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Question #1200737596Saturday, 19-Jan-2008
Category: Tests
Is it possible to take the test too often and mess up the results that way? -- Anonymous
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A1 Anything's possible ... even when a theory exists. Welcome to our lovely universe. Which type do you think you are, or was this merely a rhetorical question? -- Anonymous
A2 Just like the guide reads emotional state strongly influences the decisions. Which in turn can offer a clear window of one's state of mind. While everyone's psyche is structured in a specific manner, behavior cannot always be used to discern this because it does not necessarily reflect the structure. That is to say: Your current emotional state tricks you into believing you are something other than your type. This ties into the next point; by taking the test in different states of mind you can figure out what you behave like when you are angry, sad, happy, stressed etc. Although this would be a socionic rookie mistake. Most of a person's borderline functions can swap in a predictable manner, and even the behaviours can be attributed to each type (e.g. An angry INTp might look like an unhappy ENTp but a veteran socionicist will know the difference) All of the above is moot. Why? Because using the test is pointless, VI grants a much faster explanation. Without even knowing all the types, knowing a person's physical patterns (gait, proportions, dexterity) will allow you instantly match their type when you finally come across their profile. I did this for all of my family and turned out to be 85% correct. The last 15% was corrected because I realized the VI description didn't quite add up. -- Mythikh
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