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Question #1196642298Monday, 3-Dec-2007
Category: INTj Supernatural
What would an INTJ's version of Hell be like? -- DustBunny
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A1 The Hell would look as a Great Hall of silent and pale bodies, some express amok, others express pain - a large brand of feelings getting expressed - I draw this well. -- Anonymous
A2 Why, are you trying to create it for one?? -- Anonymous
A3 NO, but I have seen the closest thing to one: being circled in a room full of people who mercilessly cling to you, have self-destructive tendencies as well as black-and-white-thinking, and fears being abandoned. -- DustBunny
A4 Nicely described DustBunny. On top of that I would add: "every five minutes people are trying to get you join the dance floor" creeeps. -- Vlad - INTj
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A5 A place where the INTJ reports to an irrational boss, is rendered totally ineffective, has someone continually looking over his or her shoulder, and is perceived by all others as totally incompetent. -- I/O
A6 ESFP heaven -- Anonymous
A7 Actually the answer isn't that interesting, since it's too close to how Hell is perceived. If we look at what INTj's really fear and hate, instead of what's just annoying. INTj Hell would be some really filthy place like a being in waist deep in sewage refuge, they would also imposed to loud noises, and constantly be victims of senseless physical assaults. Whenever they would make up the rules of the world, the rules would suddenly change again to something different. This would be even more difficult to handle, if the changes in the rules were foreseeable, but they just dismissed it before it happens. -- INTp
A8 Chaos. A world without order or patterns for them to identify. I/O's post captures it well. -- ENFP
A9 Well, maybe a radical retarded society closed off from the rest of civilization, where all people are ignorant close-minded CLONES with extreme black-and-white 'thinking', and one has to deal with them on a daily bases and live 'his' life, while he\she can't find someone with even a half-functioning brain to communicate with.. -- INTJ
A10 A room full of stupid INTps and no exit. -- Anonymous
A11 Some state in which he/she had no control over decisions of health, a constantly fluctuating environment, and the inability to withdraw. -- Anonymous And Then Some
A12 A9: ROFLMAO! That radical retarded society you're talking about is the setting for Jesus Camp. -- DustBunny
A13 @A9 and is till the INT's see there life depends on it, seizes the bible, convinces the 'closed black and white sighted' that they have misunderstood and create the show amok in there own image.. But oh, in some senses that exists in the human arts of philosophy and science. Till the retrogrades find some neglected corner where not alot of intellectual attention has been utilized..hence these aweful j camps these days -- @sirac
A14 Perhaps the comment in A9 describes the business world? -- econdude
A15 @A14, A9 sounds a lot like my work. The idiocy wears a fellow down. And then when you come home and decide to relax and log on to the sixteen types you find that there all on that also. -- Cyclops
A16 INTj heaven, on the other hand, I think would be sitting in a soft, comfortable chair, under a warm sun with a cool breeze and a quiet ambiance, next to a pleasant ESFj, discussing philosophy and other interesting topics with Aristotle and the other great thinkers of history, with occasional breaks to rest and ruminate on the new ideas that have been discovered. Anything I missed? -- Krig (INTj)
A17 how to communicate with INTJ? -- Anonymous
A18 "Hell is other people"~No exit -- John Paul Sartre
A19 A middle school choir class with a teacher that probably never went to teaching school and really repeats herself the entire class while some boys start a snowball fight. -- Anonymous
A20 an INTJ's hell is earth, also simultaneously heaven and purgatory, either feeling bound to this pointless life, or extremely gratified in their own workings, a true INTJ would be able to see directly through any religious doctrine to see the duality of the language and interpret their own meanings for the new words, finding them to be more a guide to the process than anything else. -- Anonymous
A21 When things become out of their control, when things that they knew as familiar suddenly become unfamiliar, when things don't go to plan, when people start to rebel against them -- Katie
A22 Are the INTjs getting into religion and the spirituality of mystical non existent places again? I think the moderator is going to ban me for that one. Intellectual honesty -- Lord Java the 3rd
A23 My religion is C++, Javaman -- INTj?
