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Question #1198831875Friday, 28-Dec-2007
Category: T/F Relationship Theory
In all the relationships I've observed in my life where the decision making functions (thinking or feeling) were opposite it was a HUGE point of conflict. I'm curious about the thinkers that are with thinkers and the feelers that are with feelers...are there less conflicts?...or are they just about different things? When both have the same decision making function, do both parties feel more understood? -- ISFp
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A1 As a feeler who's been involved with a few of each decision-making types, there's definitely more understanding. I don't think there's necessarily more or less conflict, but when conflict does arise, it's easier to solve if, a) you're the same type, or b) you are both conscious that you are opposite types and how that affects the relationship. -- Lena (ESFp)
A2 My sister and brother-in-law are both FEELERS. She is ISFJ, and he is an INFJ (MTBI, I'm not sure what they are in socionics). They constantly bicker, but they are very thoughtful of each other, and very sentimental. They get in fights/arguments a lot. They are funny to observe because they go from bickering to laughing and back to bickering all the time. They have a very warm relationship, but also constantly get under each other's skin. I don't know of any THINKER couples, but I imagine that they resole conflict rationally, enjoy each other's calmness, but may feel distant sometimes. -- Anonymous
A3 thinker-thinker is more conflict if its anything but identical. -- Anonymous
A4 Personal experience; with feelers, conflicts in evaluating decisions, with thinkers, conflicts with how decisions can be optimized. In a nutshell. -- ENTp
A5 This is also why extraverted J conflicting relations tend to be worse off than those with two extraverted Ps. -- Anonymous
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