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Question #1198715042Thursday, 27-Dec-2007
Category: ESTp Intertype Relations
im an estp guy whos always falling for my fellow "feeler" SP girls, but they never work. im not really sure why. they just always seem too happy with being friends, and never seem to be very considerate of me at all (this goes for romantically and practically). ive read that the isfj would be the best choice for me according to keirsey, and they sound very caring. but where do i go abouts finding this isfj?, and what is it really that sfps want?? -- thewheelerdealer
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A1 ISFj girls are everywhere, lol. You just have to identify them. -- Anonymous
A2 well what are the identifiable characteristics of an isfj? i dont even know if ive ever known one. -- Anonymous
A3 i got an idea, why does ur question suck? -- isfp
A4 oh ya, you(A3) really sound like an isfp! -- Anonymous
A5 properly the most percentage of girls are ISFJ and i think the next are esfj... but oh, you will hardly find an isfj girl in wave clubs loud social events and hardcore parties, maybe somewhere quieter -- enfj
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A6 SFPs want fun and a deep relationship, and all SFPs I know are attracted to NTs - that might be the reason of your not succeeding. Btw, in Socionics, INFj is your "best choice"... so maybe start looking for a girl of this type? I dont know any, but perhaps they might be found on some kind of charity activities... -- Anonymous
A7 A6 meant "INFp", actually, ESTp and INFp is the ideal match. Also, note that Keirsey's temperament sorter deals with a different system (Myers Briggs, not the one you want). If you're going by Myers-Briggs, you should be looking for an INFj. And they're pretty rare, but you might start at a library ...Good luck!!! -- Anonymous
A8 Yeah, I meant and INFp, sorry for that. -- Poster of A6
A9 A6, that a bad idea, very bad idea Don't get me started. ESTp guys scare me off. They tell dirty jokes when it really isn't convenient (means: always) and want to hop in the shower together on times of day, when I really don't want to shower...or do other fun things together in the shower. No matter that the hot water doesn't work. Guess, who has to call the plumber, eventually? Most ESTp guys got nice bodies, and you can tell them all day how much you like it, love them - and they sure appreciate it and moon back, but in the end they betray your trust are far too gruff, far too technical, far too demanding. And they always think they can get what they want by just taking it and then complain and are disappointed, when it doesn't work their way. Then they go away for days, to party with their many many buddies... ok I stop ranting here @ Mr. thewheelerdealer - it's not the girls who "don't work" it's most probably you who I think should make a difference by trying to understand the human being in the girl and her desires and needs aside from a keirsey book (although it makes good impact, that you read that book) you might have to ask her because nobody else can tell you, if you can't find out on your own and just a Keirsey book won't suffice. I guess if you want attention of a ISFx, you gotta earn it probably the hard way, it might take time because she first of all needs to trust you and you might get hurt when you lest expect it (read ISFj uncovered). Another idea, which may be too forward of me to suggest: Think about actually what makes you fall for a girl, question your motives. Try to find out and then communicate. Doing so, don't concentrate so much on the 4 personality type letters. (Only if she finds it sexy or at least endearing ) INFx girl -- Anonymous
A10 how does (a3) sound like an isfp (a4)? -- jerkone
A11 @A10, it's called sarcasm stupid! -- Anonymous
A12 You can find a lot of ISFj girls at church, especialy conservative & traditional churches. -- Anonymous
A13 in response to A9, ..yes, then they develop a hyper morality that reigns them in at all the wrong moments, making them unviable for action (*). and i can say this, cause yes, like so-many others i like displaying traviality at the right moments. *-so who is really of action...the one who comes to action at the right for the analogy of wussdom and types correlated according to this scale -- @sirac
A14 hahaha A3 in reply to question: isfj is the MBTI perfect type for the estp; in socionics its the infp. but type isnt the same on MBTI as it is on SOCIONICS (just incase you wanted to be extra confused) so umm. KEEP LOOKING! thats all i got -- Anonymous
A15 I'm not sure why you keep seeing SF types. You should try an intp. -- Anonymous
A16 A9, as an INFP, i find that guys i "click" with most are ESTPs. maybe it's because they have what i "yearn" for. they're very funny and charming. or maybe it's because i don't go into relationships as seriously as most infx's. they're really fun guys but i do see that they go for those xsfx girls a lot. especially those esfp ladies. and yeah like the op says, it usually ends because the esfp complains that estp was "impossible to tame" and the estp calls the esfp "wishy washy". -- Anonymous
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