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Question #1196753092Tuesday, 4-Dec-2007
Category: Supernatural T/F
I've read that some intuitive types can intuitively know what someone is feeling or thinking without them saying so and I was wondering to what extent that goes. How much can one intuitively know about what a particular person is feeling or thinking without that person actually saying anything about it? I mean no one's a mind reader right?...because I'm sure a lot of us don't want our minds/hearts read. -- ISFP
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A1 No one that I know of is a mind reader. If you were to mean intuitive in terms of socionic intuitive, then no, I wouldn't say they are any better at second guessing a persons thoughts than are sensors. Feeling types may be better than thinkers as its in their interests more so to notice the moods of the individual and the groups. Its possible to become good at reading body language and facial expressions regardless of type, although on that basis you could say sensors would be better at it in practice as they will see more of the details, and they are also able react quicker to the facial changes than the intuitition types. -- Cyclops (istp)
A2 haha, no. ENTps often guess well what someone has in mind esp. in light of their extensive readership on select topics; they can know what ur thinking depending on what ur saying (or at least take pretty accurate guesses) even if ur not doing such a good job explaining ... or unwilling to tell. They can err in this area, and often do. ENFps take guesses whether they do or don't have any such readership ... and while not all ENFps have it, it's very likely that ESP is an Ne-overkill phenomenon. That said, it's main block Fi that can guess well what someone is feeling; and main block Ti, what one is thinking. Main block Ni/Te and Ni/Fe are better at anticipating actions and outcomes in the actual world ... most Ni/Xe types wouldn't take so many leaps of faith using Ne type "mind-reading" ... -- Anonymous
A3 When my friends come to me for advice, they often tell me a short story explaining their problem. I have very strong intuition, which it seems to me is manifested most highly, when I look at the facts (their supposed story, no matter how minimal) that I have been given and use my imagination to quickly sketch (in my mind) possible scenarios and follow the results with a little logic and some common sense experience (what I already know to be true of someone). It's fairly easy to take a good guess at what someone may be thinking or feeling. Sometimes, it is simply a thought, an inclination, something that seems viable. My boyfriend (ISTp) has little or no untuitive qualities, so he is usually amazed sometimes annoyed when I quickly draw conclusions. But his sensing preference is very strong. A1 mentioned this about sensors, they are highly observant of body language and facial expressions. No matter what I say, he can observe and know what I really believe or want. Facial expressions can often give away someone's true feelings or thoughts no matter what information they may have given someone. -- Anonymous
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A4 ENxPs have the innate ability to "read" other people. To me, people give off "vibrations" which presents itself as an invisible energy, people with the as a primary function can see it without looking at facial expressions and body language. -- DustBunny
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