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Question #1206696561Friday, 28-Mar-2008
Category: Stereotype
What type is most accident prone? -- uuummm, anyone?
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A1 ENTP. It's a combo of and making them live very much in their heads and slightly oblivious to physical obstacles! -- pandapanda
A2 ENTP hands down. all my limbs are broken, plus a new bruise or two everyday. -- marga
A3 I got a new bruise today. -- entp
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A4 I would have said my type which is INTp but now that I think about it, it makes more sense that it's the ENTp. I feel so sorry for you guys, I can understand somewhat what it is like. But at the same time, you must admit, if you're that much in your head, you must by default kick @ss -- Lord Java the 3rd
A5 I had said types which trust Si much too much when they are walking in the dark and objects have been moved. They so well remember how things were and can't fancy things changed and then don't pay attention where they put their feet! -- piccolo_michel
A6 A2, yes, I have been in lifethreatening situations since almost day one on this earth. That goes from choking as a child, through ice in lakes, trucks in opposite lanes, close shave airplane accident, car accidents, etc etc. Most interestingly, the majority was not generated with my assistance. I just happens to be the focal target. I can take risks, no problem, but I do not fancy people taking risks with me as a receiver. But, these things are numerous, the last one just a couple of days ago. -- ENTp
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