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Question #1200662613Friday, 18-Jan-2008
Category: Functions
Is there any relationship between the various functions of Socionics and the concepts of id, ego, and super-ego? For example, I tend to associate the Feeling function with the id, but I really don't know if that's accurate. Is there even a relationship between the two? -- Jared (INTj)
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A1 It depends on your type, your 2 dominant functions are ego, secondary 2 are super-ego, tertiary are super-id, and last is id. For an INTj see -- Azure
A2 A1.. I feel a new favourite colour coming on..but then maybe not ?! Because i've always loved blue ! You make me smile Not very socionics maybe ? .. Or maybe it is ! -- Cyclops
A3 Fascinating - but I can't seem to find any information on what a super-id is. Is this an actual Freudian concept? If so (or even if not), how does it relate to the more standard id, ego, and super-ego? -- Jared (INTj)
A4 @A3: To my knowledge, super-id is not a Freudian concept. The socionics terms of id, ego, and super-ego don't seem to mean the same exact things what Freud means by them. Super-id is the two functions that you need the help of other people. This is just a guess: super-id might be connected to what Freud means by eros, and socionics id might be connected to what he means by thanatos. -- INTp
A5 @A4 - I may be off base here, but I thought eros was love of life and thanatos was fear of death. Two opposing motivating forces. It's a different way to characterize how people come to their decisions to act ... whereas socionics tries to characterize motivations via the functions and their position of relative strength & weakness to one another. -- iAnnAu
A6 @A5: With Freud eros has to do with libido, so in one sense it could be said to be love of creating life, but not really love of life in general meaning. And thanatos is death drive or death instinct, so that's has to do with self-destructive behaviour, rather than fear of death. Anyway what I was thinking with my previous answer is pretty vague sense of connections, so I can't really explain it. Sort of that Super-id is connected to things one would find erotic, and socionics id instinct that would lead to self-destructing path, or something. That didn't have anything to do with classic socionics, I was just tossing ideas around. -- INTp
A7 @A6, that is absolute rubbish. -- Anonymous
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A8 Just curious to be honest. Intentionally vague to a point. I don't know if it's the same INTp or different ones but it appears (well from what I see) that they often criticise without explaining why, really or also giving forth a better explanation. (Sometimes I try to work out in what way the criticism is constructive, but often I can't-so this is reverse psychology) Its nothing personal, just thought I would try it to see if it would help shed box light on their style of thinking for me. Nothing personal, a scientific experiment really, but, sigh, probably not that good a one. I should probably go back to the drawing board or maybe just accept I can't 'get' everything, or maybe just ask them haha? -- Anonymous
A9 @A8: lol, well to get in that style of thinking, you have to know when it's the proper time to say that it's "absolute rubbish". You know like in the Not Another Teen Movie, where there's the guy who always does the hand-clapping-thing at the wrong time But seriously, we don't just say that without good reason. -- INTp
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