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Question #1197921978Monday, 17-Dec-2007
Category: Enneagram
Do most NFs have the tendency to be type 1 on the enneagram test? -- DustBunny
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A1 INTJ can be a type 1. So can INFJ and (I think) ENFJ. I can't remember the others. I gave away my book with the enneagram-MBTI chart. -- learning (type 4, INFp)
A2 I don't know, but can you give me a good site for this ennegram thing..I think I sat one before .. It was a while ago but it was a higher number.. I'm not an NF, but still.. -- Cyclops
A3 good site for enneagram = -- type 3, entp
A4 Actually, from what I've seen, NFs are more likely to be type 4 or 9. 1s almost always have a j preference, and while F is common, I've seen many ENTj and INTj type 1s, so it's not a necessity. -- Arkadi
A5 I'm type 4, and 9 after that... -- Simon the INFp
A6 i have scored 9 mostly and a 4 once -- infp
A7 no, i dont think it's likely for them to be that type at all. they are idealists, but not exactly perfectionists.. there is a slight difference. I think most NFs would be 2, 4, and 9.. if they're E then maybe 7. I think one of my friends is an ISTj, and type 1.. but i'm not sure on either of those (I'm more sure that she is type 1 than that she is ISTj). -- Anonymous
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A8 i beleive many are e 4 im enfp e4 -- Anonymous
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