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Question #1201123368Wednesday, 23-Jan-2008
Category: ESTp ESTj Typing
What are some differences between ESTp and ESTj types that might commonly be observed by others, especially those who don't know them well? -- INFplanet
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A1 2 examples off the top of my head. An ESTj is more likely to be a manager/director in a place that has an ordered predictable hierarchy, say the army or a large retail chain. Whereas an ESTp would prefer smaller hierarchy's, especially being his own boss but having others underneath him, say independent retail stores, or any other small business. They may also prefer to frequent small independent stores over large chains. Second, ESTj's are more inclined to trust "published" information, for example ESTj's are more likely to subscribe to modern medicine, whereas ESTp's seem to be more into homeopathy and "alternative" medicine. -- Azure
A2 ESTJs are more bossy and concerned with getting things done, ESTPs just kinda chill out and let things be. -- Anonymous
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A3 As an ESTP male(Leo), Being married to a ESTJ Female Aquarius has been and is extremely painful emotionally. -- Anonymous
A4 Yes....I totally agree. Estj and Estp together is painful. No emotional support or understanding for either. -- Anonymous
A5 ESTj seem to take on responsibility while ESTp tend to avoid or ignore obligation and schedule. ESTj are more direct and proper while ESTp tend to deflect and are more earthy. ESTj tend to be more dependent on others yet are confrontational, wolf-like while ESTp are more independent and like foxes. -- I/O
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