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Question #1196148427Tuesday, 27-Nov-2007
Category: INTj
What type of person do INTj's prefer or are most compatible with? -- anonymous
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A1 according to socionics, ESFj type is the best match (read the profile and u have some estimate); the next best match according to socionics is another INTj ... but because each person has a different upbringing there are no real guarantees. duality works best when a favorable pair meets up early on in life (during the development years - teens perhaps?) ... that way each member's ego block products meet with ready reception ... and even that isn't "definite" -- Anonymous
A2 A1, did you bother reading the posts about the pitfalls of an INTJ-ESFJ relationship? I have read previous "horror stories" about INTJs with ESFJs, many of them don't get along with each other. Most ESFJs(as well as many SJs) have a natural talent for getting on everyone's nerves, especially if you are an NT or an NF. INTJs are better off with an NF or an NT. -- DustBunny
A3 As I've improved my VI and so on, I have learned something very interesting about INTj-INFj relationships, particularly romantic ones. Do so at your own risk! -- econdude
A4 how about an ENFJ -- Anonymous
A5 "...but because each person has a different upbringing there are no real guarantees." though u are right, duality has obvious limitations -- Anonymous
A6 A5., do you think that over the years, as one accrues more information, do you think identical, mirror or perhaps activator is best for a person? -- Cyclops
A7 personally I don't like SJ's... or too many sensing types to be more general. SP's are fun but can be stupid, NF's are very nice but can be wussies, NTs are nerdy, and SJs are just boring and can have attitude problems. So yea I like NFs and SPs, then probably NTs and SJs last as friends. -- Anonymous
A8 Since an INTJ is such a bright, abstract thinker, they should be paired long-term with another abstract thinker-preferably the ENTP. This will be a mind-mate relationship. Alternatively, if they are looking for someone to rock their world with craziness, they could go a little out on a limb and pair up with the zany idealist, the ENFP. It is interesting to see whether the INTJ prefers the creative ENTP or the optimistic ENFP. -- Anonymous
A9 I am an enfj, and two of my best friend as well as my cousin and sister is an INTJ i love them, but like what the semi-dual description in this site said, it can be a roller coaster, but in general, there are always a good topic of conversation to discuss. -- enfj
A10 @A2 - I suspect that many of these horror stories of ESFj-INTj relationships are suffering from the J/P typing problem between Socionics and MBTI. The relationships described always sound a lot more like Conflicting relationships than Dual relationships, which would make sense if the relationship being described is actually ESFj-INTp, rather than ESFj-INTj. -- Krig (INTj)
A11 wow. esfj does not go together with intj...its so obvious. -- Anonymous
A12 wow. name one type that does mr/s obvious -- Anonymous
A13 One of my closest friends is INTj and I am INFp. It is a very good match, in that we both have intuition (in complementary directions) and the Fp / Tj dimensions are nicely balanced out in each other's presence. We challenge each other in healthy ways. -- Anonymous
A14 A13 yes I have seen an INTj and INFp get on very well..although bizarely it was the INFp who had the upper hand (INTj male, INFp female) -- Cyclops
A15 A14: something about those relations of benfit, i'm sure... -- Anonymous
A16 As an INFP who is divorced from an INTJ, the relationship was good at first. Ultimately it was his controlling, inflexible views on religion and intolerance for anyone's thinking but his own that turned my heart away from the relationship. I tend to see things in gray, he saw them in black and white. The relationship worked at first and for several years. Amazingly, it fizzled out so quickly that neither of us saw it happen overnight. Just one experience. I am still wondering what relationship would work best for an INFP female-I have heard that INFP can stand for I Never Find Perfection, and I am starting to believe it. -- Anonymous
A17 INFps get along well with do do INTps... but ESFjs? Christ, no. -- Miss Obvious.(INTj)
A18 I'm an INFp (and an INFP), and one of my close friends is an INTj (also INTJ). We feel most comfortable with each other, because we can both be straightforward and cut out the small talk. We challenge each other, but never compete, and have a very equal relationship, with similar interests but different emphasis. In my opinion, the INTj/INFp relationship is ideal. -- Anonymous
