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Question #1201118664Wednesday, 23-Jan-2008
Category: ENFp Healthy Living Advice
I am an ENFP who is having a challenging time eating healthily. I have seasons in my life when I do well and then I slip into a destructive pattern. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions to help me out of the pit I'm in right now. My weight is a constant battle. -- Lois
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A1 Two approaches: 1) Battling unhealthy eating patterns is merely an external manifestation of battling internal self-image patterns. Making your mind up to get to the route of the problem, no matter what it entails, and talking to a psychologist would be a viable solution, when all else fails. 2) From a socionics perspective, which I assume is your intent, an ENFp is perhaps somewhat more susceptible to eating issues than some other types. My reasoning: a leading function of Ne would keep you in a fairly constant state of arousal, meaning you'd readily get excited over new ideas and opportunities - applied to food, this can be detrimental. Furthermore, an introverted auxillary Fi would mean you are particularly aware of how you feel in most situations. If you are unhappy/nervous/anxious some of the time, you may not feel in control of these feelings and would probably want to alleviate them by any means necessary. Enter food. A lot of T types would probably have no problem switching this part of their brain off and would probably suggest that you simply force yourself to watch what you eat and exercise routinely. I realize this is simply not possible for a lot of people, at least initially. Again, if this is something you cannot seem to control on your own, there's absolutely no harm in seeking help, provided you go in with a gameplan and a true desire to do the work to get you where you want to go, no matter how scary it may seem. I hope something here proves useful for you. All the best! -- Anonymous
A2 Use intuition to picture yourself thin and eat lots of vegetables when you are hungry. Motivate yourself to eat healthy by considering the possibilities being thinner offers you. You can never eat too many vegetables, and they don't get stored as fat the way carbohydrates do. Find a vegetable you really like to snack on, such as carrots, and eat those instead of chips or candy. Lots of fruit and vegetables is the key. Celery is a good way to burn calories because eating and digesting it burns more calories than the celery actually puts into you. If you want to lose weight eat a whole lot of celery. Even if you don't like the taste, think of it like working out, only instead of making your muscles burn you're eating celery, which can be done in front of the TV. -- Anonymous
A3 @ A2 - That's all nice and logical, a very TJ approach, but you completely missed the mark in relating it to an FP. To the dear enfp, A1's bang-on. Don't be afraid to seek advice and help about strategies you can adopt and implement to help you in your diet goals. -- Anonymous
A4 Problem: Does anyone have any insight or suggestions to help me out of the pit I'm in right now? Solution: Hook up with a health freak istp. Conclusion: Lose weight, feel great and experience duality in reality. -- istp
A5 For my take, the posters so far have given useful advice. Personally I don't think you need to hook up with a 'health freak' as someone said. Why? Because you being who you are, I reckon it is rather possible you could get bored after a while with just the one type of way. I would however recommend hooking up with a dominant Si type as other has said..However, wether it is ISTp or ISFp is up to your personal life circumstance... I think it (what you want) involves a general change in life, and a couple of paragraphs can't possibly change things long term So..What these two types will do is provide you with Si..which socionically is your weakest function.. And it means more than just a 'healthy' diet or running or these things. It is also about achieving a satisfied mind, for instance (you want to be happy regardless of weight, no??) So I think try find a friend who can help you on a regular basis, because everyday input is very useful.. and it's better than us guys waffling on Let me know how U do, on this thread -- Cyclops (ISTp)
A6 I am a fairly healthy ENFP, so I will advise you based on my own experiences. First, study what healthy eating is and how food affects you. For a time, I was a rawfoodist but found that it was far too antisocial for me, because the other important factor is to never eat alone. As an ENFP the opinion of others (as to whether you are a healthy eater) will ensure that you make healthy decisions in front of them. If you must eat at home alone, buy groceries from a busy health food store where there are plenty of judging healthfood nuts to watch what you're buying. And lastly, plan an exciting aftermeal activity so the meal doesn't drag on too long. -- SD ENFP
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A7 Don't forget to exercise! That is more important than what you eat -- Anonymous
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