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Question #1192627544Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007
Category: Theory T/F
Does one's thinking preference take a toll on one's ability to be empathetic and does one's feeling preference take a toll on one's ability to use logic? -- Natalie
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A1 no, it is preference of mode...that is what F and T typings actually refer to. (i don't know what others are going to say). as a T type, my emotions have not been affected, that is a very accurate barometer...merely it is behavioural systems which go with my outside expression that has been the learning curve ball (understood with socionics). i can't imagine that a F-type would be inhibited in is a rule wise game that is acceleratingly played with 'feel.or by touch'. so it is not this area that is dictated in conclusion -- @sirac
A2 @ A1: Yes, I didn't think this was true. I agree with you. I'm an F type and I've never had trouble using logic and my younger brother is a T type and he's very compassionate. -- Natalie
A3 A1: Agreed about preference modes - the psychic ordering determines which functions will be outwardly expressed, how, how often, etc. Personality determines agendas (open and/or concealed) which in turn determine which functions are voluntarily surfaced ... this does not imply competence in usage. An obvious ex. would be that one INTj can correct another INTj's logic even though both have in the first position ... does that make one more T and the other more F? Suppose it's the first INTj (who corrects the logic and is altogether more intelligent) who has the better usage, having had spare time to direct toward the development of , even though it's not preferred habitually. Unless you're looking to define F as the lack of T and T as the lack of F (explicitly), to say that Fs are logic-stupid and Ts feeling-stupid is an error. If we make that assumption however, we would also have to assume that spending time with one's dual and/or activation would "teach" one to weaken one's main function. Going a step further one can add that and are mutually exclusive while and are too ... while opp. in intro/extro pref. would not present a prob. ... that I can say nothing of yet, but there is some data online suggesting that like temperaments in constant interaction with one another will weaken or at least stall one another's development. As for that, make your own conclusions. -- Anonymous
A4 Yes I already knew before I asked the question that one's thinking preference does not take a toll on one's ability to be empathetic and one's feeling preference does not take a toll on one's ability to use logic. I only asked it because so many other people were making this assuption and I wanted it cleared up! Thank you for your comments! -- Natalie
A5 Not necessarily more logical or empathetic. However, a stronger thinking judgment preference or a stronger feeling judgement preference will affect how one makes decisions. This can and does influence the outcome of one's actions to appear more of one or the other. -- Anonymous
A6 I think it depends on what you mean by empathy. As a T type I can be oblivious to realising i've hurt someones feelings (until someone points it out to me) For instance I might say to someone 'your fat' not to insult them, but basically cause they are and i'm not gonna sit there and lie and patronise them. But if one of my close pals came to me with a crisis or some sort of bad situation going on I would pull out all the stops to assist them an move those mountains to make sure they're ok once again. -- Cyclops
A7 @A6: EXACTLY! That's exactly what I was getting at! T types might be slightly less sensitive to other's feelings but they're not heartless!!...haha well assuming they're healthy anyway. -- Natalie
A8 @A5...this interaction basis u described...has action only in a 'world-political interaction set-up'___no? -- @sirac
A9 This is a very fascinating topic. Makes me reconsider the whole T/F thing. -- Kanerou
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A10 As an addendum, I think it does take a toll; if it didn't, the functions wouldn't be weaker. But like it has been mentioned here, T and F are not mutually exclusive, so a T isn't devoid of F, just not so good at Ethical stuff (and vice versa). -- Kanerou
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