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Question #1198831910Friday, 28-Dec-2007
Category: ENTp ISFp Duality Relationship
This is a question to all the ENTps out there. I'm really interested in learning as much as possible about dualty pairs. I'm an ISFp/ISFP and I frequently do things that I'm sure most would consider illogical and as long as no one's hurt by those illogical things I don't care at all that they are this a turn off?. -- curious
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A1 no....contr-are. they the introverted type, many things u would put out, would be seen as justifiable onn the ISFP intro world scale..(an intp male, with entp freind, with isfp wife) -- @sirac
A2 An ENTP will call you out on your illogical activities in an attempt to understand why you do them (assuming we haven't already figured it out through observation). Of course the methods used will probably lead you to believe you're being attacked or interrogated. You're not, technically. We simply crave knowledge and use the most direct path at our disposals (or that we can get away with). -- JDS [ENTP]
A3 no, just entertaining mostly, and we will appear to be interogating you like A2 said but it's really just curiosity. -- Anonymous
A4 Not a turn off at all. For my part this is a kinda heaven for sketching new possibilities for the mere sake of sketching them. Should I be "interrogative" it is because I am looking for the sticky side of the tape and most probably just finding it will be enough for me. So, if you keep your illogical deeds flowing I am sure to be right next to you. ENTP -- Anonymous
A5 I don't see it as a turn off, more of a turn on. I guess the way I see your "illogical things" is more like "different" and "new" to me (duh!). I like it when people express themselves, more so if it's weird or illogical. -- Eh-N-Tee-Pee
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A6 "Why did you do that, you silly girl. What? I don't mind, just interested. Do it again." -- Entpee
A7 If these illogical decisions\actions sets you back against your desire, I will be quite impatient with them, especially if in a repetitive manner, which I have seen in a couple of ISFp's. Restraining personal advance with illogic behaviour is not very inspirational, since I want the best for you. Principally then for me, someone has been hurt. Primarily you. Taking any consequences of them out, from first person to third, I would have been able to live with them, non-comprehendable yes, but acceptable, maybe even entertaining. -- ENTp
A8 I would personally find your illogical actions fascinating and would try to figure out why you did it. I would get annoyed if I was under stress, or your actions directly impacted me (for instance in a work environment). But in terms of a relationship, it would just make me more interested in you (very important when dealing with ENTp's) -- ENTp
A9 I think the only turn-off would be if you were defensive about me questioning why you did the illogical thing. A simple "I dunno. I just felt like it " would be fine, but retreating into a turtle shell would drive me a little crazy. -- xntpfemale
A10 What do you mean by "irrational"? For me that word has a very specific meaning and it would definitely be a turn-off if your actions followed this meaning. As an ENTp, I need you to have a "why" for why you're choosing to do something- BUT that why can sometimes be "I feel like it" and that can be an acceptable answer. For example, let's say you're going to hike up the mountain. Path A is more scenic and gets you there faster, Path B is longer and more arduous. If you choose Path B, but explain that you are choosing it because 1. you like variety and you've already done path A or 2. you need exercise and path B provides better exercise etc etc... Than that's fine. But let's say you specifically need to get up to the mountain within a certain timeframe, and it seems obvious that if so the quicker path would be the better route, and yet the only justification you can offer for Path B is that you "feel like it" or that's what you've "always done" than I will go crazy. It's not like we don't mind random spontaneous word behaviours "just cause", but if those behaviors could seemingly be BETTER and you don't have an explanation why you're choosing your way instead... -- ENTP
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