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Question #1198281697Saturday, 22-Dec-2007
Category: T/F j/p Theory Tests
I keep testing as INTJ & INFJ. How accurate is it that those personality types are rare? Are there benefits to being able to function as T & F? -- female
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A1 You are either socionics INFp or INTp no doubt about it. -- Anonymous
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A2 What brought you come to that conclusion? I am an INXP and I have the same question. -- NewDawn
A3 I've heard someone say they function as T/F depending on what they are applying themselves to. When working at a task that needs problem solving they function as INTJ, and when people need help they function as INFJ. -- female
A4 Those personality types don't seem very rare on the internet. -- Anonymous
A5 ANYONE can function as T or F. Geez. It always amuses me when obviously feeling types claim to be T types. All T types can have very strong emotions and all F types can be very cold and logical. The easiest way to figure out which you are is to look at your friends and the people you choose to associate with. Are more of them Alpha Quadra (ENTp, ISFp, ESFj, INTj) or are more of them Delta Quadra (ENFp, ISTp, ESTj, INFj)? Figuring out who your friends are should make it easier to figure out your own type. -- Anonymous
A6 As for the rarity of these types (assuming you have typed correctly), I'd say it's sample selection bias. Intuitive types are more drawn to these particular subjects (psychology and personality tests in general). I remember visiting a gaming site where the MBTI came up, and a poster wondered why there were so many INTJ's and INTP's if they were purportedly rare. Because those are the types most likely to discuss MBTI over the internet, on a gaming site no less! If you're judging the rarity of any given type from posters on sites like these, I'd warn you that you're probably not getting a good estimate of the general population. -- INTj
A7 If you are unsure of/balanced in your [T/F] judging function, then you are most likely more dominant in your perceiving function, leaving you with either Te or Fe as your creative function, thus, making you most likely INTp or INFp in Socionics. Also, EVERY person is capable of using all 8 functions; it's just that your top 2 will likely be much more developed than 5 of the other 6. (In your case, will likely also be developed in you according to Socionics theory, but will also be your "ignoring" function.) So, question for you is: which function do you normally use most frequently to guide your subjective intuition? Once you figure that out, then you can be more certain your type. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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