mistyped on this site. She is ISFp Fe subtype. -- Anonymous
A51 I remember finding a video on the16types about Britney. Searched around on their forum. a little after 40:00. SEE for sure. -- Anonymous
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