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Question #1202480318Friday, 8-Feb-2008
Category: ENFp INFp E/I Typing
What are the key differences between IEI (INFp) and IEE (ENFp? The main reason I' assking is because I'm trying to place a certain person I suspect to be IEI... I find it odd that I'm not bothered by too much Fe around her... -- MD (INTp)
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A20 Yes there are many similarities to ENFP and INFP, so to the diffrences then. The ENFP's I know are prone to physical comedy (think Jim Carrey or Sandra Bulloch), and often in the middle of a conversation just saunter off, or change the subject to something else that has just caught their attention. Something really big with them is that they can be seriouse and business like one minute and captain wild child the next. Theay are also physically very warm with just about everyone. I think also that as adults they can be a bit more organized. In contrast to INFP's who remain extremly disorganized through out their life and...well on the outward is isn't unusuall to find them in deep thought with their head in their hand one way or another, with a dreamy or embarssed expression. And while they both tend to be supporters of people, thinking the best of them, INFP's often take it to the point of it being a complet lie, because they look through rose colored glasses. And they are only physical with people special to them.....boy explaining the diffrences is harder than I thought it would be. Hope this helps. -- Miss D, INTP
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A21 A20: Jim Carrey is ENTj and Sandra Bullock is most likely ESFj. -- Anonymous
A22 To the original poster: think of the ground difference between E and I. E-types are initiating: they usually make the first move, they engage in conversation. I-types are responding: they usually wait until someone else makes the first move. So what does the person you try to type most of the times? Does this person initiate or respond? -- piccolo_michel
A23 I'm an INFp and my husband an ENFP. According to model A, whatever your base function is, the use of the opposite orientation of it (in yourself and others) is considered somewhat annoying. Say he's inspired to start a business with a buddy. I'd ask him to consider his buddy's past failed business ventures, known lack of work ethic, warn of the potentiality of a ruined relationship should this venture fail, as IT WILL (Ni.) He gets annoyed that I narrow things down like that (Ni). His way of thinking is success is as likely to happen as failure is (Ne). He also plays this game, "What would you do if suddenly, out of nowhere (insert random scenario)?" I usually answer with, "That's not likely to happen." If I do play along, I eventually stop playing because he expands and expands and expands (Ne) his what-if scenario to this never ending ridiculous thing, which I find annoying. Another difference between us is I enjoy having conversations that are abstract or theoretical, which would be a total snooze-fest for him after 5 minutes. I'm also much better when it comes to being socially graceful and appropriate in the etiquette sense. He's almost oblivious to it. He makes way more of an effort to keep in contact with his loved ones. He calls his parents and siblings daily. He calls or texts his friends and cousins daily as well. I don't like calling people, I prefer to wait to see them in person. I think that's a good example of the use of Fe (environmental emotional energy) vs Fi (creating and maintains personal bonds). He's also a workaholic, as ENFPs are often entrepreneurs, and has no sense of his own body. He forgets to eat and gets on average 5 hours of sleep per night. I require a lot of rest and alone time, therefore I try to keep my schedule as empty as possible. The worst thing you can do to me is abruptly need my time. If you want my time, it must be scheduled, I must have time to mentally prepare myself. My husband is much more flexible in that area. He needs people, I'm just as happy without. He has strong emotions towards people, usually one extreme or another, while my emotions towards others have little variation, depending on the group they belong to (immediate family, acquaintance, etc.). He enjoys reminiscing (Si), I think the past is most valuable when used to forecast the future (Ni). I can't see how these two can get mixed up.. -- Anonymous
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