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Question #1208157067Monday, 14-Apr-2008
Category: Typing Celebrities Fictional characters
What type is Hello Kitty? -- Maggie
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A1 is it possible to tell the type of hello kitty? i mean, does she even have a personality? many of my classmates were fans of hello kitty when i was growing up. and i think there were cartoons of hello kitty but i have alwasy been under the impression that hello kitty is just a character. -- sara
A2 it seems a lot of people don't think of introverts as having a personality, which of course, everyone does. she obviosly wouldn't be considered an extravert, and she probably wouldn't be a strong thinking type. you be the judge! -- Anonymous
A3 ISFP! -- Anonymous
A4 Totally agree with ISFP, she can be their mascot she's so ISFP -- Anonymous
A5 I wonder where all of the wanna be ENTPs are who are always running their mouths on this site! Come on! This could be your dual here. -- Anonymous
A6 ISFP. About 5 years ago, when I first started reading this site, the admin wrote a short, unofficial ISFP uncovered when the Q&A section was different. It went something like, "During the school years ISFPs successfully manipulate the group opinion, usually against one particular person. However eventually the ISFP is found out at sharp practice and loses the respect of the group. This respect they may never recover." The question was about whether ISFPs can be catty and manipulative, and the admin said yes, they can be. Hello Kitty is an ISFP and appeals to school age girls because they are often catty and manipulative, and the immature ones spread rumors trying to ruin specific peoples' reputations. But eventually they lose everyone's respect for doing this. -- oo ro
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A7 You're mean! Hello Kitty's not like that! -- Maggie
A8 wow........i cant believe you are trying to type hello kitty......well i think hello kitty is an ISTP personally..... -- Anonymous
A9 ISTp and cute-girly don't go together -- An INFj
A10 Huh, I know an ISTp girl who is extremely girly and cute too. -- Anonymous
A11 ISFP!!! -- Anonymous
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