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Question #1199104236Monday, 31-Dec-2007
Category: T/F Theory
Are thinkers secretly more emotional than feelers? -- deedeedee
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A1 Good question too bad no one really wants to tackle it. Coming from a INTP I think T's do not like outward shows of emotion because it makes them uncomfortable because "F" emotions are often misdirected because they do not wait to analyze where or if the emotions will hurt or benifit the other person. I believe T's need to see the usefulness of the emotion before it is expressed even though it may be felt very deeply. Sometimes they hold back when they shouldn't, not knowing that the other person needs that emotion to "feel" how the T is feeling. -- NewDawn
A2 Some thinkers would like to think that they are less emotional than they really are, hence making more deliberate decisions made on logic to reassure themselves that they should let their heads do the working. -- transitionzero (ENTP)
A3 I overanalyze my feelings, and frequently come to a decision that later on turns out quite differently than what I expected. So while I definitely have strong feelings, I have a tendency to wait to act on them until I've rationalized myself into a conclusion about why I feel the way I do as well as what I should do about it. I only wish hindsight would prove me wrong less often ... but as I consider myself mostly harmless, I also manage to not get too wrapped up in guilt about it! -- iAnnAu (ISTp)
A4 Thinkers experience emotions too, just that they analyze them and are logical about them. -- entp
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A5 I think this question is retarded. All types experience emotions. All types can be emotional at times. Tell me which type will feel NOTHING when something/someone they care about is gone. Reason why logical types seem "less emotional" is because they have weaker ethics, thus expressing their emotions are somewhat harder compared to ethical types. -- mea
A6 No question is retarded, because people should always be allowed to ask to more fully understand something regardless of what it is, however, some answers are retared. Perhaps A5 was born knowing everything, but for everyone else its a bit more of a struggle -- Cyclops
A7 "I think this question is retarded." Hmm, I wonder if poster A5 is a T? I think anyone can repress their emotions, T and F alike. Ex. Feeling types are less likely to do this, but also do it on occasion to (esp. ESFJ/ENFJ). -- Anonymous
A8 I think some people are just stronger at feeling and some people are stronger at thinking. So everyone feels and everyone thinks, but some people are stronger at applying emotional pressure and other people are stronger at creating a logical argument. But everyone and their decisions are affected by both. -- Th
A9 More emotionally vulnerable in the depths, yes. -- Anonymous
A10 If you're referring to love, hate, regret, envy, etc., I think that all types experience emotion, which emerges from one's primal core that exists beneath type. T-types do not use the right processing tools to effectively deal with emotions; most try to bury them rather than deal with them. This incompetence may make T-types seem more emotional or childish at times, especially when there is the added frustration of not being able to fully understand or cope with the emotion. -- I/O
A11 Perhaps T struggles to identify their emotions. As an INTP, I often find that emotions inhabit a mostly physiological realm. I may physically feel down, and those close may recognize this. However, if asked what is wrong, I often lack a vocabulary adequate enough to verbalize what it is that I "feel," and mostly find it pointless to express such. In my teens, I did more emotional expression through poetry, which seemed a bridge between head and heart, for I could then go back and analyze what my T could not discern from my F. I am female, so not sure how many males utilize writing to decipher their F. -- Anonymous
A12 F types seem to feel all the time and much more are confident in those feelings. T types are a lot less certain about all that ime -- Anonymous
A13 I am often unrure, wether I am a T or F. Tests and descriptions tell me I am an INTj. I frequently avoid to hurt someones feelings, allthough T- Types are said to be less aware of others feelings. Many of my decisions include my feelings about the possibilities, but I tend to give logical/objective reasons for my choices. When I am in a bad mood, I can't tell others why, because it would make me talk about what I feel. The main characteristic of Thinking might be not to communicate Feelings either verbally or unverbally, but to keep or try to keep and demonstrate an aura of objectiveness and logic. Good example (don't take too seriously): Mr. Spock. As a Vulcanian he is expected to have no feelings and to be always logical, and he expectects it from himself. Bu half a human he sometimes struggles with his feelings trying to suppress them. -- Anonymous
A14 if you're not sure whether you're T or F you're probably INTp not INTj -- Anonymous
A15 I'm with A9, more emotionally vulnerable, and less capable of handling it... thus usually don't show much emotions. INTj -- Anonymous
A16 As an INTj, I find myself responding like A3 -- Anonymous
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