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Question #1207687889Tuesday, 8-Apr-2008
Category: ENTp
Do all ENTP females have issues with other females(a big chunk of the female population are ISFJs)? -- monk
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A1 i do. i have some unexplainable aversion to groups of women. my friends are predominantly male, and i have severe trust issues with other women. apart from that, i find most women extremely draining to be with. they either talk too much, vent too much, or gravitate towards each other and make themselves unapproachable. groups of women have this "who are you and why are you approaching us" vibe. plus, they have a way of being emotionally manipulative. they make you feel guilty for not going shopping with them, for not telling them your secret, for not just being with them, period. -- marga
A2 Two words: estrogen cesspool. I had enough of the passive-agressiveness, jealousy, neediness, backstabbing, gossip, bitchiness....I could go on forever. I have issues with other females, especially the xSFJs. Remeber the letters written in the "Dear Abby" column(or worse, Dr. Phil *cringe*) about women complaining about their "jerky husbands" and how they complain about every little insignificant thing, that is how I see other females. -- DustBunny
A3 I seriously doubt the statement that "big chunk of female population are ISFJs". ISFJ is maybe certain kind of female ideal, and they may make the highest percentage in some environments, but I personally know just one ISFJ (but three ENFps, ten INTps etc.) and I think the percentage of types is more or less balanced in the world. -- Anonymous
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A4 marga and dustbunny, I think what you guys have said are mostly th ESFj. ISFj? I dont think they whine, vent, jealousy, backstabbing, gossip, bitchiness as much as the ISFJ, I highly think ESFJ are the more annoying type, but since the esfj and the ENTp are in the alpha quardra, you guys might get along better, than the ISFj. I dont think the ISFJ are that annoying at all but i have an illusionary relations with them so they might think I am annoying. But to me, ESFJ are really really Annoying. -- Jas
A5 I am a female ENTP and I agree with all of the above comments!! I have been trying my whole life to find a pack of females that I get along with, but female friendship for me only seems to work on an individual basis (whereas I have no problem being friends with a group of guys). I have pretty much given up on finding a female "clique", but I always felt like it was something I should strive for. It's nice to know I'm not alone. -- Anonymous
A6 I don't know... There are obviously a ton of females who are annoying, but I've found I could make plenty of female friends. I don't honestly care if they're the most mentally stimulating people I've ever met; being with other females is more of a relaxing experience to me than anything else. Sure, I love to philosophize and have a good convo with whoever I can, but I mainly look for easy-going, nice females to befriend. I suppose I just can't deal with people who aren't, well...nice to one another. -- Heather
A7 @A5, why did you want to be part of a female clique? I'm against big, single-sex cliques on principle (I'll explain what that principle is if you've got time for some waffle)...and I'm an ENFp. -- pandapanda
A8 @A7, i think A5 means that they have stopped looking for a group of girls that all get along and whom she can talk to when she wants a girls night out, cause most girls do like to do that occasionally. And I am an INFj, and I like most girls individually/ in small groups, but that is the same for guys.... *shrug*, but i dont think that most women are ISFjs -- Anonymous
A9 I think the biggest issue for me is that the majority of women I know tend towards the NF whereas I am intensely NT. I can handle th frivolty and emotional response of women (generally speaking, again) in small doses, but at the end of the day I would prefer to spend my time with my straightforward NT male friends who will sit with me and play videogames and risk instead of gossip or watch chick flicks. I have a hard time getting in touch with my F side and I always feel like I have to put on this facade when I'm with other women. I have very few close female friends, but my best friend is still a female, a fellow NT type (in this case an INTP with an ENTP boyfriend). The reason we get along well is because we relate well on the NT side of things, but we can also indulge in the occassional chickfest. -- Anonymous
A10 I never found it incredibly hard to deal with females... Then again, the easily offended ones shunned me because I was fairly offensive and so the only ones that remained were the ones willing to accept my (unusually well-developed at a very young age, which is not necessarily a good thing) Ti... As for my Ne, most people seem to find it a breath of fresh air. What I think I found most helpful is that I naturally like pretty much everyone, so if at first they don't like me they'll be given plenty of time to come around... And lots of them eventually do. I think it's because I'm an interesting person to be around. =D (-is shot-) -- Anonymous
A11 Mostly yes actually. I can count on my two hands the amount of true friends that i have who are girls. i just seem to get along better with guys. but i actually think taht it's the types. it just seems like we don't like girls becaust they are girls but it's more just that girls tend to be SF's. which are our opposites. a lot of girls just tend to find me weird and mean, also argumentative and flaky. while my guy friends think i'm funny and there's always the dating possibility going on. -- Anonymous
