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Question #1205871205Tuesday, 18-Mar-2008
Category: Theory
What type (if any) is most likely to value/devalue compassion? -- deedeedee
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A1 as an INTP, i know i devalue compassion. it is a non-specific tool, being offensive on more counts than one.(but that is only social compassion, or compassion applied in that strata.. it is much like the typical manifestations of religion applied in the west or in capitalist places...a misplacing of such things are best applied {religion and such types of compassion} to economically inpoverished places_amen). -- @sirac
A2 Where can I find the detailed step-by-step instructions / rules for how to go about figuring out the Socionics functional analysis for the primary, secondary, tertiary, and auxillary functions? [Te] -- Anonymous
A3 How on earth would compassion be offensive? -- Anonymous
A4 offensive? i think he's refering to the retractable charity of money-lenders; or pity disguised as compassion. i hate both of these. but i don't see how a non-capitalistic economy solves these problems. in the place of currency operating as the vehicle of exchange you'd have some other, probably more scandalous medium ... -- chris
A5 I would think NFs would most likely value compassion since they tend to be the most "altruistic" according to Keirsey -- Anonymous
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A6 Passion is different from compassion. As much as they don't want to admit it INTps are moved by compassion frequently. It is our Hidden Agenda and if you are not moved with compassion on a regular basis you are not an INTp. As for valuing it, I value compassion in people the same as my intertype relationships. I imagine I would enjoy seeing another INTp moved with compassion because the same would probably happen to me in that situation. While an INFp moved with compassion is just them overreacting to some gushy movie scene. Hell will freeze before an INTj has compassion on anyone but themselves. (Try not to confuse compassion with guilt INTj responders) I wish ENFps would stop showing so much compassion because they invent grand schemes in their mind to help someone else but just come across as teary eyed manipulators trying to get you to do it instead. ESTjs need to stop keeping half dead animals/plants alive indefinetely. I think that covers half of the hidden agendas, so the other half just double on top of the current ones but not in quite the same manner. Although ISTps share a common HA with INTps they are also lazy, and would not come up with as intricate a plan to display their compassion. They are more likely to "set the person straight" with their blunt phraseology. -- Mythikh
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