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Question #1207687889Tuesday, 8-Apr-2008
Category: ENTp
Do all ENTP females have issues with other females(a big chunk of the female population are ISFJs)? -- monk
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A26 As an ENTp, I find most of my friends very annoying. My best friend is an INTP, which is good, but my own mother is an ISFj, which can be tantalizing, but I've learned to deal with all of them fine. Just so long as they leave me alone every once in a while. -- ENTP
A27 i use to have terrible arguments with a teacher of mine who was an ISFj in my workplace in front of everyone on a very regular basis. also had lessons with her. bad bad times. she was very icy icy cold but at the same time scorchingly hot. YIKES avoid -- ENTp
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A28 I think women have been conditioned to act more SF, even if they're not. As an entp, I do get along with guys a lot more than with women. The females I've interacted with are often thrown off by my long-winded but critical style of speech and indecision when agreeing or disagreeing with whatever they say because they expect you to agree regardless. But as a Ne-dom, I think I'm more open to all possibility of discussions and asking questions, even if they don't necessarily pertain to my many interests. As a female, I have the Ne-Fe advantage that entp guys may not have, which admittedly has helped me socialize a lot more with my female friends. Though my natural state of socialization is with male intjs, I think. They're just a lot more interesting to talk to and I've never had a conversation with an intj male that wasn't enriching and magical (literally- we do talk about magic, btw). I have yet to meet a solid intj female, although I suspect one of my female friend to be an intj. -- Anonymous
A29 If anyone would be so kind to post a link to a any representative type distribution statistic and refer to that one, instead of quoting from memory/imagination, this thread could be taken a lot more seriously. Regardless of the dubious big-chunk-ISFj issue, I have heard a lot of females of any type complain about other females. This also applies to "feminine" females (those that exhibit traits that are typically considered feminine), maybe even especially those. I doubt that this is a typical ENTp phenomenon. -- male ENTp
A30 Not really no. I have a lot of females friends and i know better how to interact with gals than guys. I never really had a lot of friends until highschool and the ones i became close friends with where mostly T or highly intelligent. I kinda feel like i have a totally different experience than the rest of the world because in my circle there’s mostly T gals and F guys. It seems to me that what i’m really seeking in people is Intuition more than Thinking (except for my ESTP friend who is the person i think about when i hear « girl power »). I honestly get along with anyone who can take a joke and is curious enough to seek answers and defend their point of view. Hanging out with girls also helped me a lot to improve my Fe. So stop dissing other types women or F please, they are awesome and you just haven’t found the right ones. To A25: i’m french, my experience is absolutely not representative of the french experience but we are way more argumentative and debate-oriented in France so it’s nice as an ENTP. I think when i was younger (and because i’m female) it was often weird for adults (especially males) to be confronted to that little girl who always spoked her mind but they kinda go along with it. I also know i can hurt or bother people with my uncaring attitude, anti-social tendencies or weird passions but i forced them to go along with it so know it’s just one of my many «  quirk » for the people who know me. I’ve also improved in terms of being « more obviously caring » when needed so we could reach a middle ground. -- Anonymous
A31 I love rationals and hates/could never get along with sensor types. Sorry for being so generalisingly demeaning, but thats the way it is. Most often than not, i'll always have a prob with females ISTPs. Idc to look much into it. The same case as they're irrelevant to me irl. -- Anonymous
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