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Question #1202688467Monday, 11-Feb-2008
Category: T/F Theory
What would the world be like if there were no ethical (F) types? What would it be like if there were no logical (T) types? -- blahblahblah
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A1 Probably less complicated -- Cyclops
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A2 Hmmmm well on one hand we lose mother teresa...on the other we lose Einstein. -- Anonymous
A3 Chaos. Not the pleasant kind. -- Anonymous
A4 I will answer to this question rather explaining how T and F actually contribute to the world we have, then you will imagine easier how this world would go without either one or the other. I will quote an answer I gave to another question on this website. Thinking or Feeling is what one will use to orient their decisions in life, among which decisions :"how do I perform human to human relations". The different approaches are that Thinking individuals prioritize people rights over their needs while feeling individual prioritize people needs over their rights. If a Thinking fellow have the right (or believe that he has the right) to have something, he wants to have it anyways even when there would be somebody 100 times needing it more than him. If a Feeling fellow needs something, he just claim it and thinks being more entitled to it than anyone else. Understand that these are 2 fundamental and opposite ways to interact with people and both of them have equal value: No organization (work, society, even family one) would function in a coherent way if it was about bending under anybody's whims: A set of common rules placed above everybody to regulate their actions whatever they want to do, is necessary. On the other hand, there is no way to think about these rules without (and these rules essentially come from) the universal ethics and morals that Feeling individuals can perceive-understand out of the nothingness. Basically Feelings inspire the world devise wise and fair rules and Thinking guarantee their effectiveness in organizing the world. The constant arm wrestling between Thinking and Feeling is the necessary dynamics that allow societies to have cohesion and to evolve at the same time. This is the fundamental opposition between T and F and at the same time, the beauty of it. -- Antonio P.
A5 Worlds without F are the grim "apocalypse" novels written by Orwell, Huxley and that other guy. Also the movie Equilibrium. Any movie where emotion is suppressed and ethics are reduced to logic. Lack of F would not be a lack of ethics, ethics would simply take on their logical form, e.g. Brave New World's controlled emotions, or else suppressed through drugs e.g. Equilibrium. A world without T is what the world is turning into now. Warning: The following content may not be appropriate for children (Alphas), Rated G for Gamma. Obvious indicators begin with Youtube: Half of it is F types displaying BS criticized by Ts, and vice versa. People working one job, doing one task, repeated ad infinitum as part of a union and expecting to pay off a half million dollar house, multiple cars, every single luxury possible. Donating a dollar to X cancer/diabetes/starving orphans after purchasing a Big Mac combo. United Way/World Vision commercials on Space/Discovery/Comedy Channel. I can no longer use the word "Negroid" without people mishearing it and stoning me because I'm a "Caucasoid." The nations that abolish slavery to replace people with machines for a workforce then complain about oil spills, global warming, new energy sources, not enough jobs, cancer, health care, pensions. (Say what you will but China is basically slave labour without the government sanctions on what you aren't allowed to do to your slaves, and increasing taxation on the wealthy to give to the poor is the EXACT SAME THING except the recipients don't do the work they otherwise would for their "masters") The most obvious indicator of a T deficient world is that there are now hundreds, if not thousands of forums discussing how to make "logical" sense of people and their illogically illogical behavior so as to create a logical stability in their lives. Before there was no need, people were too busy logically logicking their way through life. Ethics were only mannerisms that never got in the way of business and in fact were designed to facilitate it. -- Mythikh
A6 without Fs people would probably be harsher and more direct, also not as caring. less people would want to have children. without Ts thered be less if any comedians, less scientists because people would mostly be concerned with helping each other and focusing on social issues. -- ISFj Tina
A7 Theoretically speaking, the benefit of having all T types is that the world would operate much more efficiently and we could expect everyone to act in an "intelligent" rational manner. However, even T types inherently have bias (even though logic, objectivity, and impartiality is associated with T), because depending on a variety of factors, we can develop opinions that differ from one another. Logic is not absolute. So in fact we might end up with a less efficient society plagued by conflict, war, extremism, dogmatism, and an unwillingness to compromise differences. -- INTj
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