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Question #1199104190Monday, 31-Dec-2007
Category: ISTp ISFp Relationship
Do ISTps and ISFps naturally get along? -- curious
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A1 I am ISTp, and my brother is ISFp. He's 2 years younger than I, and while we were growing up, he was unfortunately relegated to "sidekick" a lot of the time, because I would roam the neighborhood, climbing trees, exploring old barns, etc. - and he'd be right behind me, rarely initiating. But if he didn't come along, I was doing the same thing; whereas when he did his own thing he'd usually be playing indoors instead. Also I notice that I prefer to read books where he prefers to play video games. And when we take in information we both focus on details but in slightly different ways - he seems to like to have a bevy of specific factoids at his disposal, and I like to associate a piece of data with the different subjects it might relate to. Our mutual social contacts like to joke about how they can't find a topic on which each of us can't chime in with some random information! As for how we get along as adults - well, we don't socialize just the two of us any more. The last several times we have were because we were taking road trips together, and we usually just listen to music (we both have eclectic but pretty inclusive tastes) - conversation never lasts long! I'd have to say overall that I don't know my brother very deeply, but I'm not bothered by it much. Hope that helps! -- iAnnAu
A2 I'm an ISFP and my brother is an ISTP. We get along pretty well but we don't have much to talk about. Generally, I feel like can read people pretty well, but I find it really hard to guess what he's thinking or feeling. Our taste in music is pretty similar - we seem to enjoy music in a similar way. In fact, I think listening to music with him is when I feel the closest bond with him. There have been rare occasions when he's opened up to me about something bothering him - then we have great chats. But then the next day, it's like he's totally forgotten about it or wants to pretend like nothing's been said. I used to find that sort-of hurtful but now I just accept that that's the way he is. We seem to get along better when we're with other people strangely enough. He's hilarious when he starts with his jokes. But anyway - in summary - I would say that we 'get along' well and seem to have an unspoken understanding but we don't really have much to say to each other and don't find each other's company that scintillating. -- ISFP
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A3 yes. Im istp and one of my close friends is an isfp. We understand each other because we are almost similar and have similar interest. We're both laid back, spontanious, open minded, like traveling, shopping, nature, arts, the outdoor and other things. Only difference is im a health freak but we both love different foods from varied cultures. Shes got very good dress but prefer comfortable clothes like me. I wear sporty, casual, clothes with occasions of wearing fashionable and party clothes. She do the same thing. She's really nice and cool to be around. -- Anonymous
A4 I'm isfp and my dad is istp. We rarely had anything to talk about. And we usually get along, but only if we don't talk about things that we care about = =". I would usually make an effort to talk to him but he just doesn't seem that interested. Maybe it was the way he was raised, but I find my dad's way of thinking rather annoying. He's laidback but at the same time he can be pretty offensive in many of his comments. I usually find his views of thinking clashing with my values and they often irritate me. So I guess, overall, we tolerate each other but we don't like each other that much. But that's only my dad. I have an istp friend and we get along just fine. -- isfp
A5 My cousin is an istp and I'm an isfp and we get along great. He thinks my impulsiveness is funny and he keeps me grounded. -- Anonymous
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