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Question #1205764008Monday, 17-Mar-2008
Category: INTj INFj Hidden Agenda
I was wondering about the manifestation of INTjs and INFjs hidden agenda as 'To be healthy'. It sounds like it implies that INTjs and INFjs are somehow destined to become health nuts or extremely health conscious, but I'm curious if this extends rather to an aversion to physical pain. Pain is usually considered as a sign from the body that something's wrong, and I know looking back that a lot of my decisions have been influenced by the need to avoid physical pain, and I'm almost inclined to say that I've become less healthy because of it. -- INTjane
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A1 i can't say for sure that my type is IxNj but i tend to ignore pain much more readily if i know that internal damage is minimal/negligible; and i am some type that focuses a good deal on health -- Anonymous
A2 I'm an infj and I know I have an HUGE aversion to physical pain. However because of my consciousness to not get sick later, I tend to like to eat healthy -- Anonymous
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A3 I'm health obsessed because its the only thing that gives me energy and keeps me mentally happy. -- paranormal
A4 I think you're on to something. To go even further, I think it's not just physical pain, but physical discomfort in general. Speaking as an INTj myself, if one of our more highly valued functions (like Ti or maybe even Fe) demands it, we will endure it, but mostly - at least in my own case, anyway - I very much prefer comfort to discomfort. I don't tend to go for sports which cause me to push myself physically too much, for example, even if they're really fun. Wanting to be healthy is a side effect of that, I think. Being unhealthy causes physical discomfort, and since we want to avoid physical discomfort, we want to be healthy if possible - if we can do so without too much physical discomfort. -- Krig (INTj)
A5 As an INFJ I reason that, not only does pain and the EXPENSES that usually go with it cause me major headaches, it also makes little sense to me to insistantly put something in my mouth that will turn out to be my undoing. My solution? Eat Right For My Type. I have been on this diet since 1996 and, more recently, have "graduated" to D'Adamo's "GenoType" diet. I am in excellant health and feel great and am rarelly with a cold or ill in any way, shape or form. -- Markos
A6 Well... unlikely any normal person of any type would actively prefer pain or discomfort... I generally don't like eating fast/canned/junk food, but follow no other dietary rules. I take physical flesh and bone pain and discomfort in a calm, centered macho-man way. However, even a slight discomfort or abnormality with something like my eye, a bad tooth-ache, excessively yellow urine, etc. I get somewhat panicked and start to over-analyze it. I ask moms about it after I asked my aunt, before I google it, then proceed to ask my close friends if they know anything. Still won't find me in any clinic or hospital, though. Rarely get sick, 6/10 score at exercising, no broken bones, 31 or so self-diagnosed psychological disorders, and only 3 or 4 good scars at age 25. Most INTJS I know are just not into doing stupid things that are for the most part pointless AND have a high risk factor. No need to impress anyone or prove anything, ya see. Control of a situation and it's outcomes are a big factor for INTJs. We also avoid physical pain from fights by making tools out of enemies, dealing with lost causes with sniper-like alternate aggression; carefully orchestrated devastation we seldom get blamed for and almost always regret afterwards. We rationalize it to ourselves as 'restoring balance'. Calm like a bomb. Hope my input is of use. -- M
A7 I am an INTj who is pretty much indifferent to physical pain, until it becomes distracting, which for the other types would probably be on the order of torture-level pain. I would guess that is because it's not a priority with me. Hmm, Re-reading the above, "distracting" jumps out at me - let's just say that I just have other stuff on my mind most of the time, and pain (along with food, also most of the time) is low on my to-care-about list. I also resent having to sleep. -- cantgetenuffstumbleupon
A8 From personal experiences, I need at least 7 hours and sleep and three meals a day. Anything less causes my thought-process and self-control to go haywire. It's like a switch, and I tend to react to it more significantly than my friends. -- Anonymous
A9 When I was trying to figure out my hidden agenda, I looked at my refrigerator and I saw a bunch of vitamins and herbal supplements on it. Then I realize that I wash my hands about ten times a day and go to see doctor for physical check up almost every year and so I guess I got my answer. I even know which items at Burger King contain trans fat and which ones don't! (Does this sound like OCD??) I guess I do this because I can get sick quite easily and I hate being sick. So I think it's more like avoiding physical discomfort. -- Anonymous INTj
A10 To me 'being healthy' not only applies to myself but to my friends and family also. I want them all to be happy and healthy individuals. Not so much physically but definately emotionally and spiritually. I want them to be happy and confident with who they are. -- Suzzy
A11 I have a male INTj friend... he tends to avoid physical activity, as I invite him to lift, run, and play baseball, etc. with me and he usually turns it down. He'd rather work on his truck. He's always down to party though, but often times he doesn't know when to stop drinking/smoking which usually leads to toilet-hugging later that night. He is a philosophy major though, and has a good idea of self-equilibrium. Just my observations... -- ISTp
