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Question #1192959797Sunday, 21-Oct-2007
Category: ENTp Astrology
Is there any correlation between ENTPs and astrological sun signs? -- ENTP
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A1 I don't believe there's any correlation. I've known many people who test into the same type (INTP's, ENTJ's, and ENTP's, mainly) whose birth signs aren't even close. I believe Jung himself discounted the validity of astrology for the purposes of personality analysis after a thorough study. -- Anonymous
A2 There has been fairly recent (I would say within the last two years as I recall) research done showing that people born in certain months are statistically more likely to develop certain afflictions-like for instance heart disease or depression to name but a few. Unfortunately I do not have the article to hand but I believe I read it in an edition of new scientist. I don't know if some digging on the net or speaking to the magazine would uncover more informations. As to type I have no idea but then i guess its not entirely without the realms of possibility to show a tendency to some other mental states, which perhaps could include the types -- An ISTp
A3 aren't most people with cancer sign ended up beening labeled INFJ or ENFJ? I am -- G
A4 I'm an Aquarius and an ENTP... I see a lot of similarities between the general personality description of ENTP's and Aquarians - Emotionally distant, wrapped up in their own world, fairly outgoing and opinionated, lovers of change and new ideas etc etc. Perhaps it's just me. Is anyone else an Aquarius and ENTP? -- Hoops
A5 There is no correlation between astrological signs and psychological types, period. -- C3PO
A6 Why should we beleive you ? Who would listen to someone called c3po anyway, period. -- Anonymous
A7 Why should anyone listen to Anonymous? You could be a child molester for what we know. -- R2D2
A8 Thats true but i'm not the one coming out with sweeping statements with no back up, hence comment. And r2 would wind up c3po i know i made you -- A.Skywalker
A9 One does not need a proof if one can use the FORCE of his mind... Amen -- Obi 1
A10 Your jedi mind tricks do not work on me. Midiclorians are in fact influenced by astrological signs, period -- An anonymous midiclorian
A11 A2 - wish you had that link. Unfortunately, astrology is about the study of the 12 different energies of the zodiac and science is about measuring and studying the observable world via the five senses. So whether you "believe in" astrology or not, I would think you would have to admit that modern scientific methods do nothing to uncover what is going on with astrology. Even if someone publishes what appears to be a smoking gun, endless arguments about techniques, data collection, and other aspects (pardon the pun) will arise. -- econdude/aka "Yoda"
A12 I'm an entp and a virgo. -- entp
A13 Econdude I will try and locate it for you. This thread may go nowhere but it is interesting to me. Thinking back I always seem get on with people born in January and February, I was born in February. This is an interesting point to make as my mind makes this connection.. Doesn't astrology predict how the signs interact? Sounds suspiciously like intertype relations to me. Coincidence maybe, you see as I think the best ideas always keep popping up in different shapes and forms (ie what socionics and astrology would therefore appear to be looking to do is the same thing-predict people and predict peoples interactions. Fascinating.) -- ISTp
A14 Astrology is bull***t -- Anonymous
A15 @a14. Dude, your statement just shows your total ignorance towards the subject resulted in a skewed belief. And don't even try to imply that you're an INTj. Unless you have a splinter up your ass making you extra irritable, I can't see why an INTj would want to give a sweeping statement like that without explaining any of the reasons for it? I blame moderators for allowing such idiotic/useless comments. -- Han
A16 Astrology is trully bull***t. Sometime us INTj speak from the heart and dont want to explain ourselves to people that thinks if the Moon is in alignment with Jupiter they will: get some money, visit a friend and catch a cold. -- Vlad - INTj
A17 @a16. Oh no, another one! Get some facts straight, dude. Your knowledge of astrology is bull***t, not astrology is bull***t. There is a great deal of difference between the two, ok? If you can prove that you have studied the subject in depth and found it to be utterly meaningless, then perhaps your opinion can have some credibility, however what you've said already just shows the contrary. -- Han
A18 Wether or not it is bs is something to be proved by discussion and research. An element of skeptism is understandable. There are enviro factors in various months-ie lack of sunshine in winter leads to a lack of vitamin d in womb development. It is widely accepted that birth month can increase the risk of schizophrenia. This work was pioneered by renown swiss scientist moritz tramer back in 1929. What you say about the moon is understandable. Perhaps if gravity is strong enough to affect our oceans maybe it could have an impact on our own electrical current. -- ISTp
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A19 1. The fact that my knowledge about a subject is BS does not make the subject more or less BS 2. This is what my inner guts tell me about astrology 3. The vast majority of people that believe in astrology, zodiacs and such (I don't have any data but it's rather obvious) have no better knowledge than me but they still believe in it. 4. The one fact that I know to be true about astrology is that is very old and so subject to hundred years old bias beliefs and ingrained stereotypes like Virgo being very organized etc. 5. I am a skeptical about everything in general and everything before the invention of aspirin in particular -- Vlad - INTj
