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Question #1205576328Saturday, 15-Mar-2008
Category: Dancing
I want to know how different types feel about dancing, so please answer the questions below. 1) What's your type? 2) Do you like to dance and/or watch other people dance? 3) Do you feel like you are inately good at dancing? -- yogurt
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A1 I am an ESFp girl, I am neither good nor a bad dancer, but I love dancing. Not very often, though, like twice a year is OK for me. I dont like watching people dance when I cannot dance myself and I dont like classic dances when you must follow certain order of steps. I like dancing with friends, when the music is not too loud and you can be creative. -- Anonymous
A2 I'm a female ISFp. I love to dance and sometimes I like watching people dance though I'd rather be actually doing it than watching it. I'm not inately good at it at all. LOL. I'm horrible at it but I love it. My ISTp brother is a pretty good dancer though. -- ISFp
A3 female entp, i enjoy it, i think im a horrible dancer but ive had alot of good dancers tell me im good -- Anonymous
A4 ENFP and i also feel that I don't dance very well in, say, high school dance sceneries. Those kinds of awkward, grinding dances don't suit me very well but I think that Im actually quite good; im better at choreographed dances but i also have some abiulity to make up dances on the spot which interest people; and I love watching other people dance! and , like, ice skating shows are fun to watch too -- enfpp
A5 1)intp female 2)I like to watch dances and I like to dance to songs that make me whant to dance, which is not many. Songs with sex hinted stuff make me want to plug my ears. 3)I am a bad dancer for I lack motor skills and think about moves and can't do them. Never danced in public. Dancing is a thing I don't keep track of of whether I do it or not. -- Anonymous
A6 INTp. I like watching people dance, but only if they're really good or so bad that it's funny, otherwise it'd be really boring. I'll only dance of my own volition if I'm by my self, although it never lasts long because I. HATE. SWEAT. I'm pretty bad at thinking up new moves or dancing on the spot, but I do okay at choreographed dances. It's really hard to get moving, though. -- Anonymous
A7 1) INTj 2) I enjoy watching dancing, and I enjoy dancing myself, although I can only bring myself to dance in public if there's someone with strong Fe there dancing with me. 3) I don't think I'm particularly good at free-form dancing; I'm too inhibited and not really sure of what to do. I much prefer ballroom dancing with a certain order of steps, it gives me a plan to follow and makes me feel less awkward. -- Krig (INTj)
A8 1. Female INTj. :3 2. I love to watch other people dance, but it's not one of my favorite things to do. 3. I have a lot of difficulty-lack of flexibility, short achille's tendons, etc-so no, I'm not innately good at it. -- Anonymous
A9 INFp. Dancing is a very natural ability for me and I LOVE LOVE doing it. I find it to be such an enjoyable thing that I'm even willing to go to a gross frat-boy bar if I know there's a good dance floor! My dance skills might be related more to genetics than type, though. I have no idea how awesome/not-so-awesome my INFp friends' dance moves are because they always refuse to get on the dance floor with me I will convince them someday... -- aa o
A10 I am infp. I don't really know how to dance and wish I was a really good dancer. I'm sorta tone deaf. I like watching people dance in order to learn moves and stuff but I'd much rather be trying it out myself. At a party, I head to the dance floor anywayz. I know I look funny but I wanna go have fun. -- infp girl
A11 A1 here, things have changed quite a lot since my post. I got health problems and one of the solutions was to start dancing. So I started to learn the difficult and graceful Indian dance of kathak. It seems as if made for me. I am actually starting to discover that though I still totally suck at ballroom dancing, I am innately good at kathak dancing. Maybe it's an Se and Fi dance form. I love it, I especially like learning all the names of the moves and their meanings. It's like an elegant, dramatic sign language. Apart from the lessons, I dance every evening, but only when there's nobody around to see me But I hope I will get good enough at it to be able to perform after a couple of years. I am learning to express myself through dancing. I also very much admire an Indian dancer called Madhuri Dixit, I think she's an ESFp and a great example to me. I started to like observing dance performances, but only kathak and Bollywood dances and only when the dancers are really good and the choreography is lively and cheerful. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A12 I'm female ISFp, I love to dance even though I'm not very good at it. If the choreography is good or really ridiculous, I would enjoy watching them dance -- ISFp
