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Question #1197903336Monday, 17-Dec-2007
Category: Enneagram
Hey guys, I can identify *strongly* with Enneagram's Type 4 with a 5 wing. I have two questions: 1) how can I use this to determine my personality type and 2) what steps for growth or improvement should I be taking? My life feels very empty and unsatisfying right now. I get radical and creative ideas and then lose interest in them as soon as I think about how to implement them (leading me to believe I am a dominant iNtuitive), and it's hard to understand how to take action as I don't know what I feel or who I am. -- Shapcal
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A1 What type do you think you are? And is that socionics? -- Cyclops
A2 whoooa. fellow enneagram 4 here...dunno about the wing tho...I kind of have a little of wing 5 and 3. ANYWAY I used to be a pretty unhealthy enneagram sucked...BAD. I'm not gonna lie; I thought about suicide all the time...there's only one reason I get out of bed in the morning now...God. He's the one who took my shattered, broken, mangled self and began putting me back together again. He's the only thing big enough to fill the vaccum in my heart. OH and about what personlity type you have: -- Anonymous
A3 Right now, I am 75% sure that I am an ENFp, although at times I have been convinced I was INFp (INFJ Myers-Briggs type), ENTp, ENFj, or INTp (INTJ Myers-Briggs). I have been able to determine I am a dominant intuitive, which means my personality type is at the very least xNxp. I am also reasonably sure I am an extravert, although I can't tell if I am dominated by introverted intuition or extraverted intuition, so I might be an introvert, I don't know. My life has been marked by a search for significance and meaning, to the point where life seems pointless and unsatisfying and I can't imagine anything making me happy. -- Shapcal
A4 A3 .. I dont what type you are. Can I ask tho, do you think typing yourself correctly will make you happy ? I don't ask this to imply that it won't, I just ask to see what you think ? If you cant imagine anything making you happy, are you able to imagine the things that dont make you happy ? -- Cyclops
A5 How about choosing a tentative type & using it to give you ideas for self-improvement? Keeping in mind that if at some point something isn't clicking, you can come back & try the next likely type? The point is to understand yourself better - this should be mostly an internal process anyway; external sources are theoretical reference points to help give you new ways to think & talk about that process, and not to rigidly define the ways you can & can't be! -- iAnnAu
A6 Yea, I've tried all of this stuff. The whole "hang in there and things will get better" bit has never really helped me out too much. Thanks anyways. -- Shapcal
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A7 Hi Shapcal, A4 here..i'm not suggesting to 'just get on with it' There may be underlying reasons for your distress. Sometimes looking at what makes as unhappy is a good way to focus on the issue, as concentrating what makes us happy can simply create a 'pleasure mask' Sometimes also, this can give a hint towards an indication of type, as a for instance, if someone has had too much of a negative effect on their functions by their socionic supervisor, it can cause them to de-value their strong points and make them unhappy. -- Cyclops
A8 One guideline used to distinguish extroverts from introverts is that extroverts usually initiate contact with people and events; introverts prefer to wait for others to initiate. (This doesn't have anything to do with being shy though). People with dominant tend to do a lot of forecasting of the future and daydreaming, and hold themselves back from acting on something unless they're absolutely confident. People with dominant are continually in search of new interesting opportunities and act readily, and see inherent possibilities in everything. (In a nutshell) A7 makes a good point - if we're not in the company of people who value our ego elements it can make us feel unhappy and unappreciated. -- jragonfly
A9 I can relate to your personal description and often test as 3w4 on the enneagram. A good way to take action is to make more commitments. Take on responsibilities that involve other people in your creative process. I get a LOT more done when I know others are depending on me. You don't need to turn every idea you have into a group project, but when you're engaging with others and have deadlines set, it no longer feels like your concepts are just floating in space. It's ok if you don't know who you are or how you're feeling. The creative process can be a way to understand those things about yourself. It's incredibly satisfying when you can see a pysical manifestation of some abstract thing that was once only in your head. Start making anything and don’t be afraid to fail! -- INFp
A10 im an INTp and I have Ni dominant. "Search for significance and meaning" is part of the core of Ni if I am taking your words properly... Seeking for the universal context of pretty much everything... For me it was psychedelic drugs. Eating shrooms in the proper setting can provide a deeply spiritual introspective experience that has the potential to completely change your current mindset on life. -- INTp
A11 Hi, Shapcal: 1.) If you truly are a 4w5, then you are likely either an INFp or an INFj in Socionics. I myself am a 4w5 INFj. 2.) Enneagram will be far more helpful for your self-improvement than Socionics. So study Type 4 on the Enneagram websites and look for Enneagram books with tips for 4's. As a four, it is very important that you are kind to yourself. Negative self-talk is destructive. Do not allow yourself to wallow in feeling ashamed and useless. Instead, commit to taking action in the real world. Don't let your feelings run your life. As long as you only work on your mental and emotional world, nothing outside yourself will change. You have all the tools you need, you just need to know that you can do it. You can't succeed if you don't try. You may want to see a therapist. Perhaps anti-depressants and therapy will help you get over the hump, so to speak. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are a beautiful soul. What can Socionics help you with? It can help you develop more realistic expectations for your relationships. For example, try to find friends in your quadra. Don't expect to get very much out of people who are in your opposing quadra, as they will typically discourage you from doing what comes most naturally to you. We all need people who affirm us and simultaneously encourage us to be our best selves. -- An INFj
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