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Question #1199128798Monday, 31-Dec-2007
Category: Supernatural
It was the day before finals and I was extremely stressed. (I had over a thousand terms to memorize on one night! insane eh?) But as I was trying to cram as many terms into my brain as possible I got a sudden very strong and discinct feeling that everything was going to turn out ok regardless of any studing I did or didn't do. The stress dissolved into oblivion. I began flipping through the text for the fun of it (I love to learn). The next day I went to class and took the exam. I had maintained a D grade for most of the semester but apparently I scored high on the final because I got a B in the class. Was that intuition in action? -- Anonymous
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A1 i would believe so. can't think of any fancy Socionics details to prove that or not (not right now)...but ain't that the trend? -- @sirac
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A2 Sounds more like Feeling in action. You didn't feel like studying, you got in a better mood, and since you felt good about taking the test and studying you did well. -- Anonymous
A3 I agree with A2. This story has absolutely zero bearing on intuition much less anything supernatural. -- Anonymous
A4 When I am on intuitive thinking, or whatever I should call it, it is percepted more like a revelation of some kind, a vague but at the same time distinct comprehension of an image of development. Vague in details, but clear in outcome or consequence. Like I predicted bankrupcy in a flight service company once, after vistited them for ten minutes. Couldnt explain the details in the prediction moment, ( I can now though), everything looked appearantly fine there, I just saw it would happen. It was certainly not a feeling, more like an inner vision, revelation of future. Connected loads and loads, for the moment, unexplainable dots leading to the deduction. That is the closest approximation I can give. -- ENTp
A5 I don't think it has anything to do with either of these things. I'm an istp and I often do the same thing. -- Anonymous
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