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Question #1203717743Friday, 22-Feb-2008
Category: INFp Career
I am an infp and am thinking about being a chef. Do you think this is a career an abstract thinker like myself could potentially enjoy? I am a graphic designer now. I think cooking may allow more creativity while following certain principles. DO you think an INFP would get bored of a career like this? My husband is also a strong N (intj) and is a track coach at a college and seems to love the strategy behind the process. I think I may feel the same way about cooking, seeing the abstract creativity and problem solving that is beyond just following a recipe. Just wanted some feedback. -- Rachel
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A1 You can be good at anything you really enjoy. You may want to examine the reality of the profession a little closer to be sure it's something you want to do and not something you've pictured in some idealistic way in your imagination. -- Anonymous
A2 I'm an INFP and the restaurant biz really interested me... did it for around 4 years, never got very far. There is room for creativity and problem solving and the job can be really rewarding but these jobs tend to be very stressful and attract those with short tempers. The job has the tendency to be very unharmonious. Irregular hours are common as well if you want to fast track your career. Potentially stressful. Also, if you have problems with people not measuring up to your work standards, then proceed with caution. There are a lot of sloppy/lazy cooks out there who live to party after work, industry seems to attract a lot of those... this differs when you work your way up to a higher end restaurant. -- Anonymous
A3 You sure don't sound like an INFp. -- Anonymous
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A4 I am an Infp too and took the career of a chef, have completed 5 yrs study nd 2 years working abroad..until 22 i done nothin but cooking in my life since i was 16. Nowadays i`ve quit, i ended up working as a sales men earning not even half of what i used to yet i`m happier in my life. Like someone already stated here kitchens can be stressy, there`s a lot of competition and we don`t like that either.. long hours and no time for leisure (unless ure planning to go out after long hours of work) It can be a very creative job I agree with that but it can also be very boring (especially in you early days of your career). You will always find stressy people working in the industry and there`s always someone who wants to compete with you and maybe even try to step on your head for an extra thanks from the head chef. I`ve changed countless Jobs in the industry and I always found someone like that no matter were. The people you will work with will always have that look of miserabilty in their face an that`s gonna put you down too. Being a chef has got nothing to do with what you see on TV. that`s the reason i became a chef cause i used to be fascinated with culinary programs on tele but on tele everything looks nice and i had no one to tell me that. When you`ll get in the industry you`ll realize you got into something that doesn`t match your personality at all.. But if you really really wanna do this and ready to put up with all of this i`m sure you can do it INFP`s are able to do anything they find passion in, but please inform yourself a lot find out what your getting into before making the same mistake i made when I was a young lad. Good luck! -- Joseph
A5 I think it would actually be good. I was a web designer as well and it wasn't too fulfilling, and it started getting outsourced. I write but it really doesn't pay the bills, I'm very introverted so not interested in teaching or working any type of corporate job (I'm far left). I like that I can create as I go, then its all gone. Everyday is a new day. I think it really depends on what restaurant you are in though... I certainly wouldn't want to work some crappy fast food place or diner. I am a sushi chef so it is pretty different than frying up an egg. -- Anonymous
A6 I think this choice of career will stifle your creativity as you must provide what the public and your boss want every time, not what you want to make, or the business will go bankrupt. Also there is a lot repetitiveness in cooking, when you make something to sell to customers it has to turn out the same way every single time so they know what they're buying. It's not the same in real life as on TV. Stick to creative cooking as a hobby. -- ESTJ Female
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