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Question #1193029616Monday, 22-Oct-2007
Category: ENFj INTj ISTj Intertype Relations Duality
ok, I'm a Enfj and i have a question about duality and semi-duality... I know that ISTJ are our dual and INTJ are our semi-dual... but personally i think that if you can let me choose which one of the two type to hang out with, I will proberly choose intj.... In this site's relation page it describe that semi-dual relationship are like roller coaster and I totally agree. However if you would let me choose i would rather be with an INTJ more than ISTJ and that is what dual means(the type you want to be with). one more thing i would like to add is that i am definity an ENFJ and not a ESFJ. And I can also be wrong because I dont encounter ISTJ as much as my judement can be wrong. -- W
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A1 "...if you would let me choose" have our permission. Your dual is someone who "grows" on you. You may not click immediately, even if you understand one another's motives. Duals fit just well enough to cover one another's weaker points. -- Anonymous
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A2 Not sure what your question is but I wanted to contribute my thoughts. For a while my significant other was an ENFJ (I'm an INTJ female), and it was definitely a roller-coaster. There were times when we got along really well, had fun together, and complemented each other's differences. We were partners on a big project, and we worked well together most of the time. But there were also many, many times that we didn't understand each other at all and resented the differences in each other. I would see him as wishy-washy and irrational, and he would see me as cold and standoffish. As J's we were both stubborn and convinced we were right, and we argued a lot. It was probably the most passionate (not meaning in a physical way) interpersonal relationship I've ever had. In the end, it didn't work out because there were too many differences we couldn't reconcile, many of them not related to personality. Roller-coaster was definitely a good word to describe our situation. Good luck with your INTJ! It's sure to be interesting. -- Anonymous
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