A12 I think all females have problems with females regardless of personality type. -- Anonymous
A13 Who doesn't have issues with most of the female population? -- Anonymous
A14 50% of all women are SFs. -- Anonymous
A15 50% of some woman are SF's -- Anonymous
A16 10 INTP's?!?!?! I think you may be typing wrong. I have only met 1 other INTP women and that was only briefly. Where are you meeting these INTP's so I can meet them. The majority of the population are not "N" types only 20% or so. So that leaves alot of SFJ's STJ's STP's and SFP's along with all the I's and E's. I can take about a 1/2 with an ISFJ and then I am so bored I want to scream. Other types get along with them fine. They are so about what make them happy and mostly winers about how hard there life is and if they weren't there making everybody better, (which they are usually good at because it makes them feel important)how would we surive. I appreciate them very much until they start talking!! They are great as long as I do not need to be with them long term. INTP -- Firstlite
A17 I like offensive females, because then I quickly "know" how to deal with them, and when someone is that open I cant help but admire that, then I find it much easier to accept their flaws and I readily trust them. I cant get along with passive females or manipulative females, unfortunately most women are like that - even I sometimes are passive aggressive when mirroring a woman I dont like. But I too dont think this is type-dependent. It has a lot to do with socialization and I think it is a good thing to learn to be outspoken and though decent, noble. BTW, there are a lot of men I dont get along with either especially agressive, sexist or bossy types. I tested INFx and have no idea how to tell people that most of them are just annoying and ridiculous. Because that would mean they find ME being annoying and ridiculous saying that. Which wasn't my intent in the first place, because I am such a saint -- Anonymous
A18 Almost all of my friends are guys and when I want to do something, I first go through my list of guy friends to find out what's going on. We have similar tastes, you know? I can get along with other women fine, I just don't like to. It seems like females are energy-suckers and I feel drained after hanging out with a gaggle of them. And their interests and opinions usually seem very different than mine. I'm extremely feminine; I go and get my nails done, my hair done, my makeup, etc... Yet, I'd rather go by myself than with a girlfriend (one of the two that I have). I have male roommates because I can't stomach the thought of living with another female again. Not that anything bad happened, but it was just an exhausting experience. -- Anonymous
A19 I'm an ENTP female who finds other women to be insufferable, but that's because most women are S and F types. I tend to get along with INTP or INFP women, but they are so rare. -- entp
A20 I know an ENTp female who hangs out with ESFj and ISFp females a lot. -- Woodrow
A21 My T-ness is only speculative, but I had issues with girls myself in high school. The drama and crap....ugh. My best friend was a guy (who coincidentally got along better with females), and we got along great. -- Kanerou
A22 In the end, the only true friends I have are men, The women never last. Either they get jealous of my being able to effortlessly attract men (because I couldn't really care less). 100% straight but a relationship just isn't my focus right now. -- maverice
A23 I posit that women make up a significantly smaller portion of NT rational types than men. -- Anonymous
A24 I'm not an ENTp, (I'm an ENFp,) but I tend to get along better with guys than gals. I'm not exactly sure why, but it seems like guys are more likely to talk about intellectual pursuits and more important issues, whereas gals are more likely to talk about superficial things. -- Anonymous
A25 I find that my culture( north america) constrains my entp-ness (some aspects of it are not constrained, or only constrained a bit) in the sense that i am not allowed the freedom to really have periods of being anti-social and not care about people (or babies and children) at all (like in a esfj way or something) and to really truly be logical to its furthest degree and to be free to explore the random whims of Ne how I see fit, in just my own random intrests and do all of these things without being bothered by others like I am doing something wrong... over my life time I have gotten the sense that some of these things are the most anti-female ( not even gender role.. just like, how my society views women as inherintently being, meaning its so interwoven that this type of gender role isnt seen as a role..almost as if im not filling my role as a human). I am very intrested in culture & its construction of both types of gender, and I am very intersted in learning how other cultures treat (for example) entp females, whether these same aspects would be looked down upon. Also, I think some of the above listed attributes are common attributes of somebody intrested in the hard sciences and, as is commonly known, there are very few women in the hard sciences (at least here in canada). Could it be unreasonable to assume then, that these aspects are greatly discouraged in women, so they are never developed & if never developed, never utilized in area of study that prizes them? -- Tricia
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