A20 I'm seriously having a huge problem passing point 1 you made. What you're initially saying is that you admit not being an expert on the subject yet you still state that the subject is rubbish, on which grounds may I ask? Because someone else said so? Because your gut feeling says so? Because you simply believe it to be so? I'm sorry, but your point just shows how subjective your opinion is. Would it really help someone who is looking to objectively evaluate the usefulness of astrology for themselves? I don't think so. -- Han
A21 Probably not, but sure will help those who are trying to subjectively evaluate its usefulness. After a brief insight I've reached 2 conclusions: 1. The discussion was great 2. We are clearly masters of BS knowledge as neither one of us can prove anything. -- Vlad - INTj
A22 A persons gut could tells them the earth is flat. Infact look at scientologists? There was a certain scientist who was willing to keep in with an open mind. Now it may not be what you mean to persecute an open mind but it is appearing to comes across that way. Sometimes this is not always a useful activity as people will not want to run their ideas past you and that will leave you isolated. I'm not saying that you are but han does have a point about your type, as that is more the actions of am entj -- ISTp
A23 consider lamarckian factors supplementing sexual selection over VERY large periods of time (as compared to a measly human referent). caste/class marrying + cultural/seasonal mating rituals could play a part, etc. recall that sexual cycles both male and female are about as regular as healthy sleep and are at the least, affected quarterly by changing seasons; varying uteral chemistry = varying development, etc. astrological signs were studied pretty exhaustively by cartographers and chroniclers in the days of yore and with some success ... let's not say the obvious. to say there ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be a semi-regular pattern at the least, is a brain-fart on the part of unless some evidence can be present against the position stated. so much for defending astrology ... going one step further: anyone who seriously believes a daily love horoscope like "look outside your window and you'll find the love of your life" may very well stand a good chance of finding a perfect match at random ... and so the "prophecy" will not have really have failed ... -- Anonymous
A24 Well, I have a perfect match in me: a triple Aries (Moon, Venus, Mercury) and an ENTP. They seem to match perfectly. In my mind astrology and socionics work together. Just depends what do YOU believe in. -- Irene
A25 To be fair I would 'hunch' it and say that the statistical analysis may suggest to be as a correlation perhaps too weak to be of a structural value. But I can and often (no make that sometimes!) like to be proven wrong. Re my earlier posts I placed under my own type name before of of A2 and A18, before I decided on which constant/consistant name to use for clarity. I will attempt to produce a correlation of birth months seasons to certain afflctions (with works followed on by swiss scientist I mentionedfor) and produce it (maybe as an article if thats ok with moderator?) for this site and back up my stats with the appropriate references, incase it does lead others to see or look at other links. Time is a factor but i'll try to do it fairly soon! -- Cyclops
A26 I've been told (sorry, haven't corroborated it, but it makes sense) that the more someone knows about the system of astrology, the better they match its assertions. This premise can either seem damning (people are changing themselves to match the system) or useful (the better someone understands the system, the more they can apply what it says). Interestingly, it occurs to me that one could say the same thing about socionics! If I were to read astrology types, I might not agree with the "type" that system wants to assign me due to my birth date ... but even though I test INTp, I confidently self-identify as ISTp, and the more I read, the more I'm convinced. So, I'd say people who are "into" astrology will conveniently find correlations between their sign and their type ... otherwise, the general public will probably not have any more than typical overlapping (especially considering how generalized many descriptions of zodiac signs can be). Just to antagonize the formers, I'll add that my sign is Aquarius - and no, I don't identify with it ! -- iAnnAu
A27 Haha I knew you were aquarius me too! hehe -- Cyclops
A28 Just a thing I noticed, the majority of ENTPs were born between August and November(I was born in October). -- DustBunny
A29 Funny, I ran across this page checking into my ENTP (who happens to be aquarius) and I am an INFJ who is Cancer/Leo Cusp. -- Anonymous
A30 I am a gemini and an ENTP. there definitely is a correlation. -- dkeAnonymous
A31 I am gemini and I'm an INTp. I just broke your "definite correlation". Anybody who believes in astrology is complete moron. And no it's not that I don't "know" enough. Just for starters I've read The Equinox, wich about 4000 pages long. I "know" more than all you new age doofuses combined. -- Anonymous
A32 @31 I completely agree I am the one who wrote the a14. intj -- Anonymous
A33 ENTp and aries -- Anonymous
A34 I'm an ENTP and Sag. -- Anonymous
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