A13 I hate, hate, hate dancing! I can't dance and even never tried. I also can't stand watching people dance. My types are enneagram 5, MBTI ISFJ, Socionics either ISFj or ISTp (I'm not sure) -- piccolo_michel
A14 Dance, no I don't really dance. If someone asks me to dance I wont know what to do. I'd like to try different kinds of dances but beginning a dance program doesn't seem likely. I'm not sure I'd ask the right questions of my instructors so I'd probably stay to myself or maybe learn some moves on my own. -- Anonymous
A15 isfj. I hate dancing, and I'm terrible at it. I think people look stupid when they are dancing, well depending on. but I have always loved ballet... -- isfj
A16 I consider myself really good at dancing, flexible, imaginative, plastic..., but only when nobody sees me dancing, I cannot force myself to dance in public, because I hate to draw attention to me, I like to be unseen and unknown and if somebody else forces me to my movements become stiff and I feel so dull and so stupid, I just wanna disappear, even beng high doesn't help to free myself out publicly, in fact the "public" is just a small group of dear friends.. -- INFJ
A17 female ISFj, i really like dancing but im not super good i think it also depends on nationality, culture, and gender though. -- Anonymous
A18 1)INTj 2) Hate hate hate dancing. Curse high school and all that came before it. Mind you, this could be an awkward me thing and there is no reason to believe being an INTj is synonomous with being unable to dance. So that would be a no to part 3. Side note: with the INTj hidden angenda being Si, would that make us perhaps more self-conscious about our bodies and possibly contribute to our antipathy toward dancing? -- Anonymous
A19 1) INTp Male. 2) Enjoy watching dancing that I cannot perform (Only break dancing), but mostly only to criticize people who are bad at dancing. 3) "Innately good" at everything and by extension dancing. Once you figure out that it's just math and memory dancing becomes trivial. Never dance in public because I have an image to maintain as the stolid grump who devours fun and radiates seriousness/sadness/sardonic humor. Never dance anything that I haven't mastered. Hint: if you want the introverts to dance, teach them! Sounds like after school special, but hey it works. -- Mythikh
A20 A19: "once you figure out it's just math and memory dancing becomes trivial." How NTish of you You forgot about good physical shape - if you're in bad shape you won't be able to dance long and / or well, no matter how well you'll know it's just math and memory. And you also forgot about the ability to feel the music and express emotions, though that's necessary only for some dances like tango, flamenco, Indian dances. I'd very much like to see you dance, might be interesting -- Ezis (ESFp)
A21 INTj here. I hate dancing myself but I like watching others do it to some extent. I'm bad at dancing myself, bad at remembering all the different steps involved, rather clumsy and ungraceful. -- bigwhitesquare (INTj)
A22 I'm an INFj and I love to dance! I feel very self-conscious about it most of the time, so I have to loosen up with a drink of two unless I'm in a very intimate setting. I am ANYTHING but innately good at dancing. I look pretty awkward when I'm dancing, but it's so fun to get lost in the music or in my dance partner that I can get past that point of worrying that people are watching me and mocking me in their heads. I love watching dancing too - especially good choreography and ballet. -- INFj
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A23 Male INFJ here (INFx in soc). I like dancing but I rarely get to dance. I also have problems with feeling self-conscious and being awkward socially that not necessarily have to do with my type and normally get in the way. When I do dance however it's either alone or with people I know and with whom I feel like acting just silly. Sometimes I'll improvise a few dance moves with no music on because I just want to fool around and it's fun. Watching other people dance kinda bores me, though. It's the music I like. -- Anonymous
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