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Question #1202845268Tuesday, 12-Feb-2008
Category: ESTj Career Advice
I'm an Estj and am having a lot of trouble and doubts for choosing a profession/career. Please suggest what would be more suitable for this type? -- Natalia
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A1 Actually, I think something other than socionics might better indicate what your career path should be. I'm not a huge fan of the Gallup strengths any more, but often people find it's useful to find out what their strengths are and the book is relatively inexpensive, which allows you to take a test online to determine your strengths. Also, interestingly, I'm not doubting that you're an ESTj, but I wonder when people think about what kind of career they should have or what their type is, are they using their intuitive function? And if that is the case, is vacillating a lot (like I tend to do) an indication of a very strong or very weak intuitive function? -- econdude
A2 It's usually more important to find a quadra rather than a specific job. You can probably be happy in most jobs as long as you're working with the right people. Check out (specifically Developing the Super-Ego) for more information on quadras and self-realization- that will almost undoubtedly help you find a direction, at least. Also, make sure you know your personality type and don't jump into any hasty decisions about "I should do this job because Extraverted Thinkers would like it" or anything silly like that! -- Anonymous
A3 @A1, the vacillating you describe can be due to weak Ne. -- Anonymous
A4 Here is one option: google search ESTJ careers then google search a career that is "recommended" for an ESTJ then see if you can find examples of what a person in that career does and if the example "clicks" with you. -- bb
A5 There is a book by Jim Barrett entitled "Test Your Job Aptitude" which can help you understand many of your strengths better an what some of your options may be. My advice, though, is to consult with an INFJ or ENFP to help you along the process (or perhaps even several of them). If you go in for career counseling, make sure they seem dedicated to YOUR path and devote time to you or else you'll probably discount the results. Sometimes, the more capable delta STs are, the more confused about careers they get because of not knowing what they want. -- Anonymous
A6 Lawyer, Doctor, Business, Administration, Coach, Manager -- Anonymous
A7 Unless you're well off and you can move to anywhere in the world, look at the local jobs market and how you can fit in with it not how it can fit around you. Get the local paper or local jobs website and circle the jobs you would find most interesting. Also find out how to do some relevant work experience in the careers you are interested in because it will give you experience, look good on your CV and give you a reference and unless you decide to specialise in a particular field, do a course of study which will fit many types of jobs that suit you. When it comes to finding a job don't be too closed-minded and consider all career possibilities as ESTJs are adaptable to a wide variety of jobs. The best of luck for your future. -- ESTJ Female
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