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Question #1206696550Friday, 28-Mar-2008
Category: Stereotype
What type is more likely to a sociopath? -- DustBunny
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A1 I'm guessing I*TJ's maybe I*TP's too, they seem the most prone to misanthropy or/and sociopathy out of all the types -- Anonymous
A2 i would assume they would be most likely to be mistaken for sociopaths/misanthropes too; owed to their often deliberate reserve with meeting new people -- Anonymous
A3 As an INTp I resent that and grudgingly agree. -- Anonymous
A4 Sociopathy? ESTp or ISTj gone wrong, off the top of my head. There has been at least some research done, viewed on lifexplore, that correlated Antisocial personality disorder to . -- An ENTj
A5 Well, statistically (well..ok one can doubt statistics..and these have been done with MBTT, but nonetheless, if you view it IRL, you can seem some valididity in it) INTj and INTp test out as types in 90% of those with autism. They probably test out with sociopathy as well. -- Anonymous
A6 istp -- Anonymous
A7 there is this post on the forum where ENTPs are asked to type themselves. this one ENTP, said in all situations where he/she/it comes into contact, they are 'always right'(as in logically well set). Find it, ask a fully mature ENTP, and u will see that (i have always doubted this 'right title' belonging to INTJs, to me they are just another variance of 'computer'). I set about wondering...if that is the fully mature picture of an ENTP...what would be the similar picture of an INTP such as myself. SEEING this post, i realised where the 'fully right spectrum' of an INTP falls. It occurs to me that it is in this 'INTERNAL SPECTRUM'...the spectrum not of 'Universe out(such as ENTP)' but of 'Universe in(intp)'...that INTPs are in my words always right. Pause. Part 2: the autism thing is not true...yes it is factually true...autistics match intp typified behaviour sets, but INTPs are not behaviour sets, we come to match behaviour sets as associated with an Internal NTP because we chase a cognitive interest and stream-line in that direction. we are thus just on the edge...don't mis-interprete will be to your peril...i am a zealot. And this is where part 3 comes in:Part3: the sociopath question...'by nature of dealing with the cognitive sets an INTP deals with...yes, the streamline involved in it...this comes near to the behaviour modifications an INTP takes on' the INTP world, much has been said on this commentators such as Nietzche in Zarathustra..on the 'sublime man'...hence it is the default nod of an INTP to be a protector...for understanding the best routes of invasion..such a one may prevent invasion by a nafarious or faker-only taking on the said behaviour set to cause harm. Therefore our place is be protected with **** we can't provide, while we protect...goood laught with me -- @sirac
A8 do you think an NF could ever be a sociopath? cause people do say Hitler was an INFJ -- Anonymous
A9 Hitler was ENFJ -- Anonymous
A10 No, I have heard that Hitler was ENTp with strong H.a making him so good at manipulating with others. -- CoolandGone
A11 INTP's obviously are the least sociopathic of the personality types, they're very reserved and are extremely principled. They prefer being alone versus controlling or being with other people. Sociopaths tend to be people who feed of society, not people who require lots of alone time like INTP's. Hitler was most likely an ESFJ, that personality type always acts according to the value system it has grown up in, if its skewed, they'll adhere to it no matter what. ESFJ's are control freaks and are skilled at manipulating people..en voila...Hitler. INTP's are everything a sociopath would dislike as they're more interested in the cerebral and not into conforming with society. -- Millay
A12 A sociopath is one who is affected with a "personality" (not type) disorder marked by antisocial behaviour. This can be caused by environment or chemistry but not by one's type. -- I/O
A13 Any type can be a sociopath. Only INFj being sociopathic is very rare, but still, possible. -- :)
A14 I've noticed that any type can be a sociopath. Sometimes we can't even tell if theyre being sociopaths as it could be in the form of control and manipulation that subtly emerges over time. People should really keep an eye out for potentially harming relationships. "It doesn't happen obviously, suddenly, or overnight. Controlling, manipulative people are often very insecure. That's why they have the compulsion to control others - they simply don't trust anyone but themselves. They will invest weeks or months in 'training' you to accept and carry out their will." "Watch for repeat offenses, and courting and attempts to make you feel better afterwards." "Keep your support system. Cutting you off from your support systems helps him/her gain dominance over you." -- Anonymous
A15 As found on -- A14
