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Question #1198241653Friday, 21-Dec-2007
Category: E/I Theory
Is shyness learned? If so, what's the difference between shyness & introvertedness? I'm trying to figure out how much is just my personality, and how much may be a learned condition. I would very much appreciate any feedback:) -- INTJ/INFJ personality
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A1 Shyness - a lack of confidence in onesel. Introvertedness (in the socionics sense) .. thoughts or perceptions, mainly focused inwardly. -- Cyclops
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A2 Introversion/Extroversion in Socionics are the properties of your dominant function whether it is extroverted or introverted! -- Anonymous
A3 A very gregarious person may have uncomfortable experiences that cause them to modify their outgoing behavior, but I think many people are naturally socially reserved; therefore shyness for them is not learned. The difference between introtim and extrotim have more to do with your underlying motivations for your behavior than the actual manifestations. If you keep reading more on socionics, you'll start to come across the aspects of introversion & extroversion as they relate to the other 3 axes; this will help emphasize the difference between the use of these words in socionics and their use in general parlance. -- iAnnAu
A4 Thanks for the responses so far. They are very helpful. -- Q. (above)
A5 go to it gives really great descriptions of shyness & tips on how to overcome it. -- Anonymous
A6 I think shyness can be learned, and it is something different than introvertedness. I am shy, but I am not an introvert, and my sister is vice versa. She is an ISTp and she's at ease to make new friends and chat in a very nice and a bit official way, and she's very good at it. I am not, so I have learned to be shy. As A3 writes, I have to modify my outgoing behaviour. That's because when I am outgoing I am usually very inappropriate. So I am shy out of fear I could say something that might strain the atmosphere or hurt someone. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A7 Thanks A6. That's insightful. It seems like it would be mostly introverts that have a problem with shyness, even though it has nothing to do with function. I wonder if certain types are more sucseptible to shyness thatn others? -- Anonymous
A8 Interesting question... perhaps the types who have Fi in their ego block, because they are sensitive and emotional, but their emotions are not outgoing and therefore not easily expressed directly. And at the same time, their perception (be it S or N) is extroverted, so they notice immediately when someone doesn't like them. But generally, anyone can develop shyness if s/he hasn't experienced any support from their family in childhood, for example. -- Ezis
A9 I suspect that shyness is a result of a person losing confidence in his main function, forcing him to rely on his other functions which he knows don't work as well. Now he's in a position where nothing he does is any good, so he becomes afraid of interacting at all. -- Anonymous INTj
A10 A6- I get the “being innappropriate or offend someone” thing. I’m an INFP, but am definitely not shy, and have never been described as such from anyone. I can relate to your sister too. people are drawn easily to me, but i find myself trying to keep them at bay, so they won’t become clingy. i have people who want to turn me into their “best” friends quite often, which actually annoys me because it takes a long time to get to really know me. I think I may have strong extraversion tendencies, but I embrace my introverted side in fear of drawing people to me too much, or saying something awkward and inappropriate. i have a knack of stumping conversations with a single statment. -- Anonymous
A11 I'm an INFJ and have been shy even before I could speak. For me, it's not a lack of confidence in myself so much as a natural timidity; I'll always be shy and I accept it as part of my character -- Anonymous
A12 I was an outgoing INTP, then I went to summer camp... -- Anonymous
A13 I relate to A11 because that's how I am too. And I know this gonna be seen pretty badly, bu I'm gonna use a more "dictionary" description of introversion, which is "preferring to keep to yourself". Not the same as being shy which, as stated earlier, is more like having low self confidence, but that's just m take on it. Why use a dictionary description of shyness and a socionics description of introversion? It's nonlinear and can throw some aspects of thinking off. -- Vira Q. (High School INTj)
A14 shyness has to do social anxiety well introverssion has to do with peferance. A extroverted person can still be afraid of socializing but still be strongly effected by socializing. I/E has to with how social simulation effects you. -- Anonymous
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