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Question #1194117611Saturday, 3-Nov-2007
Category: Typing
How common is it for people to mistype themselves especially with n and s parts. I would imagine someone in college or university education could think of themselves as n because there is more pressure to think that way when learning abstract concepts. Also when working, in many jobs there could be a lot of emphasis on day to day drudgery, resulting in the n being neglected to such an extent as to make one believe they are sensors? -- Anonymous
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A1 i wanted to say i don't know...and indeed i don't, it is best to open this up for many different perspectives. This is a place where u can't expect answers as is...but u will have to sift it for relevance. My suspicion is that if u so aware of the NS element, that in actual type regulation u are actually a N. My suspicion is that Sensors are more concerned with regulating there respective EI and FT and JP flows, whereas N are more interested in managing single aspect to produce more Theorectical Flow Patterns (Flow P-forms of communication). With special regard to your problem, if u a N with F, it is probable that your primary active mode of awareness is on creating the proper feel, and that if u a N with T then u do xxx. Whatever, but it is understood that u do one of those two, but it does not preclude that u don't mix those F and T modes naturally as we are all apt to do. The best way to move yourself to a Productive point, is the N and S advise i gave u. That is that if u are focussed on this, then u are probably an N, and with planning should aim to include most of those activities in yourself. Obviously what i say is heavily bias against S-types, and as such my first assertion that i 'don't know' must be taken as correct. -- @sirac
A2 i thought to add to this category, that I with S, would be another category relevant to you. I don't know anything about them, but i welcome any IS's to post here answering this guy. In general, it is a pitiful thing that in society, there is so much uncreativity and work pressure, that types feel besieged.. and that they have to seek there type here, in order to get some form of normal operative function in there lives. Uncreative, cause like this poster the study environment..N, and in the work-environment S. But thanx to u Mr.Anon, for u saved my reputation once again on this site, by allowing me to post on acute structural implications. Now i really wonder, what is it that other 'sensors perhaps' like Ezis, and a bunch of other ANONs have against my political social and other views. In the least, it allows me to enter domains that they can't and save alot of asses that they can't save, but which without, there present pool of mutual Sensors would grow smaller, cause they die out to soon. What i ask!...that is why i am willing to see some sensor communications as banal...but that is probably my excuse for cause and effect policies by which i can excuse my new communication sense for calling these people banal. -- @sirac
A3 Ok I do work in a somewhat repetitive environment, it is repetitive functions and I also deal with public in an underwriting/sales role. I find that I can predict sequence of events very accurately and how people will react..when dealing with my collegues I can accurately predict what they will say then what that someone will say to them then what they say back etc. Sometimes I feel I start a conversation with them and the first five or six sentences are banal because I know what be happening! I am sometimes very chatty sometimes quiet I am described as 'odd' or a 'bit crazy' and as random-tho I think this is said half affectionately and half not. I would say I can be disorganised and work is more flexible than my collegues but I always get the results. Any thoughts Sirac or anyone? Thanks -- Mr Q. Poster
A4 As a tested INTp who self-identifies as ISTp, this question is quite close to one I could ask myself. I had a business mentor give me the advice that your "letters" actually have less to do with what you're "good" at than at what you naturally gravitate towards. In other words, you can be very sensing, detail-oriented, but have worked in a job that requires you to be focused on the big picture for so long that you find you don't have time to enjoy looking at the details anymore. Thus you're functionally N but naturally S. For my part, I have a hard time because I like both the details and the big picture. What cinched it for me is noticing that when left to my own devices, I like to obsess about details that jump out at me, and once I've satiated that indulgence, I love to assemble the details into a coherent system. Once I understand the system, I enjoy going back to certain details and tweaking them to see how it affects the whole. My natural tendency to keep going back to the little things makes me conclude that I'm slightly more S than N. But then again, this all depends on the interpretation of N versus S, too. -- iAnnAu
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A5 I believe that the most common reason why one might mistype oneself is because people tend sometimes to idealize certain types, especially if you happen to be a "type junkie". If you were able to follow A1's(A2's) comments, you're probably an N type, and you're probably a little schizophrenic. -- Anonymous
A6 This has been very useful for me thank you all. I am alot more imaginitave than my collegues, and am interested in more unusual things, they are very mainstream in their views but I don't think i'm an out and out n. I would say I am an istp with a lot of p but not too much s but a wee bit closer to n but still s. Maybe its a good thing to have to a certain point be able to relate to both preferences. Thanks again. -- Anonymous
A7 OKAY iAnnAu, there is a new thing i learned, and it explains the New Void (/unexplained trend, Void a term defined in the Go Rin No Sho)...the difference between INTPs like u and me, and the reasons behind current INTP communication trends. it was not thought for you, but as a logical next step to my idea development world,..but as u new and big, like famed md and ezis, but a communicator with a new element, when i saw ur INTP ISTP mix element, and latest description as INTP with self-identifying ISTP.. it struck me.. also MD is in a bliss communication state, displaying his person, and in the process cohersing a group of posters like Cyclops to make proper informative posts.. and lets not forget Ezis who would stick behind herself.. so it is a whole element of trust toward that end in goals (so misunderstanding is from an 'elemental fractured mirror'-lol). Void, as i had to call the whole communicatated element in addition to yourself iAnnAu. But, don't understand this as the particulate points. well hopefully i'll figure that Solution out again (wresting it a bit)..unfortunately i'll have to find a place to post it properly...time is limited now, and time spent on re-interpreting now, would affect the output. -- @sirac
A8 OK Sirac, I didn't get that at all! But I patiently await further explanation, with the ostensible further enlightenment ... Could I respectfully request that you include some outside reference material / links, since I sometimes get bogged down in mentally trying to restructure your less-than-grammatically-meticulous passages? You've obviously got big ideas brewing ... -- iAnnAu
A9 Go rin no i believe that is a japanese war/warrior book. The void being a part to do with the authors view of what can be seen or not and principle centric and such ideas?..Now I must apologise straight off as I do not know too much about it. You see of the past I was rather into a sci-fi and fantasy author known as Peirs Anthony. He wrote a five part series called incarnations of immortality..where he touched on the big five of death time fate war nature-mixed in with the concepts of good and evil (an ordinary person would be picked and put into these key roles-how they would cope etc-the death one was quite good). Its going back a bit but i do believe the fourth book in his series-the one about war-drew a lot from this japanese war book. Peirs Anthony wrote a bio which I read-would say he i say its going back a bit but this sirac may be of interest for you to read as a bit of fiction incorporating these ideas. But please, as I say my knowledge not too great on it, please educate me on the void part of go rin no sho, and touch base on how this fits in with your wider views, if I may ask this of you? I sincerely look forward to hearing this and also the bouncing of concepts between you and the equally ostensible iAnnAu ! (like she say sounds like you got some a big good ideas on the call!) -- Cyclops
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