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Question #1202638171Sunday, 10-Feb-2008
Category: Theory INTp Stereotype
What would the world be like without logic? What would it be like without compassion? -- blahblahblah
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A1 What INTp world would be like you say???? -- Anonymous
A2 I think a world of INTp's would be my definition of hell. I'm starting to get the urge to huddle in a corner just thinking about it. Imagine all the people with their slack jaws, never being able to see a reasonable reason for anything. -- Cyclops
A3 Oh yes! In a word: PERFECT! -- MD (INTp)
A4 An INTp with a sense of humour ? Ctrl+Alt+Del... Ctrl+Alt+Del... Ctrl+Alt+Del... -- Anonymous
A5 How can an INTp sit a personality test when they don't have one? -- Cyclops
A6 QUESTION: How many INTp's does it take to change a lightbulb? ANSWER: None. They prefer to remain in the dark. -- Cyclops
A7 Why is this under INTp and Stereotype??? -- Anonymous
A8 A6: Exactly. A7: Because it is. -- MD (INTp)
A9 without compassion? a machine. without logic? next to impossible. -- ENFP
A10 Logic doesn't mean devoid of compassion just as Ethical doesn't mean devoid of intelligence. The two functions compliment each other and are equally important. I think a world of any one type, even my own, would be a awful. -- An INFj
A11 this is a non-sense argument.... what is to say that logic is the product of J's and compassion of F's. Logic itself is very intricate, and not all can grasp it's 'hidden functional logic'...F also with so many arguements -- @sirac
A12 For a world without objective logic which runs on pure instinct and emotion, look at the animal kingdom. For a world without compassion, read Nietzsche. Both are disturbing nightmares. -- Krig (INTj)
A13 Krig, how do you know that animals do not process on logic and emotion? Or are you referring to the human race as we are part of the animal kingdom? Things look like disturbing nightmares more so among humans than what I see in other animals. -- Anonymous
A14 wtf? did Krig not say instinct and EMOTION? -- Anonymous
A15 Instinct and emotion..that is different from animal humans in what way? (Logic?) (Trying to understand the separation here-if there is any) -- Anonymous
A16 @A13 - While animals pretty clearly have emotion (as anyone who's grown up on a farm or owned a pet can attest to), it's unlikely that they have objective logic, at least as we know it. Humans are the only known creatures which posses objective logic (Te and Ti). There have been studies attempting to prove that animals think rationally, but to no avail so far. Furthermore, the only reason humans have created more disturbing nightmares than the animal kingdom is because we have access to greater power through our intelligence. The animal kingdom is as red in tooth and claw as we are, they just don't have the power to affect thousands or millions at once. Also, animals have no logic or reason to restrain their actions, only a sort of one-size-fits-all pre-programmed instinct. That is the primary reason wild animals can be so dangerous. A world of humans with no logic would be violent anarchy of the same sort as the animal world. -- Krig (INTj)
A17 You are so wrong in your view of animals. Tooth and claw approach (in evolutionary terminology) is something which is a rare phenomenon indeed in the animal kingdom, although our current human society, out of all the animals, is one that is often looking to support it. The real madness of tooth and claw largely exists currently in Gamma capitalism. In terms of objective logic-how do we prove wether an animal that we cannot communicate with does not reason by logic? And saying other animals have no logic or reason to restrain there actions, how so? You also in your last sentence seem to attach logical ability with a civilized world..if the world was fully logical then you would have disabled people being executed because they serve no purpose. A logical world would probably be an even more barbaric world. Do you understand? -- Anonymous
A18 A17...I didn't understand a word you just said. You're twisting Krig's words to accommodate your views, how P of you -- Anonymous
A19 Haha you think so "anonymous" ? Maybe you're right. I was actually toying with the idea of providing some Te provide assistance to the Ti viewpoint here depending on the response haha -- Anonymous
A20 Haha now that post got scrambled at the end I meant Te assistance to the Ti theory depending on next post or two -- A19
