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Question #1204446481Sunday, 2-Mar-2008
Category: INFj
INFjs, could you please give me an in depth description of yourself? Thanks! -- nachos
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A1 I am really sensitive, especially when people insult me or even critisize something that i am minorly involved it. I take all of that very personally. I am good at understanding relationships between people, sometimes to the point where i will think something about why people are acting the way they are and then later i will get more info and it completely backs up my initial "hunch". I dont like to be around people for a long period of time, and often i will only hang out with people if i will have an excuse later to leave, because i feel bad just saying that i want to go home. I have trouble talking on the phone or online to people, i feel like they wont understand exactly what i mean, so i tend to only do "small talk" in these situations, which drives me crazy. I hate small talk, and so i tend to avoid these forms of communication. When i get really interested in something i sometimes isolate myself and have trouble focusing on other things. For example, when i am in class, i often have notes about what types my professors might be next to my class notes. I am not the most organized person, at least not from outside views, but i always know where my stuff is, and hate it when other people try to "reorganize" my stuff for me (I hated it when my parents would try to clean my room for me in high school). I am very private. I don't like to tell people everything about me, i like listening to people and people tend to confide in me because i always seem to "understand." Sometimes i have a problem with lying, because i have an image that i want others to see me as, but that only tends to be about certain topics. Being around Anyone who is upset puts me in a really bad mood, i feel as though i can almost feel what they are feeling. If i am with someone, if i have known them for longer then like an hour I can tell when they get upset and get extremely uncomfortable. I hate large parties, and I am constantly looking for someone who understands me. I tend to understand peoples motives better then I understand a whole lot else. I can tell why people are doing things with relatively little information. As far as understanding other topics go, I am very good at logical subjects like math and science, but only if i have a good teacher who will explain WHY things are the way they are and WHY i will ever need to know them. It takes me a few minutes to figure out things also, so instead of logical things clicking in my head i almost have to say it out loud. I am very loyal and giving to my friends. If i am out to dinner with a friend and they tell me the don't have any money, i don't have any problem paying. I don't expect them to pay me back either, just if i am ever in a similar situation that they wont gripe about paying me back. I have trouble trusting people at first, and though i used to think that people were good and i would trust people until they broke it, after several betrayals by close friends and several big things happening in my life i have become extremely cynical. This is true of my religion also, I used to be highly religious and after the death of my closest friends mother I stopped believing. This is all i can think of for now, i hope it helps and I hope if you want to know anything else you will post. -- INFj #1
A2 I don't know exactly what you want to know so? If there are questions I can answer it, but other than that I don't know.... Maybe... I like self-reflecting and when it comes to criticism and what other people I tend to internalize because I think that I can handle it on my own. Sometimes this causes me a lot of grief and I have to talk to someone. Usually, its someone close, but somehow I still think that no matter how close they are to me, I still know that people can deceive you. Even if they are someone you know for a long time, if something better comes up, they can abandon you just like that. I get emotional hurt easily, but I don't show it most of the time. If I get upset, I become more upset for having the other make me that upset. I dislike conflict so much that if something happens that conflicts arise from, I walk away. I usually walk away. I am uncomfortable at expressing my real feelings. How I feel inside usually doesn't get express because it might hurt the other person's feelings or make the problems worse. I don't like large crowds and when it comes to meeting people. I rather not because they scare me. I don't feel comfortable, which is why I always have my friend order for me or get me some food at gatherings. I don't want to meet new people and if I am forced to I just stand there. I don't like attention on me and do anything to avoid it. I rather just be in the back. When it comes to relationship I am somewhat frigid, but I show how I care by actions rather than words. I don't like the over usage of words because it renders them meaningless, so I show it. I care deeply for those close to me. I tend to help people when they are in trouble even if I don't really like them. I still help them. Most important is my unquenched thirst for knowledge and understanding. I seek to promote harmony and love for all mankind as well as respect for the planet and other matters. Its so cliche but I am into art and music. I would say others peoples' expressions move me more than anything else. I am speaking about art and music. I love anything creative and sometimes natural. I seek balance and in my life I try to find balance. I don't know how much of that is from my religion. I am a Buddhist. I like things in order and tidy...dude...this could go on forever....its hard to say everything that I want to say in writing. I rather express it through speech... -- INFJ #2
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A3 Well, firstly, I'm Brazilian, so forgive my English I don't know a lot of INFJs, but what I can tell about myself might be usefull. On a daily basis, it feels like you don't belong. Ever. Anywhere. It's not that I'm weird, quite the oposite, I look pretty common. It is certainly, the way of thinking and acting that makes me feel uncomfortable among others, even friends and aquaintances. I often feel misanderstood. Not in the sense I did something wrong. The feeling is as if you're speaking some other unknown language from planet X and people don't even bother to understand you. So in order to continue life in a understandable way, I simply adapt myself. I don't change the way a see things, I just go with the flow to avoid extra stress; I also don't give away my opinion that easely anymore, unless asked for. I found out people just don't care. So why spending energy if not required.The third thing I'm doing a lot is I am becoming a very private person I think the core of being an INFJ is this: in order to avoid been hurt again and again, in order to avoid been taken advantage of, been betrayed and misanderstood, the INFJ becomes private. I wasn't so quiet as a kid. I was very opiniated and willing to help. As I grew up, I'd seen people's true color and motives Still being naive, we never stop believing in humanity And because we're not stupid, we(INFJs) grew tired of been hurt. And that's why we're not as open as one woul'd like us to be. One thing that bothers me is, a lot of INFJ sites describe us as been aloof and unpratical. That's not true. Sounds like we somehow live in wonderland and all we do is dream. That's completely further from the truth. Yes, we do have our convictions and principals. And that's pretty much it: convictions and principals. I'ts not a fake reality, ít's not a dream world. It's called been true to itself. Changing subjects, organization. I'm not organized. At all. I am organized in my mind, but that's pretty much it. when I want to get my house tidy I do a great job though. Art. As much as I love Art, I don't have the talent to pursuit an artsy career. I'd love to! Friends. Few friends. Not that I'm not friendly, it's just that a lot of people might consider me their friends and open themseves to me, but I've got few people in my life that I can really trust and open myself and be understood . A lot of people just want your favor, you know what I mean? Just want to suck your blood. They're not there for you. They're there for what you can do for them. I realize that over the years, so I had to learn to be a little more selfish, find time for myself and be a little less madre Theresa of Calcuta hehehehhehe Love. I learned to love someone that loved me first. Enough of could've beens, enough of what ifs, enough of trying to make someone love you. Love is a choice afterall. And I chose do love those who cherished me (family, friends) and that special someone who ended up marrying me . Do I consider myself complex? mmm Yes, of course! How couldn't I ? But in a good way. Sometimes I wish I could be different. I'm not a drama queen, that's for sure. But it does feel as if what matters to me, doesn't do anything for others. It does feel like I am a sort of poet, filosopher, whatever, in a simple minded world. That's pretty much it. I'm not gonna go forever and ever, it's getting boringgggg Lots of Love, INFJ Girl -- INFJ girl
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