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Question #1193669691Monday, 29-Oct-2007
Category: ESTj Advice
how do i win over a ESTJ grl -- dash
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A1 My dad, as my ESTJ mom tells it, was persistant (she thought he was too old at first) and generous with his time and money. -- learning
A2 Act like an INFJ man, problem solved -- Anonymous
A3 tease her with your friends and let her see you,she will get paranoically in love! -- Anonymous
A4 I got into a huge argument with an ESTj woman, at a job interview no less, and then she offered to help me later on and tried to set up jobs for me. So at least with her, it seems like getting into a huge argument was the best way to get through to her. But it wasn't romantic and many ESTjs probably do not appreciate initial arguments. I would accomodate them on a first date, within reason. Be assertive and respectful, and almost any ESTj would like that. -- econdude
A5 Move on! dont' go there! unless of course you want to live a life being emasculated routinely and unapologetically. Consider the effects of PMS and menopause, then Duck and Cover! -- Anonymous
A6 Be a Man. It takes a real man who is confident to get an ESTJ girl because it takes a lot for them to respect a guy. Be someone with integrity and solid values. Tell her you like her, tell her your intentions and if you want her to fall in love with you... outwit her. Be witty and smart. When a guy says a witty comeback to one of my teases... it wins me over. -- Anonymous
A7 I'm an ESTJ woman and I really like when a guy tries to dominate me (not necessarily sexually). He has to be confident, traditional, and straight forward. He also has to be able to make me laugh until I cry. ESTJs are strong women so they really don't want a wimpy man. Be a man, ask her out, and treat her with respect. Oh, and buy her chocolate! -- Anonymous
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A8 I'm an ESTJ female thru and advise to you...Be yourself. ALWAYS be a fault. We can handle it. Confidence will get us every time. I agree with A7 completely. Be a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Have a game plan and stick to it. Wishy washy doesn't work for us. If we want'll know. ESTJ females are direct. What you see is what you get. -- Anonymous
A9 Show her how you can be an asset to her life and take her out where you do something fun as in go to a concert or something. Don't do what a3 says and make fun of her as her mental barrier will go up and she will go off you. -- ESTj Female
A10 I'm an ESTJ woman and the most important qualities of a man (to me) are confidence, integrity, independency, and loyalty. I am a very strong woman and thus have little time for weak/wimpy men; no woman (even an ESTJ) wants to be the "man" in a relationship - it's just a turn off. Wimpy/weak men make us ESTJ women feel this way. A7 really hit the nail with "domination" (again, not necessarily sexually). Being a strong and confident woman I rarely encounter men who dominate my personality.. in short it's nice to find a man that makes you feel like a woman (I am not assocating women with weakness here, I'm simply stating its nice to be challenged). Needy/dependent men (and people in general) are also a huge turn off as ESTJ's are very independent and have little patience for those who aren't. Being a traditionalist loyalty is very important to ESTJ's. Dont' start off a conversation with an ESTJ in which you cheated on wives/husbands, tests, job interviews, etc.; it will only make us scowl at you and make us firmly turn both feet in the opposite direction -- ESTJ woman
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