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A21 @A17 - Capitalism is red in tooth and claw, eh? As opposed to Communism, with its millions upon millions dead, or Fascism, with its millions? Violence is not the domain of any political or economic system, it is intrinsic to the extremes of human nature (ie, extreme illogical emotion or extreme unfeeling logic). As for your view of animals... I doubt we'll ever come to an agreement on that one. All I can say is that, having grown up on a farm, my opinion of animals is somewhat less romantic and/or idealistic than that of many city-dwellers. As for the barbarity of an emotionless, logical world, I agree. That was my point. A world with only logic, unsoftened by emotion, would likely become some variation of a tightly-controlled totalitarian state (see my earlier comparison to Nietzsche - it would be a world without compassion). A world with only emotion, unrestrained by logic, would be a violent anarchy. The animal comparison was only an analogy - if you find my view of the animal kingdom offensive, you are free to come up with a better analogy. -- Krig (INTj)
A22 "What would the world be like without logic? What would it be like without compassion?" What is logic? Logic is simply what we see as reasonable and rational from our perspective. Because our perspective is inevitably subjective, and logic requires an objective approach, technically we could consider logic to be nonexistent. -- (you guessed it) INTP
A23 WITHOUT logic alot of fun and madness! Without compassion everyone would just want moneys? -- Anonymous
A24 One of complete Anarchy...which would then quickly cause our species/world (along with many others due to our actions) to become extinct. Human nature/instinct is violent to our own kind; so I'd surmise that someone would unleash all the nuclear and biological bombs. So, in essence: this is actually a trick question; there WOULD be no [human] "world" to speak of! -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
A25 A world without logic??? LOL Don't we already live in one? This world is run by irrationals; I can't count how many times logic was absent in the decisions people make: You have Atheist celebrating Christmas, gays who believe in marriage, college students in lifetime debt only to make $30,000/yr, people financing things (houses, cars, etc.) they can't afford, guys who steal millions on Wall Street sentenced to a year in prison; poor man who stole a TV sentenced 30, a White cop gets his job back the day after a blatantly unjustified killing; Black guy gets life without parole and death penalty just for defending his family, the "justice" system itself has so many loopholes it's logically-illogical, the list of ironic/irrational bullsh*t goes on. We live on a corrupted compassion-focused facade; well at least the U.S. does. It overvalues inconsistent "Political Correctness". Can anyone keep up with what's politically correct anymore? Just three years ago 90% of the world was against gay marriage, now you can't say anything "considered" LGBTphobic. 7 years ago what you'd consider teasing is now BULLYING. 15 years ago the internet was for nerds, now it's for the superficial. People are f**kin idiots; they swing left and right depending on the tides of the ocean *cough* FPs. It's rare to find individuals who possess beliefs/thoughts based on what makes sense from a factual standpoint, and not consensus and personal grudges. And when someone like me points out that a groups course of action won't work then provide one that will... I'm basically told I don't know what I'm talking about and just being "negative". When it proves to be incorrect the idiots sit around with their d**k in their hand wondering why it didn't. Meanwhile my plan proved to work, and I sit there both happy and frustrated it wasn't implemented. That's probably the reason INTJs like to work alone and let the insane work together. When we decide to do our own thing we're seen as aloof and arrogant... nope, just logical and sane! [Insert quote about doing the same thing expecting a different outcome here.] We work well with a selective (Logically-minded) group not a bag full of Skittles. A World without logic; we live in. A world without compassion would be a little dull but VERY efficient. A world without both would be chaotic. A world WITH an equal amount of each would be Ideal. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A26 I have been studying typology for over a decade. the idea that logic and compassion are incompatible is not a true reflection of functions(if that is what you were implying by your question) first off, a type who is a thinking type can actually be extremely benevolent and compassionate. in many ways more-so than a feeling type because they are motivated by unconscious motives which are distinct from rational thought. So to claim that feeling types, especially first-function feeling types are the most benevolent an compassionate is, from my experience, far from a clear picture of the reality. in many ways they can be very selfish or shallow, but just very good at working their way through the crowd. Feeling is NOTHING without logic. Logic gives feeling function reason and purpose and vice versa. So I suppose we have come full circle and now I realize your question exactly embodies my response. -- Griffin
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