A12 ah Suzzy that's beautiful! i wish there was an infj guy in my life -- entp
A13 A10 - I would like to add mentally healthy to my response to this question as well as emotionally and spiritually. Physically healthy would definately be last in the order. By the way I am INFj -- Suzzy
A14 I think it's because the hidden agenda is linked to the weak function, the point of least resistance, and for INTJ, this function is Will Sensorics. I know an INTJ and she is really into being healthy but at the same time, eating healthy etc.. But at the same time, it doesn't seem like it comes naturally for her to know what she needs in terms of well-being. She often overworks and seems all exhausted. In contrast me as an ENFP, I have to make work fun, it's in my nature. And I hardly understand how she can concentrate on this tedious work for so long. I find this contradiction interesting- -- Anonymous
A15 INTj's are goal oriented, and furthermore, because they're Si is very weak (it is their HA), they can work and work and often don't even notice the toll that that work does to their bodies. I think being Ti leading (as opposed to Fi leading like an INFj) makes them even more oblivious to the inner sensations of their bodies. Being leading Ti, INTj's idea of fun is probably a fair bit removed from an ENFp's. They're less interested in fun, and more interested in getting to the bottom of things (this is sort of what drives them). Actually, they're probably somewhat oblivious to the whole notion of 'fun', esplly when in work mode. As for INFj's desiring emotional, spiritual and physical health for their loved ones - that is more to do with leading Fi than Hidden Agenda. As an INFj (well, i think), I don't think physical health should come last. I'd say it's just as important as spiritual and emotional health, if not more. I mean how would you feel if one of your close relatives or best friends gets diagnosed with cancer, or loses the ability to walk after being involved in a car accident? -- S
A16 In reply to answer 15 - How would I feel if one of my close relatives or best freinds got diagnosed with cancer or lost the ability to to walk after a car accident....well , my take on that is that you can't change those things very easily if at all so you just have to deal with them as they happen. -- Anonymous
A17 I think that we need to be aware of how life's circumstances can effect our hidden agenda.For example an INFj with a physical defect will learn that other areas of health such as mental, spiritual are just as or more important than the physical. An INFj who has experienced an emotional breakdown will quickly learn that fact too, and so on. I know that we INFj's feel great when physically fit but at the end of the day we need to throw away our medical dictionaries and learn to loosen up a bit. Perhaps by putting into practice a few of the artisan traits as in enjoy the moment and not worry too much about health. This is indeed possible to do and will make you a less anxious, nervous etc person. For a truly healthy individual is healthy in all areas of life. And that's what I want to be. -- ShuzzButt
A18 My main concern is to be understood, which, if I recall correctly, is supposedly the main concern for ISTPs or some such. And I am 100% INTj. With our notorious ambivalence toward hygiene and our notorious ability to analyze things into systems, I do not know how whoever thought up that INTjs are concerned with health rather than understanding could possibly have put those two at such obvious polar opposites. Understanding ranks far higher. However, I will say this - I do tend to worry at the least sign of illness in myself. I cannot tell what it portends! Will I become ill? For how long? What does this mean for my projects and timelines? But, I think this has more to do with my having grown up with constant chronic health problems. And, furthermore, I tend to plow on through and ignore it until it becomes a real problem rather than a theoretical worry. Again, health comes last unless something else (ie: a project/plan being disrupted) is contingent upon said health. Also, I am betrothed to a wonderful INFx (as they all tend to be . . . though this one is exceptional) and said INFj has little concern for health (but is a bit tweaky about hygiene . . . and nags me about mine). However, other than that, which I believe is largely due to having been made fun of for being fat since childhood, there is no health-obsession between the two of us. This INTj and INFj care little for health threats or pain. -- INFx < 3
A19 i am INFj. of all the hidden agendas, i identify least with ours, "be healthy". that is why is called "hidden agenda" i suppose. i was so surprised when i first heard about it, it just said me plain nothing. i started questioned my type, be healthy really didn't make a sense to me. this is probably because i really pay little attention to my health, i don't think i pay more attention to hygiene than any other average person does. being an INFj, i quess we think so much about everything else, that taking notice of our physical state comes really last. maybe when we only feel physical pain, but seldom before this. i may probably also think, that "being healthy" may mean mental, emotional health - this area i can see being very exposed, us being so high sensitive to everything around us. and often long time stess leading to some ilness - but this may happen to any type, i guess. -- Anonymous
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