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Question #1194681768Saturday, 10-Nov-2007
Category: INTj INTp Typing
I am an undecided INTj/INTp. My mother and friend are ESFJ and 2 ex ESFP and I STILL can not tell which pair of these are conflicting and which are dual. I am certain on the T/F scale, balanced on the s/n, uncertain on the j/p scale. -- melody
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A1 All what you've sad indicates that you're an INTj. Now the problem is, if you happened to be (as in INTp) then you also have the ability to believe things to be different from what they actually are. So there is still a chance you're an INTp. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A2 I can't give an answer for you, well not a direct one. When you refer to ex being esfp do you mean ex in terms of ex-partner? If they are ex partners but you get on well with your mum and her friend I look to say that would suggest something to me and you-that you've had more long term interaction with them so more opportunity to view the 'type' conflict over that long term close interactioning? What I would encourage you to do is to post freely and 'heartily' on this site and over time you may come to decide or may decide you wish not to decide (?!) - to come to preference and which population you most self identify with- much like fabled md and of course iAnnAu and [does this tie in with siracs evolving void theory-another thread] and what has happened to myself and you would put to the fore (my dilemma was me istp high on p but for a bit was on decided on n s vector) Now me being p? I don't know how this p perhaps moves in mysterious ways from type group to type groupings-but I am hardly ever (on the face of it perhaps to others) -organised-but I am in my internal reality, I can perceive obstacles enough to know how and when to apply and do just the right amount of effort/requirements, without being ultra organised well in advance as I have observed in j types being so good at. For my p I personally feel I essentially achieve the same results with well what I see as less worry than j (just to say i quite like my p-but of course it may not be the best but no ones perfect hehe) however j types do less last minute scrabbling about than me. There may be other posters who can give you better guidance (any musings anyone?) but I think what I say has some relevance in the sense it has galvanised me with my at time s n vector indecicions. Enjoy some interesting discussions and ideas etc. Anyhoo i'm beginning to feel i'm starting to witter but hopefully making a bit of sense but basically I think you don't have to select a decision straight off but maybe over time, is just ultimately my advised opinion. However hope some of this helps! PHEW -- Cyclops
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A3 The fact that you are undecided upon intj/intp says to me that you are in fact intp. you may emmulate intj behavior consciously, but it's the subconscious indicators that can truly descern this one way or the other. An intj would not subconsciously doubt if their type was correctly designated, that is non-linear thought behavior as p's have..hope it helps -- Anonymous
A4 Perceiving types act impulsively following the situation can start many things at once without finishing them properly prefer to have freedom from obligations are curious and like a fresh look at things work productivity depends on their mood often act without any preparation Judging types do not like to leave unanswered questions plan work ahead and tend to finish it do not like to change their decisions have relatively stable workability easily follow rules and discipline -- 272688355
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