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Question #1205871275Tuesday, 18-Mar-2008
Category: Statistics
What state in the US would you guess has the highest "N" personality. I live in Ls Vegas and they are few and far between. INTP female -- firstlite
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A1 Seattle, Washington -- Anonymous
A2 I think that Seattle is very Entp -- Anonymous
A3 75% S and 25% N in the general population, I think if you go to an asian community you will be able to meet a higher portion of N, including me. -- Jas
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A4 thats intresting, why would there be a higher proportion of N in an asian community? -- Anonymous
A5 A3 Please provide a reference to the study that claims that. I will guess with an accuracy of 99.8% that you won't be able to do that. You will also have trobles backing your claim that N are higer in asian population (99.9%) and if I start to think about it won't be easy to prove you are an asian either (75%). -- Vlad - INTj
A6 A5 do you think there are a higher percentage of S than 75? Re higher proportion of Asian N's, it's because they're so skinny -- Anonymous
A7 I thought Seattle too - which is a city, not a state. If I thought of a state as a type, I would usually pick sensing. Also, in my opinion S are about two-thirds of the population and N about one-third. Just my opinion. -- econdude
A8 I think N is a stupid type anyway. It's probably in the minority because they find it harder to get laid and pass on their N genes -- Bob
A9 A5 What does skinny have to do with being an "N" in fact 1/2 of the few "N"'s I know are on the round side. I have never been to Seattle. I worry I would not like all the overcast days. Maybe my question was not clear. Which city or state would most likely draw or keep "N" personality types? -- Firstlite
A10 A8, no one is saying "N" is more superior than S, so why do you have to degrade the N? By the way which type of S do u type gets laid alot? -- Jas
A11 A9: Seattle, Washington -- Anonymous
A12 A10 N types are real goofballs with little attachment to reality. There rather slow witted and sluggish at keeping up at the action, and I do often play on that with them in company. I don't know what type gets laid the most, but I observe S types scoring better than N types all the time, I reckon that there's a lot of N virgins reading about socionics -- Bob
A13 Bob, you are being an ass. I am an N and I am in the top of my class. Yes, sometimes i get lost in my head, but i dont know anyone who would describe me as a goofball or slow witted. Sluggish at keeping up with the action? are you sure your not thinking of morons instead of Ns? The two words are not interchangable. And I am sure there are just as many S virgins reading about socionics... this is the internet, after all. -- Anonymous
A14 A13 yes, N types are not as connected to reality as S types. Thats why S types are sensors..they live in the hear and now. N lives in past or present or the fifth dimension (already mentioned 4th dimension there - time methinks. This makes them sluggish and practically stupid. Also you say you are sure there are as many S virgins. How can you be sure, where is the logic behind your assumption. No you anon, it is you who is the ass. -- Bob
A15 N is the best at everything.... the real leaders=ENTJ, the great orators=ENFJ, the great visionary=ENTP, the person with great social skills=Enfp, and the introvert INTJ=the Mastermind INFJ=the ultimate psychic, INtp=the next albert enistein, and infp you can write any book you want... Ok i am just using this so I can get a to Bob's head, I am not against any S types in any way but i do think us N stands out in society and we can do extronary things which makes us special than the rest of that 75% ordinary people of the S types. -- Jas
A16 I'm N type, and although there is some truth to what Bob is saying, sluggishness and slow wittedness in particular are neither N nor S related as some people are naturally quick and sharp and hyper whereas others are just not. There's nothing wrong with making sweeping assumptions, just make sure you don't make any mistakes -- Dr. Zoidberg
A17 Jas you said in A10 that no one is saying that N is superior to S, then in A15 you said N is the best at everything, i mean, wtf? This is an example of the dim N i'm talking about lol Good luck in standing out as you put it lol -- Bob
A18 I think Bob needs to get laid. -- econdude
A19 A18 get off me i'm not interested -- Bob
A20 Colorado seems very INTP -- Anonymous
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