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Question #1192627512Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007
Category: ISFp Hidden Agenda
I'm an ISFp and I was wondering about our hidden agenda to understand. In relationships, how does this hidden agenda manifest itself? What does it look like? -- Natalie
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A1 I'm more of a MBTI fan, so this relates to MBTI ISFP description. Do you read a lot? Se function gathers lots of specific external data and sorts it through to come to an understanding of something. Details, good and bad, are continuously evaluated and hopefully put together will give them the deepest understanding of a person or subject. -- Anonymous
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A2 @A1: Oh yes I'm a MBTI fan also and I did actually mean ISFP not ISFp. Yes I read a lot. I get in these horrible obsessive modes where I can't stop reading about what has caught my interest until I understand it fully from the broadest concept down to the smallest details. My latest obsession is psychology, particularly personality types. -- Natalie
A3 Well I'm pretty sure I'm an ISFP because after going by physical description I discovered I was an ISFP. Trevor Blumas has the same upturned nose as I do, as do a lot of other ISFPs. The guy in the picture has the same nose too. I can get very obsessive about MBTI and socionics. I also often doubt I am an ISFP. I read too much, and I dwell on things I read too often. -- Anonymous
A4 haha im an isfp too. and im a psyc major! -- Rhanna
A5 Usually where I see my hidden agenda manifested in relationships is in wondering if we're on the same page about things. I don't "worry", at least not typically. But even if I'm absolutely sure about the way my boyfriend feels, I start having doubts very soon afterwards. Then I get to wondering about how he feels about something ELSE, what he was thinking when he made some offhanded comment, etc. It's not an obsessive analyzing like you see in a lot of girls, because deep down I know that I'm PROBABLY right and that the best thing to do is not try to pick it apart. And it's less of an obsession over 'does he really like me?' then 'Well, if he said this but he MEANT that because he also did something else, then...'. It's an attempt to fit everything he's ever said and done into one big understanding that can encompass the entire relationship. And realistically, that's not possible. -- Yanea, ISFp
A6 For me ultimately I want to have fun, that really is a basis for my motivation. So, when I get cranky and can't find a way to have fun my hidden agenda thing kicks in and I suddenly am motivated by it. I get frustrated (internally) and my gears start turning until I can figure out a way to make a situation change...or it changes on its own. It feels like some one pressed my pedal to the floor but never put me in gear. I hate it. ISFP. -- Bob
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