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Question #1207773582Wednesday, 9-Apr-2008
Category: ENFp INFp Hidden Agenda
What is the difference between the ENFp hidden agenda ("to know") and the INFp hidden agenda ("to understand")? Are we not talking shades of gray here? -- Anonymous
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A1 umm...this is what i think, I could be wrong though since i'm neither type but ENFPs wants "to know" because its something interesting and new, it helps them "know" about life in relation to people. Its more of an excitement thing. Whereas, INFPs want "to understand" because they want to understand the meaning of life more so relative to themselves. (its more internal) And they dont need something to be "new" and "exciting" for them to want to understand it. -- Anonymous
A2 Would that be the INTP's main agenda ? To know and understand -- INTP
A3 I think, the difference lies between how the two subconscious “T” functions operate on data. For ENFp, Te rationalizes everything and everybody out there in situ (in an existing context) determining immediately applications for future reference; knowledge (or to know) is all that's necessary to solve Te problems because utility or the lack thereof is self-evident from previous situations. Te doesn't need to understand to put knowledge to use, which can be a very efficient process. For INFp, Ti operates on data that has already been transferred into memory, but the data can lack context or detail. Before that collected data can be applied to a specific problem, all relevant information has to be studied with respect to the situation. Because Ti has no direct link to the outside world, it must understand in order to put knowledge to use, which can be a very innovative process. -- I/O
A4 i was about to type more or less what A3 said Good post, and suprisingly on that, i agree -- Cyclops
A5 The difference is between static and dynamic knowledge -- Joseph
A6 Remember, the hidden agenda is something that we work hard to do, and always end up coming up short. Often we try to overcompensate; for example, ENFP's are often "know-it-alls", claiming to know everything, when they are actually sure of nothing. INFP's in my experience have always claimed to be very understanding people, meant in a sympathetic way, when they actually don't understand the situation at all. Basically, knowing for ENFP's relates to specific facts. They try to learn as much as they can about as many issues as they can, but always end up feeling that they don't know enough. INFP's express a "thirst for understanding". Understanding involves putting the specific facts together to link ideas. INFP's simply cannot effectively link disparate ideas together to understand systems. -- Doug
A7 Go to this website: Read about each function. ENFp's hidden agenda function is Te, Extroverted Thinking, and INFp's hidden agenda function is Ti, Introverted Thinking. Then use what you know about the hidden agenda to "understand." A6 summed it up pretty well. -- oo ro
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A8 A7, the problem with this is that MB functions do *not* equal socionics functions. Therefore, you should point them to a site that describes socionics functions. -- Kanerou
A9 Hmm, I would like to be able to just "know" and simply and merrily move on, instead i am doomed to ponder and try to understand - without ever cominfg to useful conclusions - an infp -- Anonymous
A10 A3 made a lot of sense...except for the fact that both INFPs and ENFPs use Te. Just an observation... *shrug* INFP: Fi, Ne, Si, Te / ENFP: Ne, Fi, Te, Si -- INFP
Moderator's comment
...except INFp in socionics Ni, Fe, Ti, Se and he was talking about socionics INFp
A11 Ah, thank you for the clear-up, Mr./Mrs. Moderator -- INFP
A12 I am an INTP, and I have a brief knowledge of ENFPs. This is my opinion : ENFPs want "to know" everything - all of the facts, experiences, and people of life - in order to see the potential for growth or the potential to leave their own mark in the world. INFPs want "to understand" everything - all of the facts, experiences, and people of life - in order to synthesize the outside world with their ever-expanding vision of who they are. Both are idealists; the difference is that one projects the collected information out, one collects it in. It makes sense, because one is an Introvert and the other, an Extrovert. Hopefully this helps clear things up. -- Anonymous
A13 "Knowing" is accumulating the facts, whereas "understanding" is linking the facts. -- xNFP
A14 A10-you are talking about the MBTI -- Anonymous
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