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Question #1202892739Wednesday, 13-Feb-2008
Category: INFp Advice
I am an INFp who constantly has to fight to be more productive. This is especially noticeable when my mood is not condusive to work, which is not all that infrequently. Does anybody know what can be done to cultivate a little more daily structure and energy drive in a type not naturally gifted with either? -- Anonymous
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A1 uhm caffeine? haha. uhhmmmmm I can motivate myself sometimes with rewards. Competition works really well for me actually...I look at someone that's doing something way better than I am and feel the need to beat them. Like I used to be fairly good looking until I stopped caring about how I looked and then I ran into an old friend from high school and she was absolutely gorgeous right away I felt the need to compete with that and came home strait away and gave myself a facial. Those things might not even work for you but I thougt I'd throw them out there because they might work. -- good luck
A2 You may not necessarily be exhibiting a weakness so much as under-developing a strength. Check out "Super-Ego development" and "Quadras" at If you know your personality type is INFp (for sure) then you can get a lot of good advice and strategies for self-growth there. It would also help to make sure you are interacting with your Duals and Activators on a regular basis, as they promote healthy personality integration. Lack of energy is a common symptom of sleep disorders or lack of sleep. If you are having sleep difficulties, try taking 3mg of melatonin (available at your local drug or health and food store) before you go to bed. Be careful with it- even though it's a natural supplement, it's surprisingly powerful. A lack of energy might also be attributed to something more serious (stress, depression; just because no one takes them seriously doesn't mean they aren't real and important), so be sure to take care of yourself and seek help if you find you aren't able to keep up with day-to-day life. Hopefully you find what you're looking for. And don't forget to smile -- Anonymous
A3 For me, another infp, I had this problem too until I recently became a parent. Now I am so involved in the welfare of another person that I just do things, all the time! If I'm not taking care of my son or my husband's needs, I'm doing "good things" for myself to help me stay able to take care of them, like yoga, arts and crafts, and reading-the things that make me feel restored. My point is that as an infp, unless you're working toward doing something to promote the ideal or your value system (for me, my family) you may not be too productive! But I think you can be gentle with yourself (hard for us infps, I know)and use the discomfort you feel from your lack of motivation to discover the values in your life that would really motivate you to be productive. Maybe you're stuck somewhere that prevents you from reaching whatever your potential might be. Only suggestions. Take with grain of salt. -- Anonymous
A4 does meitation work for a perceiver? -- Anonymous
A5 I am an INFP and I am more productive and energetic in the evenings and late at night then am tired in the mornings. My job is flexible and it is not a problem, however if I am stressed and/or depressed, the tiredness and lack of motivation gets worse. What helps for me is taking allergy meds early in the day and I breathe better and sleep better. Thus, I get up a little more alert and have more energy. I take over the counter claritin. This is probably not a long term solution, but caffeine has really no effect on me. I have to be really interested in something to be passionate about it. Maybe you could look into finding your 'true calling' and the energy will follow. I read 'do what your are' recently and if you aren't in a job that you feel is making a difference in the world you probably won't be satisfied. Just some random thoughts. -- Anonymous
A6 My type is also INFP. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I know I can be productive and efficient (I earned a Ph.D. degree recently), but lately I have been losing the battle to be productive. I just lie there, trying not to think about what is happening to me. -- Bill
A7 this might be so for IN_P types. i read a work by the WW2 general Rommel, and found it helpful to read how he came up against organizational difficulties. Basically it helped me put out discerning pointers for how and when things go wrong. Cause we like machines, we'll work when the conditions are right... and if they are wrong we often don't recognize this as we are very driven to produce from our end of the spectrum only (and no work can be done if it cannot be preceived). Within this work productivity thing.. it helps to feast in concepts...2...also to uninvolve from work, and reapproach it with a differing and build-up idea of how to fit the overall framework...cause we normally work from that into details -- @sirac
A8 I'm an INFp, and I frequently have this problem, too. A good site to check out is (Meyers-Briggs INFJ is about equivalent to Socionics INFp). Personally, I have found that I have to find a system of productivity that works for me. Being a rare type, INFp, your way of being productive may just have to be different from the norm. An example for me is cleaning. I have a very hard time finding the motivation to clean my house. However, if I'm talking on the phone to someone, cleaning is very easy. I don't even notice it. Once I get off the phone, my house is clean and it feels like I almost didn't do any work. So now, I have a method that works. It may seem quirky, but if the goal is results, and it works, then you should do it. I would suggest trying to find states of mind/things that cause you to be productive in certain areas, and then putting yourself in those situations/states of mind . -- Henry
A9 i am an infp and when i have to do small tasks as simple as washing the dishes, i have to promise myself something for doing them. even as little as, "i can't eat lunch until i do the dishes". so lunch is my reward. it sounds dumb, but household chores are the hardest thing for me to do. -- Anonymous
A10 I'm so glad I founnd this site. I've been struggling lately with my lack of motivation for building my business. I am so surprised at how slow I am to achieve my goals and 'get going'. It's nice to read I'm not alone. For me...I've found that accountability is one thing that helps..that and deadlines. I'm debating right now whether to attend a leadership training that is all about helping you shift your attitude from reactive to proactive. I thought that was my main issue, but now as an INFP I'm wondering. -- Anonymous
A11 I'm an INFp and actually pursuing a military career. I know, it's pretty weird for my personality. But on days where I really don't feel like doing anything is try my best to stick to a schedule and try to set some kind of goal. My conscious always guilts me when I'm being unproductive so I end up doing it. Work hard, play later. -- Anonymous
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