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Question #1205462927Friday, 14-Mar-2008
Category: INFp ENTj Relationship
I am an INFP woman, and am in a relationship with an ENTJ man. We fight a lot, but can't stop seeing each other??? Would this ever work? -- Lee
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A1 That's funny, I'm also an INFP woman with an ENTJ man. fighting alot, keep talking about ending it, but can't stop seeing each other... I think it could work if you are older, like us, where as an INFP you've mostly gotten over your romantic illusions and dreams and have become more realistic. It keeps you unsettled with him, but better able to stay put now... for an INFP, nothing is ever perfect enough.. but IT doesn't exist..IMHO. With us, it's the sense of humor and politics that we share.. I've met other ENTJs that made me swear them off completely though, they were intolerable to me. -- Anonymous
A2 May I ask, what you are fighting about? Is it nagging the other for their habits or is it communication problems? I'd really like to know. I am an INFx, I find ENTj very fascinating, but they think I am boring or not strong enough. -- Anonymous
A3 Wow, totally agree with A1. I'm an INFP and nothing is ever perfect! I'm in a relationship with an INTJ.. I pick fights with him a lot over "things being wrong with the relationship". I think INTJs are much more amiable than ENTJs though, but it's the same idea. He's just so calm and logical about everything that he can take anything I dish out. It just works. Also we can talk about politics/religion/ideas and he is a very sharp guy, which is attractive to me. -- Anonymous
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A4 I am an INFP who just broke up with a ENFJ. We fought a lot but couldn't stand to be apart until recently when after threatening to break up during a fight, we did break up. Is this combination doomed or is it possible to work out? I haven't loved anyone as much and I haven't fought as much with anyone either. -- pants
A5 A3- I'm also a female INFP with a male INTJ. I give him hell a lot because I'm a perfectionist. He's so calm, not neurotic like me. he's very VERY sharp mind too, which is very sexy to me He likes how I am playful, and passionate. A4- I think it can work.. I could see myself with an ENFJ too. They are probably neurotic like INFPs, but I think there is a pretty good balance there too. Especially if you really love the person. -- Anonymous
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