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Question #1199104267Monday, 31-Dec-2007
Category: S/N Theory
Are intuitive thinkers more likely to ejoy RPG games more than the other types and are sensing percievers more likely to enjoy action video games than the other types? -- deedeedee
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A1 If so, I'm an exception. I'm a solid Senser-Perciever who hates FPS and loves RPGs. -- Lena
A2 my siblings and i tend to fit the mold. i'm ENTP, brother's INTJ, sister's INTP. we love RPGs, all of us. -- transitionzero
A3 I'm an sensing perciever and I dont' like RPGs that much but I love fast paced action games. -- Anonymous
A4 I am INTj and adictive gamer. I am best at strategy turn-based games. Than RPGs. Than RTS. Action games....boooriiiing, although I play some soccer or shot some monsters once in a while. -- Vlad - INTj
A5 I'm a dominant Intuitive (as far as I know) and I *love* First-Person shooters to *death*. Gorey, video game death, of course! Anyways, Goldeneye is possibly my favorite video game- along with Ocarina of Time, a classic RPG. There is probably a connection between Socionics personality type and what kind of enjoyment you derive from video games. After all, Socionics is a theory of Information Metabolism: what kind of information is acceptable, desirable, unwanted, etc. So it only makes sense that video games would be heavily influenced by that. But to say that one type prefers certain genres of video games over another is probably misguided. Now, *sports* on the other hand ... -- Anonymous
A6 hahaha. I love this question. =) -- Anonymous
A7 I'm an INFp and I play mostly RPGs, Platformers, and Puzzle games. -- Anonymous
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A8 I am an INTx and I love BOTH RPG's AND FPS..... However, if I was forced to choose between them, I would choose RPG's. Btw, Ocarina of Time is NOT an RPG. It is an adventure game. -- CaptainAwesome
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