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Question #1208038795Saturday, 12-Apr-2008
Category: Socionics Website etc. Visual Identification Celebrities
I have been a long time visitor to; I vaguely remember the website before the new sleek and professional look. I consider myself well versed in the basics of socionics however I'm still uncertain of my capacity to identify socionic types. I've been mistaken and even startled when discovering celebrity types in the celebrity section, specially Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Paul Walker; to name only a few. I believe I understand my fault is prejudice: I presume all INTPs' are serious in their art, i.e. moody avant garde, etc (a prejudice not generated from; whereas with the aforementioned actors and actress, their career choices seem rather actionful, comedic and nonserious. I'm demonstrating an example of misidentification by prejudice and I imagine forums are rapant with similar mistakes; because of the difficulty to identify types who are professional actors and actresses. Additionally, what I fail to comprehend is a verbal understanding of Visual Identification. I rely on intuition or impression rather than a solid explanation. I personally find V.I. nearly irristable to apply, because of an abundance of visual stimulation that eases accessibility to images of celebrities, thereby to master V.I. is to master a plentitude of visual information. My question is twofold: can provide a comprehensive verbal explanation of V.I. and a comprehensive description of a type as an example better than the previous (describe the similarity because I do not fully comprehend the similarity verbally)? Secondly, can provide a complete research method on how to identify a celebrity type like starting with V.I. followed by hidden agenda and corroborating these with Biographies and knowing how to qualify all conclusions? The second question could be better phrased as: what is's standard that certifies that Ben Browder, Cludia Black and Paul Walker are all INTPS'? I'm interested in the process of determining type as much as I am interested in a type determined. Personally, such is a revelation for me as I've been far too entranced with a type determined that I skip steps in the processing of typing, which undermines the type determined, which disrupts my own personal beliefs: a holistic approch to socionics. What leaves me fettered is if I'm so easily misled in typing celebrities, do I so easily mistake types in my own personal life? p.s. I have on more than one occasion attempted the V.I. skills test only becoming flustered on all occasions. -- anonymous
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A1 Attempting VI looking at a photo of someone, celebrity or not, with a blank expression on their face, will usually not result in a successful VI. I guess you're asking if the site moderator, not anyone else, can provide a kind of instruction manual on how to VI someone. For starters, socionists don't all agree on typings, so how can a single, correct set of instructions be written on VI? Do not worry about being "fettered," there's definitely a learning curve for VI and it's definitely an art. I've made some great VIs and some very bad guesses, but somehow you'll know when you're correct. -- econdude
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A2 Used to be skeptical of it, but i've found that somehow i've become more proficent, and some types i seem really good at - like i would say i can tell some types probably 8 or 9 times out of 10. For me it's part what i've read, part experience, and part something else which i'm sure what that is -- Anonymous
A3 A2 - I definitely know what you mean, I am better at typing some types than others. The next step for me probably is to stop being lazy and doing more research on YouTube and other places to get a better feel for celebrities and the functions they are displaying, in addition to VI'ing from pictures. -- econdude
A4 A3, I think it can be difficult to tell what functions someones using, like for instance insults (as am example) - it could be Fe because they're trying to create an emotional response, it could be Se because they're trying to mentally 'conquer' the other person, it could also be a lack of F as they're unaware of the effects their words have. Reading between lines, you might not be lazy here, just careful and taking ones time, which the I think you are doing it right way, fwiw. -- A2
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