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Question #1192708959Thursday, 18-Oct-2007
Category: Functions Theory S/N
Is it possible for a sensing type to develop intuition? -- Natalie
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A1 i think it is possible, but it is a 'kind' of intuition. as i wrote in a question here, i influenced my brother since childhood (ENTP->ISTP). if i analyze him right, i see him a bit absent-minded on the street, he is more interested in fantasy than an average sensing type (developed a "lotr" obsession few years ago) and have been influenced a lot by the conspiracy theories out there. i'm not sure if this is a real intuition, it looks a bit stubborn to me, accepting many kinds of 'hidden things' as a fact, conspirations & stuff, for example. take this real case: the ENTP and ISTP in the metro, the ENTP reading the newspaper. -ENTP: "why are these guys insisting on Sarkozy, the president of France so much, like a star?" -ISTP: "i think they are gathering the support of the people, preparing for something" -ENTP: "right, probably the war against Iran ". when they arrived at work, the ENTP reads the news: "the French foreign minister announced that France should be prepared for a war with Iran" ... or something like that. i'm not sure if the ISTP's observation belongs to intuition or sensing, remember both can deal with human behavior. many times he sais he knows the drive of some people, but IMO he is wrong most of them. at least about me. i have few relationships with sensing types, this is my best example. most probably the sensing guy should have the intuitive function at the suggestive place in the super-id block to be develop it with the help of an intuitive. i know well an ESFJ never interested in things like these. -- Mihai - ENTP
A2 thanx Mihai, u spoke well. a-while ago, the communication in Extraverted realms was pushed, so-that i soon thought that in social realms E and I was irrelavent. it probably still is, but the communication and sense errors i began to see completely destroyed my faith (made by sensors),..infact retreat into Introverted dominant thinking seemed the only viable alternative. I think it is still a 'politico-social' alternative, as i'd rather leave Open Communication to Extro types..especially those with good sense like ENTPs, and only leave my communications to moderative diplomacy (as intps sense everything per context). In the Male Dimensional World only, i find Sensor communications of the type u [Mihai] described as disturbing...for in those cases, who the hell cares about Open communication..shadow strike is better. as a male Intro, i would prefer a female Sensor, as a female Intuitive would compromise,or introduce foreign timings to my communications. Oh, when America attacks Iraq, i am going to fight with the Russians and Iranians. I supported Bush... never called him stupid,. i enjoyed the middle finger in the name of Power Politics, but now America is carried on the wave of Western Media (besides, what populirists miss, is that Saddam oppressed..and that the Islamic nation is in any case divided with blow of all western ignorants and feely indocrinable muslims)...besides...the world needs an Arab federation, much like the EU is coming into be, and Africa to one day will form. I will definitely fight with the Russians and Iranians. Sensors are good for life, and in life, for the fight of life...that is how humanity came to be..Intuitives plus Sensors carrying a line -- @sirac
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A3 Of course it's possible. If you want develope you conscious N fuction, then you need to stop devaluing it, and sort of force yourself to develope it. If you want to develope your subconcious N function, you need the help of others. That means that you need to spend time with someone who has that particular function as a strong one. To develope before acting, start pondering what about what are the cause-and-effect relations of your actions, even several steps ahead. Also gaining knowledge in general will help your , but instead of just memorising the information, you need try to understand it. To develope , starting ponder alternative options will help. Also to help to develope intuition watching movies or reading books, that you previously have considered to be too "unreal" or "crazy" will help. -- INTp
A4 I'm going to make an assumption that your question refers to the iNtuitive type, which is more along the lines of "big picture, future projecting" (as opposed to "detail-oriented, past and/or present-focused" for Sensing) than intuition as referred to in non-typology, which I could describe as "gets gut feelings about people/situations almost as if by ESP". Which may be a hair-splitting distinction, but then again I *am* an S myself ! I have been able to develop my N function because many of my jobs and life situations have necessitated me being able to see the forest as well as the trees ... but I remain skeptical of any precognition I notice in myself, wanting to gather more data before I conclude. I have been around people whose precognition is uncanny, and I secretly envy it - boy, that'd be a useful tool in my kit! So, I would answer your question as yes and maybe, depending on which you mean! -- iAnnAu
A5 I think it's somewhat possible in the same way Ns can function as Ss. My sister is an ISFJ raised in an all "N" family. She seems like an N, and enjoys the abstract and complex, but fundamentally she is still an S. Since Ss base their information based on the concrete, they can seem like Ns by being exposed to many abstract ideas. It's not an innate Intuitiveness though- But rather a large 'bank' of 'facts'. Ns can function as Ss by doing what they intuitively know is 'common sense' and taking things for face value, even if they still have doubt, and aren't completely confident in the concrete information they gather. -- INFPPPPP
A6 Every single person on this earth has intuition. Having S/N in your type simply describes the way you perceive information. There are definitely S's that have a stronger intuition than some N's. And I'm sure there are N's with better sensory than some S's. -- Anonymous
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