A24 A3, A5, A9: so basically ESFJs/ESTJs "mercilessly cling to you, have self-destructive tendencies as well as black-and-white-thinking, and fears being abandoned" "irrational. . .is rendered totally ineffective, has someone continually looking over his or her shoulder, and is perceived by all others as totally incompetent" "close-minded CLONES with extreme black-and-white 'thinking'" -- Anonymous
A25 @A23: C++ is the language of the Gods. It's what all Gods learn in school. I really love that language but could never bring myself to commit to learning it. You're probably some lucky INTj that can commit to something. I'm an INTp, I'm a little upset that people in socionics think/know that my type is bound to religion. It's not fair, and I wouldn't debate it if there was no doubt with in me that it is in fact true. So I jest in saying that INTjs are talking about religion again. Who am I kidding though, if it's true then it's true, and if it isn't, it isn't. Speculation changes nothing but peoples opinions. @A24: I doubt that the INTj would be in any type of hell if surrounded by their duality type. -- Lord Java the 3rd
A26 I'm currently there-this is it-but it is also heaven. Yin & Yang have fragmented into a digitised reality of ever-expanding complexity. -- Richard Storey
A27 The Dr.Phil show. It's nothing but a bunch of overweight rich soccer mom complaining about their jerky husbands. -- Anonymous
A28 One where they had to make final and definite decisions about everything without a chance to think about it, and they were held to these decisions, if they showed any hesitation after this decision they'd get beaten and have random unpleasant unhealthy afflictions upon them (HA PoLR) And also they'd be randomly forced to totally accept an INTp's logic. -- Anonymous
A29 being stuck in a room with a bunch of people who like each other but who reject, disrespect, and ignore the intj every time it tries to fit in. there's nothing to do in the room except watch everyone else being social and fitting in, and no way to know when or how it will end. -- oo ro
A30 Olanzapine -- LII Till I Die
A31 When INTJ has IQ like 30,sittind in jail with ESFP- IQ 200:) untill they die??? Mariana ESFJ -- Anonymous
A32 Dealing with ESFx types. -- entp
A33 lol... yeah, I think a room full of INTp's with INTj's is hell too. -- Anonymous
A34 Same as A18 - Other people. -- bizzmag
A35 a25 says it right -- Anonymous
A36 A never ending party without booze. -- Anonymous
A37 Hahaha A36 has def got it right! -- Anonymous
A38 Hell is A1-A23 rolled into one as A24 said, and heaven is me and 50 other INTJ's beating the crap out of A31 for stupidity, typing errors and three question marks. That statement isn't insulting because we all know that INTJ's through out history have never had an IQ of 30. Add 130+ and now you're talkin'. -- Supreme INTJ
A39 Hell: An overfilled party on the set of the View, with thoughtless sexual rap music bleeding out your ears. See also, PROM. -- Anonymous
A40 Barbara Walters is a ESFj (or atleast I have profiled her as one); however, A39 you read my mind about the View set being the LII place for INTj hell. -- INTj - Firefly7
A41 An INTJ's version of hell? We are very probably living there already. (At least it feels like it sometimes...) -- pip
A42 a crowded room full of F types. or actually, any social event ful of "tradition", "manners", and red tape. -- Anonymous
A43 Where someone asks you the same question OVER AND OVER. And you keep answering, but they JUST KEEP ASKING. -- Anonymous
A44 Two words - Cuddle Party. -- INTJ
A45 @ A16 That's BEAUTIFUL!!! My only suggestion (as a straight male) would be that that ESFj is a beautiful woman. :] <3 -- Dragifon (INTJ!!!!!!!!!!) XD
A46 @ A25 I am an INTj Christian and I got saved at a very young age. At my folk weren't all that religious, but at the time of my salvation the only two religions I was aware of were Christianity and not believing in Christianity (Atheism). I only got saved at that time because the preacher had just talked about hell and how not to go there. I didn't think it was a real place, but I decided it was better to be safe than sorry. I am know a faithful servant of God because I have been able to logically prove him (to myself at least). Also I totally agree with you in the fact that it would not be hell to be in a room full of one's duality. ESPECIALLY if they are of the gender one is attracted to, in my case females. X] -- Dragifon (INTJ!!!!!!!!!!) XD
A47 Two words: tard rage (this applies to other NTs as well). -- scarletdragon
A48 Something along the lines of 1984. Minus the happy parts. The idea of a tv that never shuts up sounds like an introverted thinking nightmare. -- Anonymous
A49 "tard rage" lol -- Anonymous
A50 Hell (in the most materialistic sense) = explaining the same concept OVER and OVER and OVER again, in a different way each time, while the subject still doesn't get it. In the end, I either walk away and forget about it or I have to resort to interpretive dancing, which still doesn't get my point across. -- Mira
A51 I would have to agree with A43 & A50 -- Anonymous
A52 Hmmm... a society where noise, stupidity, entropy, and illogical feelings were exalted and praised. No real rules to anything; or, as soon as you thought you knew the rules, someone would change them. Being controlled by an incompetent boss running a terribly inefficient business and having to listen to other people's personal lives EVERY HOUR. The TV and radio would constantly be blaring at 80 dB; there would be nowhere to escape from the noise. Intelligence would be mocked and random, useless emotion would be praised. See also: the set of "Oprah." -- Alreadythere
A53 More importantly, what is the INTJ's version of HEAVEN? The world needs to seriously consider this and take the appropriate actions to make it so. Everyone would benefit in the long run. -- Anonymous
A54 Facebook.People uploading attention-seeking photos every 5 seconds,writing statuses with a lot of grammatical errors and smileys and asking poor INTJ why don`t they like their status and why can`t they finally put a half naked picture so these can write comments like:OMG,u r like so hott i rly lik ur booty:)))):*****<3<3 Twitter-9th circle of INTJ Hell -- socialcripple
A55 What would an INTJ's version of Hell be like? Watch Equilibrium trailer on youtube. -- jgbr
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