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Question #1196874473Wednesday, 5-Dec-2007
Category: Theory
Intuitive types need at least some facts taken in from their senses (facial expressions, voice inflections, words said, etc.) for their intuition to kick in and figure out what someone is thinking or feeling right? -- ISFP
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A1 it just N doesn't pay as much senses for the here and noe enviornment and thier mind can be somewhere else thatn the now -- J
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A2 hey isfp! i am ISFP (ISFj on here, I guess) but yeah--something i noticed as a hardcore "S" is i generally take what people take what people say at face-value. or i used ot, anyway. that is a big difference between S and N. an intuitive can considers things like motives, intentions, hidden meanings. this stuff never occurred to me until recently. i never questioned WHY people did or said the things they do. i concentrated on the action itself and that's how i formed my opinions/conclusions. does that make sense? -- Anonymous
A3 a2: really? wow. I don't know, I'm an INFP, and so the idea of not considering intentions and hidden meanings is very bizarre. I don't know if this is true of all Ns, but I know that I personally don't pay too much attention to the concrete actions of those around me or my environment etc. I'm usually off in la-la-land. haha But when I am trying to understand someone, I take their actions and words into account, yes, but I also take into account a lot of other things, like what a person in their situation would be thinking and about what might have led up to them being the way that they are, etc. Basically, I take actions into consideration, but I never take it at face-value. -- INFP
A4 Yes, we intuitives need to take in things like facial expressions, voice inflections, etc., via our sensing functions before our intuition can go to work on it. However, being intuitives, our sensing functions are weak, so we often miss details, and can even be wholly oblivious to things right in front of us. This is one reason why the Duality team of a Sensor and an Intuitive works so well together - the Sensor picks up on all these little details, and the Intuitive figures out what they mean in the bigger picture. -- Krig (INTj)
A5 My theory about this is that S types have a focused processing and are kept in real time and attentive to details. What I'm say is that Sensing types can easily gear their concentration to the world and the details that are important to focus on. Intuitive types I believe take in a lot of information without processing it. Instead of taking in details the Intuitive types take in several pieces and make generalizations off those (random?) pieces. The focus might be on something completely unrelated to reality. Have you ever seen someone day dreaming, they're definitely not paying attention and yet they're not running into desks or falling over? They might even be "absent mindedly" looking something over, but it's obvious their attention is elsewhere? That's basically how I think an intuitive type works consistently. When I'm walking around, yet lost in thought, I will still avoid running into walls. There's a different part of my brain still putting the outside world together and navigating it while I'm thinking to myself. That means I'm taking in information, without being aware of it, BUT I'm not paying attention to the details. A little while later, if someone asked me what time I walked out the gate and did I open the gate I might have to take a few minutes to think about it and I might have to admit that I don't remember. (Though later I might experience deja vu) When intuitives have an instance of actual intuition I think it's Passive (Random) Detail Collection like I mentioned earlier. From this vague collection we might make a theory or have a moment of "prediction" (we might not be aware of). One time I had filled out this application for something at school and the applications were then drawn for prizes. I couldn't see the front of my application, but when the guy picked it out of the basket I had an "intuitive" feeling and I KNEW it was my application. I told the person I was sitting with that it was my application and a few seconds later the guy clumsily attempted to announce my name. There are several hints that could've tipped me off. The paper itself: it's color and if there were any tears or folds. It could've been the look on the guy's face. I have a particular name that people kind of have to read over one or twice and they always stumble when saying it. I don't know for sure about my theory, at the time I was completely unaware of how I knew. I just knew. When I thought back to I thought, "there must be a rational explanation". This was only one instance that I began to think about and form this idea of unfiltered/unprocessed information that inuitives use. I like to think I'm not the only one who's thought through this, but I haven't seen anyone else mention it. I don't know if what I'm essentially saying is different from what others say. Intuitives focus on the "big picture", but that Big Picture is obviously made out of smaller pieces. We're consciously unaware of the details we pick up for the generalization. As an INTP it's somewhat predicted that by my teen years I start to develop my Sensing, which in third in my functions. When I read about INTPs developing that way, I thought it spot on. At the time, I had become more interested in details and developing my knowledge. I'm still in that phase, fascinated by facts and details and trying to balance that with my natural "forgetfulness". When I get the Big Picture together I tend to forget about the details. The frustration for me is that I want to remember the details, but it's like putting a 1000 piece puzzle together of an indistinct "autumn scene". No normal person remembers every piece, even if they just completed the puzzle. To me, Sensors ARE the people who remember every piece of that indistinct 1000 piece puzzle. -- Zero (INTP)
A6 Slightly topic derail, but A-4 (Krig) wrote; "being intuitives, our sensing functions are weak, so we often miss details,...) Yes, I hopped on a subway once, quite impatient after some waiting, and heard the next station announced and thought " this doesnt sound right", and went back to the memory of the train front I catched before entering and read in clear letters the sign had the wrong destination. Minutes earlier I had almost striked up a forceful disagreement in a supermarket about percieved incorrect change after paying. I was wrong btw. Oh those details. -- ENTp
A7 I agree with a A5. I had a job once that didn't interest me at all, and I didn't intend to ever do it again. So when someone told me some pretty basic instructions on how to do the job I did hear the words she was saying, but after 5 minutes she checked if I was listening, and I wasn't expecting that, lol. I couldn't remember a single word she said, lol! But I can ride my bike at about 20 miles an hour along busy roads whilst daydreaming quite safely... -- Simon the INFp
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