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Question #1197768218Sunday, 16-Dec-2007
Category: Theory Stereotype
Which type is most likley to suffer from Anorexia? -- Anonymous
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A1 enfjs -- Anonymous
A2 Weak Si type..but someone who wants Se, ENFj, ENTj possibly. Still depends on other factors. What does anyone else think? -- Westie
A3 From personal observation: ENFjs. INFps tend to be a bit obsessed with their weight, but not exactly anorexic. -- pandapanda
A4 My sister had anorexia and shes an ENTj. -- Anonymous
A5 I used to know an anorexic that had ENFj -- Westie
A6 NFPs I read somewhere. They aren't in touch with reality, and they are perfectionists, and can have low self-worth. -- Anonymous
A7 Ive known an intj & isfj who both suffered from anorexia -- Tricia
A8 A6: Can you please define what you mean by "reality"? -- INFp male
A9 ENFPs I think..they have that "like-me" state of mind.. and as mentioned above, are perfectionist that arent in touch with reality -- ENFP
A10 Statistically, infps. -- entp
A11 I know an ENFp who is very concerned with her weight, even though she isn't big at all. She cares about what people think, and compares herself to other girls, so that's what causes her to be bulimic or anorexic. -- Anonymous
A12 I'm just basing this on personal experience, but out of all the people who I've known that have been obsessed with their weight they were ENFp's, my mom being one. I don't think I'd qualify it as anorexia, but they do a lot of things that aren't particularly healthy like smoke, skip meals, take diet pills, etc. None of these people are overweight, either, they were all quite skinny, for instance, my mom is a size 6 but she thinks she's fat! I do wonder, as someone suggested, that it has to do with their desire for attention and to be liked, since every ENFp I've ever met has striven to be liked and admired, if only on a superficial bases -- An INFj
A13 I suffered from eating disorders (INFp MBTI INFJ) -- Anonymous
A14 According to literature, infps and enfps are more prone to eating disorders. I don't particularly think that ENFPs are more likely to develop an eating disorder than other types but, I have one so that goes to show that ANY type can develop one. However, a online survey of an eating disorder community showed that the highest rates of eating disorders are definitely infjs followed immediately by isfjs. Furthermore, I noticed that many people in the eating disorder community self-identified with intj but also a few enfjs. Personally, I think the most likely MBTI types to suffer from full blown anorexia are INFJ(by far), ISFJ, INFP, and INTJ. Besides typology, the most common traits in anorexics and bulimics are perfectionism, compulsiveness, very strong need to control environment,and need to please. -- ENFP w/eating disorder
A15 I had anorexia when I was younger and I'm an infj. Perhaps it has to do with the perfectionistic aspect of my personality. -- Anonymous
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A16 I am an ENFP who has suffered from a binge eating disorder all my life (I never began purging until recently) After my first year of college I was scouted and ended up signing with a modelling agency. Though I have always been skinny my belly fat began to bug me within a few months during bikini shoots so I began to diet but found it impossible to control my eating habits so I finally began to purge. I am not proud of my bulimia but can say as an ENFP, though a messy and disorganised one, I am also a perfectionist when it comes to making the outside world fit with what I want and need. The outside world, including my body. -- ENFP, model
A17 Infj, and I have a bad relationship with food... I think it's because we try to understand everyone around us but have no self awareness, pretty ironic. Also, I tend to be a perfectionist, I'm an athlete and I have to be organised, meaning for my diet I feel "accomplished" when I have less calories. I feel like I'm "ahead" of schedule when I do this, linking back to being a perfectionist/organised etc... I'm getting better though! Atleast I'm not in denial about having a problem... -- Anonymous
A18 All ESFJ and ENFJ women I know of, have been incredibly thin. So I would say FJ women, in general. They are prone to instincts that are seen similar in Roman Catholicism; which seems to a form of Christianity that is strictly emphasized on rules and social standards. I think most Polish women from Poland are FJ (ESFJ, ENFJ, INFJ, ISFJ) types. FJ women are very traditional, and want to be seen as "princesses" or "important". -- Soma Eater
A19 I think i had it when i was very young...i am infj. It has to do that i felt i was never good enough, i think. And trying to take control over my body, because at that age i had little control over other things.. i was 15-16 i think. Luckily i recovered relatively easy, and ironically enough, i’ve been naturally very slim the rest of my life and i can eat whatever i want (i am 44 year now and i am much thinner than i was when i was 16...). Life sometimes make some jokes on us. -- Anonymous
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