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Question #1203730043Saturday, 23-Feb-2008
Category: ENTp Stereotype
What makes ENTPs so damn clumsy? -- monk
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A1 It is their lack of Sensing. They are not aware of the chair two feet in front of them - or their own two feet. Haha. They're too busy making important connections in their heads concerning the world - knowing how not to get hurt/bruised/drop things are mundane and time is better spent understanding the world. Like, the ENTP might see something extraordinary (in their mind) and might just stare at it, and won't look at what they're walking into. Also, it's the overestimation of their ability - much like their time crunching ability. (If I balance this plate on my cup... :: I can do this paper in 20 minutes) -- Anonymous
A2 Oh they're not really clumsy, it's just that I move the furniture around when they're not looking. =P -- Anonymous
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A3 hmm. my mind flies when i (insert physical activity here). hee hee. and when i, say, put my mobile phone on the table i completely forget about its existence -- marga
A4 haha, A1; i totally agree: "...too busy making important connections in their heads concerning the world - knowing how not to get hurt/bruised/drop things are mundane and time is better spent understanding the world" -- sounds familiar -- Anonymous
A5 LOL. Our Se is weak. A1 is right; we are thinking too much to care -- Anonymous
A6 sensing is seriously 0%. we try we fail. repeat. i would consider us very NOT in the moment. usually my mind is going 16596513589 miles a minute so i don't really notice when i walk straight into the wall and stuff like that. you should see my entp best friend an me try and walk down a crowded hallway. -- Anonymous
A7 I used to be moreso...I would not consider myself clumsy at all..I can drive a racecar as good as any. -- Anonymous
A8 I'm really clumsy in everyday life... but I'm an awesome driver & can skate/snowboard really good? -- Tricia
A9 Same as A7 here, I was trained to see things though. -- MATT- ENTp
A10 i'm so on board with the time crunching theory. i do that way too often and really should have learned by now...but i never will -- Anonymous
A11 Moderately clumsy and distracted, high to severly absentminded when not focused or dedicated in the moment. When the moment counts, finetuned as any. -- ENTp
A12 ClumsyENTp: We want to see what space, left to its own nature and devices, would look like. we want to see what the internal statics of space look like... and are annoyed when other people disturb that process of observation and pontification. Conclusion: space is curved and nothing stays in place as the great guru Einstein has told us. The alternative is not encouraging either; quantum physics is much more messy. So, we have some material to work on... through just continuing to observe how space behaves when left to itself... and then try to write a journal article... only to find that some INTj has already submitted his ... and there is no time nor energies to tidy the lab we otherwise call an office, living room or bedroom. And, quite honestly, as an ENTp (if you really want to know the truth), I think tidiness is a sign of stagnancy - both physical and mental. Even space moved when left to itself! (Hence I am a good driver). Only a moron would want to fight motion! Be it spontaneous or caused! I'm OUT! -- Anonymous
A13 A5 and A1, "thinking too much" does not cause the problem. This type's innate perception (visual, logical, sensory, ethical) is profoundly chaotic compared to all other types. -- intp
A14 ENTp's are not clumsy... in theory. hahahahahaha! -- Anonymous
A15 @A6: I am an ENTp and I am not Sensing=0. Rather, my judgings very close to zero. So, I gues my clusiness has to do with that I never finish a movement... I leave it halfways while I observe/perceive something else. I do not think I am a strong Ti. I cannever finish a thought, unless the debate is intense, andI have near zero Feeling. Sometimes I think I just skip from my dominant function straight to my Role function. I have an excellent faclity of my five sense actually, but not anywhere near my intuition! -- Anonymous
A16 I'm not clumsy, per say, I spend so much of my time looking out for stuff because I know if I don't I will most definitely die. Its only when someone is talking to me. It's ok to talk religion, politics and sex at the dinner table, just not while I'm driving. -- Anonymous
A17 Clumsy is not exactly it. (I'm told I move like a cat.) But my awareness of space is definitely... different. -- ENTp female
A18 The same thing as INFp's, the primary intuition. -- :-)
A19 Because they smoke ganja. -- Anonymous
A20 terminally spaced out because they're always thinking about the outer space -ENTJ -- Anonymous
A21 B/c triangles aren't paying attention to circles. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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