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A16 ESTJs are total sociopaths from what I've seen. Most of them seem incredibly evil. -- Steven (ENFp)
A17 A14 you are so right! I have been observing a relationship like this. Despite the fact that everything in that relationship seems "so perfect" i get a vibe that he's too controlling of his wife.(behind doors) I will check out your site. thanx -- infp
A18 "Watch for repeat offenses, and courting and attempts to make you feel better afterwards." ....Wow. You have no idea how much that helped me put my abusive relationship in perspective! Thanks! -- Anonymous
A19 First we have to define what a sociopath is. the term is actually an outdated one within the field of psychology. but if we want a definition, here's one from ''a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.'' Based on this definition, any type could be a sociopath. According to studies in clinical psychology and neuroscience, sociopaths have a lower ability to empathize (specifically, know what someone's feeling based on their facial expression. they also have lower metabolic activity within the amygdala, the part of the brain associated with feeling emotion). Based on this evidence, it's less likely that an F type would be a sociopath. Sociopaths are also known to do what would be considered by others to be immoral things just 'because I can'. They have little concept or regard for established social norms (which would count against SJ's as candidates). That's about the extent of what i know. -- S
A20 well i would say ISTjs above you on the social ladder is as sociopathic as it gets. but it's not really a type thing, any type can be a sociopath as long as they have the genes and upbringing. and people have their own opinions about what's antisocial and so on, most people don't consider sociopaths as sociopaths as long as they are in the same conformity or as long as they add prestige. bottom line is that it's not type related. -- Anonymous
A21 A16: ESTJ's are evil as hell...Ronald Reagan was an ESTJ. Towards the end of his life they kept having to remove a wart from his nose which kept growing back. I heard that is what happens when you lie a lot. -- Anonymous
A22 Without a doubt, the most sociopathic MBTI is the ESTP (though ISTP are a close second). "E": Are energized by being around people (i.e. suckers to the sociopath). "S": Concerned with opportunities available in the present moment (i.e. poor ability to plan for the future with much success). "T": self-explanatory. "P": Opportunistic, disorganized, and adept at adapting to fit in with any situation. Dr. Keirsey actually mentioned in his book, Please Understand Me II, that the ESTP may turn to antisocial activities like con artistry. Add to this the fact that SPs are the most impulsive of all types, and you've got yourself a recipe for an antisocial "smooth operator" who gets whatever he wants by manipulating people. "NF"s and "F"s in general would never be sociopathic, really. They might be Histrionic or Borderline (both which possess extremely manipulative tendencies but which manipulate for very different reasons than a sociopath). "STJ" types usually just come off as assholes because of their strong desire to uphold the system as is while simultaneously having a poor ability to empathize with and emotionally comfort others. "NT" types can MAYBE be sociopaths...but definitely more socialized types. I'd say the "NT"s are more prone to narcissistic and schizoid tendencies than anything. None of the above is to say that these TYPES lead to any personality disorder. They're just the most logical possibilities. -- XNFP
A23 ISTP. At least in the sense of bringing a gun to school, perhaps shooting it a few times, and then shooting themself because they don't want to go to jail for life. Logically illogical behavior. Other types are prone to similar ideas, but it is introverted sensing and extroverted thinking that fits my idea of sociopath. -- Anonymous
A24 I asked my ESTJ friend who he would most like to be if he could pick anyone in the history of the world. He said Hitler. And he was joking but I think he meant it. I thought Ronald Reagan was INFP? -- ENFp
A25 i myself am an intp, and am as misanthropic as it gets. -- Anonymous
A26 Most of the sociopaths I know are ESFps. -- istp
A27 has anyone considered such questioning to be unethical? InTJ. very empathetic but remain objevtive. -- Anonymous
A28 Definitely ESTP, their impulsiveness usually drives them to do very sociopathic things. I've known a lot of ESTP sociopaths who would steal, lie and attack whoever disagreed with them. ENTJ's and ISTP's are a close second. I think a certain amount of living entirely in the moment is necessary to be a true sociopath. -- Voodoo
A29 A23: In Socionics, ISTp is introverted sensing and extroverted thinking. But you said ISTP which indicates you mean Myers Briggs, where ISTP is introverted thinking and extroverted sensing. You don't make sense. Everyone disregard A23. -- hsciad selrak (INTJ)
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