A19 A8, you're basing your comment on MBTI not Socionics. ENFP would be a horrible match for INTJ since they're a Supervision pairing, worst pairing after Conflicting -- An INFJ
A20 ESFJ (Dual), ENFJ (Semi-Dual), ESTJ (Illusionary), ISFP (Activity), ENTP (Mirror) -- An INFJ
A21 In my experience, INTJs tend to spend their time with people who are socially active and well liked in order to meet friends easier. Although INTJs may often be in the company of outgoing Ss, based on what my INTJ friends have told me, they get bored and aggravated with their lack of "good" (a relative term) conversation. I've also noticed that they tend to like NPs because they are open minded and generally easy going, but INTJs can get frustrated with their disorganization when it affects their plans. On the other hand, NJs together may experience a power struggle. I'd suggest an outgoing, abstract thinker and then decide how much timeliness and organization mean to you and go from there. Also, INTJs like direct people. I’d warn against any personality with a strong feeling side as they may get hurt often. -- differentp
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A22 I strongly feel that I'm an INTj, and I shy away from direct people. It just depends on the person. In a dual relationship I probably would start avoiding an ESFj after a while and they would be puzzled. I guess with all of these relationship questions my foremost thought would be that there's no perfect relationships so find someone you can be happy with most of the time. -- econdude
A23 I am a socionics INTJ and i very much like my socionics ISFP. -- Anonymous
A24 I am an INTJ and I married an ESFJ. We have been married for nearly 8 years and have three kids. Get get along like bread and butter. I love her and feel that she truly does complete me. She has every skill I don't and vice versa. I'm sure it helps that we share the same background with the same religion, same morals, same goals etc. -- Anonymous
A25 Just a thought, but I believe that in today's modern society, J's are decreasing and P's are increasing. While some do, most people I meet and continue to meet (acquaintances) do not have J characteristics. There are definitely a couple J's i could name off the top of my head, but its not that many. And they're actually the people I try to avoid. It just seems that a lot more people are flexible, willing to keep options open, and spontaneous than years ago. Whether I'm misinterpreting this as a different kind of 'laid-back' J pandemic, remains to be proven. And the explanation of a P increase could be many things... like the decline of organized religion in the US. The massive overpopulation of educated people? Could the increase in violent crimes in cities across the US be explained by a P increase? Could the J factors/pressures of society be an underlying cause of violent crime? I think this is the fuzziest thing of both socionics and MBTI is the J/P distinction as there are many different versions of J/P behavior. There are many times where a J has flashes of P-like behavior, especially in certain environments, situations, etc, and vice versa.. P's can show J-like behavior again depending on the situation, etc.... phew. Ah, the arbitrariness of life. -- ISTp
A26 the above comment is assuming that "P" types are more educated, and also that these types raise other "P" types (which i do not know any information about, but the assumption seems suspect). the comment, written by a "P", points out that "J" types are avoided by him/her... if you avoid "J" types, how can you be sure that you are "noticing" things in life correctly? you are specifically choosing to neglect certain aspects of what you claim, altering your views completely. i write this being an even split between "J" and "P", based on several MBTI tests administered at different points in life by professionals. it proves to be... interesting for me. -intj/p -- Anonymous
A27 Istp -- Anonymous
A28 a3 im just curious what happened between this relationship?? what was the infj doing that was bad (i ask because i like an infj and just want to know potential pitfalls etc) -- Anonymous
A29 I'm ENFP, and I have a very good friend who is INTJ. We get along really, really well. The contrasting personalities balance each other out very nicely, in my opinion. So I would say that ENFP is a good match. -- Anonymous
A30 ENTp or ENFp According to MBTI, and more likely ENTp, but if you're highly evolved, ENFp's should work just as well. Perhaps Socionics is supposed to be a step further than MBTI, but for me it's more accurate in it's idea of duality. And the reason ENTp's or ENFp's would be good for you is the they have, related to your -- Liam, ENFp
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